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Chapter three

The punishment

Sento managed to compose himself enough to supervise the hurried tidying up of the two girls. Hester was in a daze and needed help to her feet. Sento wiped her clean of the sticky semen that covered her buttocks and thighs and He helped smooth and straighten the dazed girl’s clothes. Andrea was more alert and had adjusted her own clothing then with a quick kiss on Sento’s lips she shepherded Hester out of the medical room and down the corridor their boots clattering on the wooden flooring.

Sento slumped into the Doctor’s chair and stared at the neat writing utensils that were laid out on the dark mahogany desk, he abstractly noticed a small polished wooden name plaque with his name and title and qualifications neatly painted in gold script on the dark wood. He wryly thought they ought to have added sodomiser and ravisher of young girls, or was that boys. His mind was till reeling from the sight of Hester that finely boned face, the large grey eyes with their long luxuriantly curled lashes, the marble smooth skin of her firm white thighs and the small neat male organs that nestled in the triangle at the top and between her legs, then he added the image of Andrea, skirts pulled up around her waist, her hips forcing her engorged sex into Hester’s mouth.
It was too much, this place was becoming extraordinary in every sense of the word and he would have to proceed on a daily basis with much more caution and care than he had originally thought.

Sento was an intelligent man and although sharp in intellectual matters he was sometime left behind in his social interactions. The unwarranted scandal had bereft him of a number of close friends although in retrospect they had perhaps shown their true colours in deserting him so readily, in order to preserve their social standing.

He had in all honesty become somewhat withdrawn recently without the company of a wife or mistress he had worked and studied and had removed himself largely from the hubbub of the world around him. The human trail of patients that visited his surgery were in his eyes biological problems to be solved and then healed. This form of spiritual and emotional isolation had left him ill equipped to know how to deal with the bizarre predicament he found himself in.

The rest of the day past easily enough; he made an audit of the medical room and realised it was better stocked than many Harley street surgeries and he would, if necessity begged it, be able to perform minor surgery, as well as providing the normal level of medical care to the pupils and staff of Cranton Hall.

Soon the daylight faded and he heard the distant bells and noisy clatter of high heels on the wooden floorboards that signalled the rotational life of the school, it’s pupils, it’s classes and daily time-tables.

The dinner bell was sounded and he gathered himself rolled down his shirt sleeves put on his jacket and paused to peer at his face in the mirror on the wall. He looked into his eyes looking back at him and spoke to himself.
“Sento, this place could be very dangerous for you if you are not careful, you need to proceed alert and prepared and take nothing on face value behind this fa├žade something else is beating and you must never let another put you in jeopardy again like the last time”.
He paused then quickly added with a wry smile
“One scandal in a man’s life is enough”

At dinner the staff were quietly spoken and friendly the girls sat quietly dining talking in a low murmur among themselves. Then he suddenly caught sight of Hester. She was serving the rest of the girls along with the serving staff and he noticed that there was a wide leather belt strapped around her middle with a number of metal rings sewn onto the belt by thick leather fobs. Then he realised that what he had thought was a girl’s decorative choker at her neck, was in fact another black leather neck cuff. It was buckled at the back of the neck and he saw a glint of light on small metal rings that were sewn into the collar.
He leaned to his left and asked quietly of Mr Delaney, the head of maths at Cranton Hall, why the girl was so attired and why was she serving instead of being served.
“My dear Doctor” he replied,
“At Cranton Hall we believe that obedience and the adherence to strict rules will make a bright girl into the perfect partner for a man. We educate our girls doctor but with a purpose, to make them quick witted, socially and domestically skilled and able to support their future husbands in whatever endeavour he plans to make his fortune, but and it is a big but doctor we instil first utter obedience then loyalty as these are truly the prime qualities that Cranton Hall holds to be above all others. Young Hester has been found wanting in her behaviour and she must therefore accept the punishment like any other. That punishment means she must not speak for a week to her colleagues and must become a serving girl for five days. Then she can return to her normal status having been properly chastised and allowed time to contemplate her behaviour and how it can be rectified.”
Sento listened intently to the scholar’s explanation but while his intellect was listening, his animal instincts were sensing an imperceptible ‘edge’ in the air. There was an electric atmosphere in the hall. It was a sense of tension that emanated from all the girls and even infected the staff sitting at the top table, making polite but strained conversation.

