Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Just ask me to get on all fours!

There is something about being on all fours that holds a multitude of connotations for me! Let me explain! Over the years I have found myself on many occasions either on a bed or sofa at a party or in a small group of friends on all fours. I have usually been kissing someone in these scenarios.
Being on all fours inevitably means that your rear end is pushed up in the air somewhat and you are in a delicious supine position. I have found on many many occasions that it is not long while in this position before some horny man comes and sits or kneels behind me and begins to fondle my buttocks or the insides of my thighs. I am usually, if dressed, wearing a short skirt or dress so my bottom is in easy reach. This position also has a strange influence on my psychology as I sense that I am very much like a bitch offering herself up for mating. I feel supine and very penetrable. It’s like being a living glory hole and my hole is just beneath a thin veneer of lace and is there for penetration if any man finds my puckered hole inviting.
I have often felt fingers explore me, running around the curve of my buttock and then between my legs caressing my firm little clit. Sometimes, if I’m lucky they will begin to rim me and pushing their tongue into the tight warm depth of my hole making me swoon with pleasure and relax to allow the tongue to push deeper into me.
At one or two parties I was quickly penetrated by a hard cock and fucked while I was kissing another man and on this occasion as soon as the first one had finished I had another take his place. This was pre-HIV days and the first man’s ejaculate made me incredibly well lubricated for the second and third penises. Some guys also get very turned on by kissing a girl who is being fucked by another and feeling her shudder with each thrust as our tongues explore each others mouths.
So there it is pretty obvious I suppose!....... but it does feel particularly wanton when at a sexy party to be on all fours, its like saying hey guys this arse is open and available for a nice slow deep fuck help yourselves, get your fat cocks out and stick them in me!!
I remember at one party in 1981 when having been fucked by four guys my thighs were awash with their sperm and another t-girl friend ended up licking it all up from my thighs and stomach and finally my hole! Now that was heaven!

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SissySlut said...

I SO know the feeling. The position is always an invitation. The men NEVER ask if they can violate me when I'm all fours and my mouth is occupied, and I NEVER resist or protest.