At the end of the meal Sento decided to get some air before retiring to his rooms. He went into the hall past a crush of girls as they all files of to different parts of the building to start their prep work in various class-rooms and common rooms. He stepped through the hall and out into the cold crisp air. He walked down the main front stone stairs and a little way across the main gravel drive until the gas-lights from the windows did not interfere with his night vision and looking up, he saw a velvet black sky studded with a multitude of tiny pinpricks of starlight.
He reached into an inside pocket and took out a cigar, Sento rarely smoked but on occasions when he felt he needed to both stimulate his mind but rest his physical body he would smoke a cigar. The match head flared bright, momentarily dazzling and blinding him as he cupped it around the end of the cigar drawing until it was fully lit and glowing deep red in the now dark space in his hand.
He had stood there for perhaps five minutes enjoying the stinging cold air and the way the cigar smoke hung around him in the still frosty night air. Suddenly there was a crunch on the gravel and a dark shape came towards him.
Sento was startled for a moment and called out…
“Who is it”
A soft voice returned,
“Its me sir..Andrea”
He looked at the slender shape of the girl and the thick mane of dark that framed the soft faint glow of her pale face.
“Good grief girl, you’ll catch your death out here, you have no coat”
Andrea stood, her shoulder covered only in the smock front of the long dress and the white blouse with its high neck underneath.
She had stopped directly in front of him and close enough for him to feel her breath on his face. He stirred at the memory of her warm, wet, kiss earlier in the day and his body stirred again with her close proximity.
“It’s alright sir I’m fine” she said, her face smiling at him, the light from the old school building catching a glint in her eyes.
“I wanted to let you know that there’s to be a punishment tonight sir”
Sento was puzzled
“Punishment what do you mean punishment, are you to be punished, because if you are I’ll protest in the strongest terms to…..”
Andrea put her finger on his lips, hushing his outburst
“Not me silly, Hester”
Sento again felt himself instinctively react, but Andrea butted in before he could splutter any indignation.
“Wait sir, its nothing to do with what happened today, Hester has been naughty or at least that what’s Mr Coombes has decided so he has voted for a punishment”
“But what do you mean punishment” Sento interjected “She was serving at table today, is it to do with that?”
Andrea looked at him steadily and for a moment he was distracted again by the remarkable girl. Her face was quite breathtaking in the night air, lending her an almost ethereal air, yet he was also aware of her body, her sweet perfume and the way she stood, always slightly defiantly, as though sending out a permanent challenge to the world. At the same time managing to convey an intoxicating femininity, a sense that if you were bold she would allow you to take her and enjoy her passion.

“The best thing sir is for you to witness a Cranton Hall punishment, then you can decide for yourself what to think sir”
She came closer and whispered into his ear.
“You have seen the old ballroom in the North wing”
Sento nodded; remembering being ushered by Andrea through a large old ballroom with wood panelled walls and a gallery running around three sides on his arrival.
The room was old and he thought was used perhaps for assemblies or some such school function.
“Tonight, you must at one thirty in the morning, make your way along the North staircase, there is a door which leads to a corridor which is rarely used. The last door along that corridor leads into the upper gallery. Go there quietly and in your nightclothes and dressing gown, then if anyone spies you, you can claim to be lost or sleep-walking or something”

Sento was feeling both perplexed worried and highly curious, the whole thing sounded so…. Well… gothic. He was developing an opinion that the whole school was not what it seemed at all. That beneath the rigorously normal exterior there beat a dark heart. There was a vague sense of animal menace everywhere, permeating the fabric of the place. He had ignored his instincts when he’d arrived, driven as always by the scientific pragmatic consciousness. Now Andrea was hinting at something that felt quite sinister.
She suddenly turned, and said
“I must return sir, my prep will be ending shortly and I must be back in my common room before divinities are called, but don’t forget, tonight at 1.30 and be sure to wait, things might not start immediately”
Before he could answer, she ran back towards the dim yellow lights of the hall leaving him alone with his thoughts in the dark.

Sento walked slowly back to the Hall and still smoking his cigar returned to his rooms. He poured himself a brandy and prepared for bed, washing then undressing and getting into his long nightgown and dressing gown. He decided to leave off his bed slippers and wear his soft leather house shoes. At least then he would be more fleet of foot and ready for moving quickly around the school corridors.

He decided not to go to bed but to sit in his armchair and set his fob watch with its miniature tinkling alarm to go off at 1.15 in the morning. He went over to his book shelves and took down a copy of John Hilton’s classic book, The Influence of Mechanical and Physiological Rest In The Treatment of Accidents and Surgical Diseases and the Diagnostic Value of Pain.
Sento had not practised surgery for some years now, but he kept up to date with the latest books on surgical development. Hilton had been a friend and fellow surgeon at St Bartholomew’s hospital and although the older man, he had been something of a legend among his fellow surgeons, he was both a pioneering surgeon and a brilliant scientist. He and Sento had spent many happy hours working on cases together or talking over politics or criticising the members of the board of the Royal College of Surgeons in Hilton’s club in Mayfair over brandy and sodas.
Now Sento buried himself in the world of surgery for the hours that would take him up to 1.15

Sento’s alarm chimed on the side table, Sento jerked his head upwards. He had fallen asleep with the book open on his lap; the air was chilled as the fire had died down into just glowing embers in the fire-grate.
Sento stretched and felt a pang of excitement twist in his gut. For some reason he was aware that Andrea had invited him to witness something strange, something forbidden, a punishment of the lovely Hanna and he was in two minds as to where his feelings lay. Was it as an innocent witness to some terrible calumny set up by the staff at Cranton Hall, which he would reveal and lay bare as accuser and prosecutor of justice and fairness; at the same time he sensed that he was not wholly innocent, in that he felt a sexual tremor run through him at the thought that something was to be done to Hanna and he would see the details of this poor girls punishment. He still was bewildered by both Hanna’s and Andrea’s Androgyny. They both had fully formed male genitalia although both were exquisitely female in shape and in their body language. He had come across cases of cross-dressing amongst some of his male patients but these cases had been crude with large men fetishising over female underwear. Andrea and Hanna were very different, their demeanour and deportment all created the authentic perception of them being very attractive and nubile you8ng females. Sento was feeling quite breathless and excited, he was an honest man to himself and although he had admired handsome men, he had never felt any of the typical desires of lovers of men that he knew existed even at high levels, in all sectors of society. His sexual union with Hanna and Andrea had been, for him, unique and had unleashed a flood of animal sexuality from deep within him that he had never felt before.

He stoked the dying embers and put more coal on the fire, then tying his dressing gown tight, picked up a candle-stick and holder, lit it and went to the outer door of his apartments.
He listened for a minute straining to hear footsteps then sensing that there was nothing but silence and emptiness in the corridor outside, he opened the door and slipped out.
He held the candle aloft to light his way and then walked slowly along the corridors towards the North wing, following Andrea’s directions. He stepped carefully, avoiding the centre tread of the stairs and along the corridors, searching out the firm floorboards that would not creak under his weight and give him away.
After a few minutes of hushed creeping he found the door that opened onto the upper gallery of the old ball-room. It had a frame of dark wood but the centre panels were lined with dark blue leather. He gently grasped the brass handle and turned it slowly, hoping it would not creak when he pulled it open.
It opened with easily and he slid into the velvety blackness of the upper gallery.
He quickly blew out the candle in case anyone already in the ballroom might have seen the flickering light. The trouble was, he was now in complete, inky blackness and had to feel his way forward. The gallery was lined with heavy curtains or drapes; he felt their weight against his fanned out hands, feeling his way like a blind man. He grasped the drapes and gently pulled the large mass of material to one side. He peered gingerly over the balcony wall and into the large open space of the ballroom.
The ballroom was lit with two small gas lights that were turned down on either side of the main heavy wooden double doors that served as the main entrance from the grand hall below.
The room was empty, so obviously he was early, he adjusted his position so that he could rest his elbows on the top of the gallery partition that came halfway up the gallery opening and having a clear view of the ballroom yet still hidden from view from anyone casually looking up, he then waited as Andrea had instructed.

After twenty minutes or so the mains doors were opened quietly and a company of figures in robes silently filed into the large space. Two figures attended to the already lit gas lights turning them up so they threw more light into the open space, whilst two more lights on the far wall were lit by matches.

There were about thirty figures in the long robes and Sento realised that the face of each figure was covered by some sort of Venetian stylised mask made of red leather.
The whole effect was quite sinister and unnerving and Sento felt the hairs on his neck stand on end as he watched the silent masked figures move purposefully around the room. One of the figures pulled a small hand bell from the folds of the cloak and gave it a short flick. A pretty and high pitched note rang out, gently bouncing of the drapes, ending up smothered to silence by the sound absorbent material.

Five squat bodies walked purposefully through the door and formed a ring in the centre of the room.
Each one then removed what was clearly a lower robe, leaving their heads and faces covered. To Sento’s surprise, the loosened cloaks revealed five strong and well muscled, naked male bodies, although not tall, these were men used to hard labour as their muscles were well developed and rippled beneath their skin. They folded their arms and Sento saw that each man’s penis was semi-erect and although Sento was himself well endowed, these men each had large, thick, circumcised penises and beneath each shaft he saw large scrotal sacs emerging from the hairy torsos.

The bell was rung again and two more figures came into the room wheeling a large box on wheels. Sento’s first thought was that it looked like the boxes that magicians used when cutting a willing victim in half as part of a magic act. The box had a leg at each corner at the end of each leg was a castor wheel, allowing it to be moved easily around. The box was around three and a half feet from the ground but was square in shape and had a series of complex panels that made up the sides, with small brass hinges that allowed them to be opened.

The bell rang again and Sento craned his head over the edge to see what was going to happen next with this strange and hellish tableau unfolding before his eyes.

Five more figures entered the ballroom and Sento was shocked to see that the group was made up from the girls at the school. They all wore the same cloaks as the other but their heads were bare showing their comely faces and shining hair. He recognised three immediately from his short time at Cranton Hall and the other two were familiar. Behind them came a sixth figure which Sento recognised immediately as Hanna. She was wearing a long robe and her hands were tied by a red silk rope, which one of the other girls used to pull her along. Hanna’s face was pale and her eyes were glazed looked vacant, as though she were intoxicated. The girls pulled Hanna into the middle of the circle of naked male bodies, and then in one movement her robe was pulled from her shoulders. Sento gasped, Hanna’s body was naked except for a series of leather straps that were buckled all over her legs, arms and torso. He saw, as she was turned round, the red marks over the back of her thighs and buttocks from the earlier smacking from Andrea. Hanna body shone in the centre of the room, the firm smooth thighs the sweet tight buttocks and the curve of her neck. Her hair had been tied up in a coiff and he saw that her face had been made up to giver her a wanton look of a whore, with red rouged cheeks and red swollen lips, her eyes were lined with black cole giving her an exotic and erotic look that would have been more suitable in some opium den in London than a girls school in the north of England.

Sento was transfixed at the picture and tensed as he watched the strange scene unfold. Something bizarre was happening and he felt the same tension in the air that he had felt earlier at supper. Hanna was shivering and he had the chance once again to admire the smooth arc of her belly and the small swell of breasts that were topped by hard and erect brown nipples. Hanna’s small phallus was shrunken and almost hidden by the small trimmed and neatly curly, black patch of soft pubic hair between her legs.

The bell rang a fourth time and the whole group moved closer to the centre circle as if to get a clearer view of what was to happen next. Hanna’s five fellow pupils took her and manoeuvred her in front of the box. The sides were unclasped and lowered to reveal a platform. Two of the girls helped her climb onto the platform so she was on all fours. Two of the side panels were brought up and Sento saw that there were a multitude of rings and hinges lining all the inside surfaces of the box.
The girls quickly and expertly unwound and took the long red silk rope that bound Hanna’s hands, threading it through the rings and pulling on it so the slack was taken up. The box was an ingenious design, for Sento realised that as the rope was pulled tight, Hanna’s body was forced into a small ball shape, still on her knees but now hands and body were held tight and completely restricted inside the box.
Sento’s eyes paused for a moment on the girl’s rear, because Hanna was on all fours, her buttocks were raised in the air and he glimpsed the small puckered mark of her anus between the soft and round globes of her buttocks. At the same time, her head was held up and a blindfold was tied around her eyes.

The sides of the box were now all pulled up and clicked in place so that Hanna was effectively sealed inside the device. Sento saw that Hanna was almost completely enclosed inside except for two holes each about four inches in diameter on that revealed her anus, on the other side of the box a hole that revealed her mouth.

Sento was beginning to understand what was going to happen, as clearly Hanna was encased in the small box on wheels and positioned so that her rear was clearly displayed to all the gathering and was cleverly on a level with the men’s phalluses. This was a sexual punishment and Hanna was to be used in some way by the gathered company.

Suddenly Sento froze as he felt a cool hand gently grasp him between the legs and he turned suddenly only to see the soft shape of Andrea’s face an inch from his cheek.
He mouthed silently and urgently
“What are you doing”!
Andrea looked back at him with a bright, sweet, smile and promptly kissed him on the lips.
She brought her mouth next to his ear and whispered very quietly,
“I thought I would join you doctor, and as I reached out in the dark I felt a large door handle”
Her eyes flashed at him and her teeth were small and even as she grinned impishly as though everything happening was nothing more than a jolly jape in the dorm!
“Watch” she whispered and his gaze returned to the scene below them.

Out of the encircling masked figures one approached the trussed up Hanna who was now concealed within the box, the figure reached into the folds of the cloak and took out a marble jar. They opened it and using their fingers, scooped out a smooth shiny looking substance, then to Sento’s disbelief took their fingers and very slowly began to rub in the substance all over Hanna’s small pink anus that was pushed flat against the box’s inner wall. The figure was working quite methodically and gently as though keen to ensure a thorough job lubricating Hanna’s tight hole, working first one finger through the tight little bud, then two fingers, until Sento could see the fingers disappear up to the knuckles.

As this was happening to Hanna, the five girls moved over so that each one was standing in front of a naked man. The bell rang out again and in one simultaneous movement, the girls sank to their knees and gently took the semi-flaccid penises in their mouths. Sento watched in a sort of paralysed fascination. Andrea’s hand was still at his crutch and had manoeuvred around and through the thick material of his dressing gown and had slipped under his night shirt, so he gasped as the cool hand closed around his swelling member and began to gently massage the shaft and trace her finger nails around the skin behind his scrotum.

Sento gasped breathing heavily as he watched the full lips of the girls sucking slowly on the swelling members of the five men. He could see the girl’s cheeks filling, as each man’s flaccid penis started to fill with blood and swell to fill and stretch the soft orifices of the girl’s mouths. At the same time, Andrea’s hand had created a raging erection of his own and he could feel the weight of his organ lifted by Andrea’s hand and swing heavily between his legs when she let go to move her hand to another sensitive spot, to continue her milking of his sex.

Sento moved his hand behind his body and reached out for Andrea. He felt her body, warm and compliant, pushed firmly against his. Her mouth was still by his ear and he felt the wet breath and kisses that came from her tongue snaking around his ear lobes and neck. His hand, reaching out behind him, found that she was wearing a night-shift with no dressing gown, the front of which clearly was held closed with small ribbons but which were now loosened so his hand quickly touched the soft, smooth skin of her belly.
At that moment he felt a great grip of sexuality rising up inside him again, a new feeling, similar to that afternoon’s coupling but now even more intense. He was aware the he was dripping large droplets of semen from the tip of his penis as Andrea was smearing it around the barrel of his phallus and smoothing it into his skin, making for even greater sensitivity round the head of his sex.

Andrea ran her fingers around the entrance to his own anus and he felt the wonderful sensation as the smooth long fingers nudged and tickled the puckered skin between his own buttocks, spreading his own semen into his anus and lubricating him as he watch the girls below, sucking and allowing the men to slowly use their mouths like soft and open vaginas.

Sento felt that reality has taken a step to one side. His normal world of science and pragmatism, where he had some measure of control and understanding, had given way to some strange dark gothic world of rampant sexuality. His lions were on fire as he watched the strange depraved performance in the half light of the ballroom. And then felt the slim hard penis that pointed up into the air between Andrea’s legs. Andrea was priapic and he was utterly and totally aroused by the combination of her male urgency and hardness coupled with and delivered through her sweet soft female body. It was a tantalising combination and for a moment he tore his gaze away from the orgiastic display and kissed her hard and breathlessly on the lips, their tongues flickering together their lips crushed and urgent sucking the air from each other’s lungs.

Then in an electric moment, Sento felt the tip of Andrea’s sex pushed between the cheeks of his buttocks and push firmly and deliberately against the tensed ring of his anus.
She sensed his reaction and whispered again in his ear
“just relax…you must relax so I can have you, I want to be your real mistress and to do that I must be inside your body”!

Sento felt the slim head of Andrea’s sex, push harder against his body and he looked back down into the orgiastic scene below and tried to empty his mind of all rational thought and to give himself and his body up to these new sensations.

All the five men were now in a fully erect state their large penises stuck out in front of them like large jutting rods, glistening still with the girl’s saliva.

The five girls now moved Hanna in the box device towards the nearest male.
They paused, the bell rang out again and as if acting on this signal, the girls manoeuvred the box so that Sento could see that the small aperture in the box, which contained Hanna bound body, was level with the first jutting phallus. The man stood, his pelvis gently pushed forward, his hands on his hips. The girls moved the box so that the tip of the large swollen red phallic head was just touching the small round tight O of Hanna’s body. One of the girls held the shaft in her hand and the others slowly pushed the box so the tip of the penis started to invade and open the tight hole it pushed against.
There was a sudden cry of pain from Hanna, made all the more startling by the fact of the pervasive silence up until that moment. Sento watched in excited fascination as the whole swollen length of prick slid smoothly into Hanna’s body and filling that space that Sento’s own organ had been in not twelve hours before.

At the same time Sento felt the smooth penetration of his own body as he felt the stretching of his insides as Andrea’s persistent pressure, pushed the tip of her penis, past the outer ring of his anus, and as he breathed out deeply he felt it slide all the way inside him in a smooth movement that was totally new to his body and he could feel her pubis pushed hard against the cheeks of his bottom.
The feeling was quite extraordinary and wonderful; any initial discomfort faded and was replaced by a spreading warmth and sexual tingling, all his nerve ending were electric and he felt every move of the organ inside him magnified a thousand times. His own phallus strained upright in an agony of sexual tension. The simulacrum of his and Hanna’s body, only heightened the whole experience, as he watched the girls move Hanna back and forth, rocking her on the long glistening organs.
As he watched the man’s body stiffened with what Sento thought must be his orgasmic spending into Hanna’s body. It was confirmed as he pulled out and Sento saw the glistening semen dribble out of Hanna’s body and drip from the now subsiding penis.

The ‘play’ moved on and the girls moved Hanna to the next man who purposefully and in one move, plunged his long thin rod into the now wet and sticky insides of Hanna. He was excited to a glistening hardness as he pleasured himself in the now stretched orifice and his pistoning pushed great gobbets of the previous mans semen out around the sides of his shaft.

Another man from the circle now moved to the other end of the box and holding his penis level, pushed into what must have been Hanna’s mouth. Sento could not see because of the angle of the box, but he could see that Hanna was now the moist receptacle to two large male organs, each one eager to unload their pent-up semen from their heavy ball sacs. Inside Sento’s head a strange tempo was building; his lower body felt the weight of Andrea behind him, she had scrabbled at their nightshirts and had pulled them up so they were locked against each other’s naked skin. He felt the firmness of her stomach against his back and the gentle pumping motion of her erect sex buried inside his gut, lubricating him as she became heated in her sexual arousal by leaking her juice into his smooth tight hole. He felt as though he were on a bodily merry-go-round, as his eyes watched Hanna being filled and topped up again and again with the hot shiny male seed that was being pumped inside her. In this aroused animal state he was still able to notice that a number of the masked figures in robes had pulled open the front of their robes to reveal long red, distended penises and in three cases, the dark v of a woman’s vulva, their fingers opening the fat lips and frantically rubbing the engorged clitoris inside.

As the five men took turns servicing the encased body of Hanna, the last man had the box pushed onto his penis and he quickly thrust into the now wide open rear of the girl. Sento could see that her anus was quite slack now after taking so many large male phalluses and the whole of her rear that was visible, was covered in a thick shiny coating of semen.

A strange animal orgasm seemed to be building as he felt his own organ dripping pools of sticky juice on the wooden floor beneath his feet and he felt Andrea’s penis stiffen and twitch inside him and at that moment as if a psychic switch had been turned, the last man ejaculated copiously into Hanna, followed by a fountaining of semen and juice from the surrounding swollen member s of the masked figures. At the same moment he felt the sweet shuddering and spreading warmth inside his own body that signified that Andrea had cum inside him filling him with her own juice and pressing her pert breast against his back, she pulled his head to her mouth and kissed him feverishly and he finally, finally found sweet release and exploded.

Andrea’s hand cupped and rubbed his sac and the painfully hard rod of his penis as he felt the orgasm building from the deepest recesses of his body, it travelled, like a stream of sugary sensations up from his core and out through his organ and he showered great sweet gobbets of white liquid over her hand and all around his feet on the floor and with that great explosion of lust and passion he temporarily felt his vision begin fading and heard his own practical voice in his head saying, “your passing out old chap…too much passion I think”! And with that he fainted to the floor with Andrea’s arms holding him as he collapsed.

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Dr Sento and the strange practises at Cranton Hall Northumbria 1897 chapter two

Dr Sento and the strange practises at Cranton Hall, Northumbria
Feburary 2 1897

Chapter two

The next morning he was woken by the harsh clanging of the school bell at 6.30 which echoed round the grounds for ten minutes so when the ringing finally stopped it left a sudden and empty silence that closed back around the school buildnings.
Sento rose from the warmth of his bed and stretched in the still dark winter morning. He shivered stoked the embers of the fire in his room stripped and and did his ablutions. One of the school servants had left a large jug of hot steaming water just inside his study door and with economy of movement he gave himself a brisk body wash and shave. He hurried as the air was chilled and the newly lit fire in his study was too new to give any real heat.

Half an hour later he was dressed in a dark tweed suit, a newly laundered white shirt and a stiff starched collar with a fresh red silk handkerchief pushed into his top pocket, he left his study and strode purposefully along the dim cold corridors, along well polished parquet wooden floors to the large school dining room on the ground floor. The room had, when the house was a private residence, been a ballroom with a tall ceiling that once echoed to the gay laughter of wealthy guests who had danced and made love and flirted beneath the wonderfully sculpted ceiling. Now it was in more sombre employ and as Sento approached he saw all the girls gathered in a silent group their heads all bowed standing at the large double doors that opened into the room.

For the first time he looked at them more intently taking in the details of their faces, features and form. They were all without fail quite beautiful. As a group it was as if they had been carefully selected for their beauty and grace.
all were all slender and with varied hair colour, from dark auburn to strawberry blond. Their bodies were slim and constrained by their tight fitting bodices, long flowing skirts made them look both elegant and in a conservative manner, fashionable. Their faces were clear although all wore make-up, he saw they had all ringed their eyelids with dark kohl and their long eyelashes were subtly darkened with mascara. Their lips were outlined in soft rouge that was mirrored in their cheeks. It was very clever; at first sight they would have seemed to be just very radiant school-girls, it was only on close inspection that the make-up became more evident, giving them a slightly strange and otherworldly look.

They were all of similar height and there was a variation in the way they wore their hair, from those that let it hang long and loose, flowing in waves round their face and shoulder to those who had coiled their hair into delicate ringlets, fastened with pins so their slender necks were visible.
In all, they were a very comely and attractive group of young women and the memory of last night’s steamy encounter with Andrea suddenly filled his mind’s eye.

The dinning room doors were suddenly pulled open and the girls filed into the large hall, with it’s high vaulted ceiling and took their seats on benches alongside the long trestle tables that filled the hall. The breakfast was similar to the supper and all the pupils and staff eat the rather average fare in relative silence apart from the odd murmur of someone asking another to pass some dish or condiment.
Sento sat at the top table, making light conversational pleasantries while he ate with the Latin teacher, a man in his late sixties with walrus-like mutton chop whiskers and a large glinting monocle which he held fixed in the folds of his eye. The conversation was dull and clipped with no real information about the school or any of the details of its inhabitants and after a few minutes of inquisitorial questioning, he gave up and focused on his plate of yellow kippers.

The school had a large number of domestics and the food was delivered to the table with speed and efficiency, by this veritable army. He sway rugged features and strong arms on both the men and women servants. He noticed however that seemed little respect given to the girls, indeed the serving staff were almost course and vulgar in their treatment of the diners, pushing past them and roughly gathering plates from in front of them.

Sento caught sight of Andrea sitting some distance away and he watched her closely as she ate. She had an elegant almost feline manner and approach to everything, which he found at odds with the passionate girl who had suddenly aroused him so erotically the previous night.
She dabbed at the corners of her mouth with a large crisp serviette that each girl had laid on her lap. Her eyes looked languid and unfocussed and Sento had to tear his gaze away when Mrs Halifax reache forward and looking sideways down the staff at him, called out his name from her position at the centre of the table
“Doctor” she said eyeing him through her small black round glasses.
“Do not forget our meeting at eight o clock; I think you know where my study is”.
Sento nodded politely.
“I’ll look forward to seeing you then” she smiled,
but in truth, thought Sento, her face was not made for smiling in fact none of the muscles when applied worked correctly and the pink round oval seemed to tighten instead into a grimace.
He then looked back at the tables and continued his surreptitious surveying of the group of silent girls as they finished their breakfast.

Sento waited while the grace was said by the master of divinities, Dr Allaskew, thinking it strange to finish a meal with a prayer rather than start it, as was accepted practise. In a way that changing of the normal format of everyday behaviour summed up a thought that had been bubbling around in the back of his mind.
Everything in Cranton Hall was slightly out of kilter, a sort of subconscious discordant note rang through his senses. Everything on the surface seemed normal, but he felt that there was a great deal going on unseen and he found it a little unnerving.

His feelings of discomfort were not helped by his interview with Mrs Halifax. Her study was dark and heavy, with walls lined with books, that looked as i fhtere were there for display rather than reading. Heavy drapes at the windows had been pulled back to let in the weak morning light and Sento noticed that there was frost both inside and outside the glass.
Through the windows he saw the large front drive white with frost and beyond, the large copse of evergreen trees that lined the skyline.
Mrs Halifax sat like a large dark presence behind an enormous oak desk strewn with papers.

“Dr Sento I must beg you to bear with me, while I fill out a few details of how we manage our affairs at Cranton School”
Sento nodded, motioning her to continue.

“This school operates under what may seem to some as ‘unusual conditions’ and rules. It does however have the full and complete backing and sponsorship by a large group of both powerful and influential men. My brother Thomas Halifax, is the chief constable for Northumbria and I rely heavily on him for advice and guidance in all matters to do with the school. As you can imagine from the salary we were able to offer you, funding is not an issue and no expense is spared to give our girls a preparation and training that will give them a start in life, probably unequal to any similar institute in Britain or Europe.

However I must warn you now and in clear and incontrovertible terms that there will be things here at Cranton that may seem unusual or…how can I put it”
she paused as if looking for the perfect word to describe the thought that hovered on her lips
“Modern, yes perhaps modern is the best word to describe our methodology”
She gathered momentum
“modern is our approach to all things Doctor. These days a young woman needs to appeal to a modern man who might look for qualities in a future wife that are in keeping with these modern times. We have a situation here which has meant that we often have gentlemen who see themselves as men in search of a wife, Gentlemen who are both wealthy and influential who find that Cranton teaches the skills they desire in a wife and come to us to find their potential and suitable partner”

Sento was finding himself becoming more and more fascinated. He felt his instincts were somehow right and that Mrs Halifax was trying to warn him of something about the school!
Sento interjected
“Mrs Halifax, in sensing a certain uncertainty in your attempts to familiarise me with your approach to education, let me say that I am both a long time practising doctor and have travelled extensively and would describe myself as a man with a broad outlook on life. I know that education is currently the subject of many pioneering new experimental systems, all attempting to upgrade the potential of our schools, to create modern, able, thinking and industrious citizens who can contribute to the country and her people”

“Yes” Mrs Halifax broke in “but in our case you may find the term experimental quite appropriate” she paused, then looking as though a sudden thought had crossed her mind, continued.
“In all great experiments Dr, there may be disagreements and I must remind you that in the terms of your signed contract, please be assured that we will not accept criticism or debate on the nature of our methods”
She paused looking at his face to see how he might be reacting. Sento kept a poker face, interested to see where this conversation was heading.

“We expect a high level of discretion from all our staff and of course that now includes yourself and although I do not want to overwork the seriousness of our attitudes, we would be prepared to use the full rigours of the law if we felt that the terms of our contract with you was in any way spoilt or countered”.

Senato was astonished, this his first day of work and already his employer was issuing a subdued and veiled threat this was becoming more and more interesting, Mrs Halifax did not realise how Sento’s mind worked and the fact that although he was to all intents and purposes an ordinary GP hid the truth that she had not seen displayed on his curriculum vitae. Some rather interesting details which, had she been aware of it, might have adjusted her estimation of the new doctor sitting before her.

The missing information was that he had been the youngest doctor to qualify in surgery at St Bartholomew hospital in London, Sento had achieved a double first at Cambridge in medicine and zoology and had then gone on to win every medical prize a student could win during his seven years of study.

He had completed his internship in half the time of his fellow students and had passed all the qualifying surgical exams two years before his compatriots. He won the Carlisle prize for surgery and had designed three innovative surgical instruments that had become universally adopted by his peers.
He found time to write three key papers on neuro-surgical procedures all of which had become standard texts for surgeons everywhere.
It was however an interesting mark of his personality that he had turned away from an illustrious career as a top surgeon to become a lowly paid general locum.

The reason was that he had always been brutally honest with himself and he had recognised he was a man of passion but who kept it tightly bound within himself. He had quite pragmatically realised early on that he had a personality that was too unstable and dangerous for him to realise a long career at the top of the medical profession.
He was too much of an outsider, an intellectual anarchist who did not fit in easily with the glib company of the fellow professionals he dined with at the college of surgeons in Regents Park.

Mrs Halifax then changed topic.
“Dr Sento your duties will be light here at the school. We are bound by a legal requirement under the education act of 1853 to provide a qualified doctor on our staff to give medical care to the staff and pupils. This would normally only apply to the school term and not the holidays but I am afraid Dr that we have a very large number of girls from either broken homes or parish charity groups. The result is that we provide full care and support throughout both the school terms and the holidays. But again I stress, the workload will be light and you are welcome to take advantage of the various facilities the school has; such as full use of a carriage or horse when needed and please if there are any books or personal items you need, then please order them from the bursar. You will find we are very generous Dr and our retirement legacy for each member of staff, allows each one, after only three years of contract, to a yearly pension of over £8,000”
Senato’s eyes widened, first the stick now the carrot. .£8,000 was a king’s ransom he could live in luxury after giving only three years faithful service without rocking the boat or criticising their methods, whatever they were. Astonishing but even more interesting, what is it they were so sensitive about, what was so experimental that it created a hushed tone to all their conversations
They had to be to be concerned that what they did would not be questioned by the new member of staff and they wanted his complicity in it but he still had no notion of what ‘it’ was!

He felt the interview had reached its natural conclusion and he replied,

“Mrs Halifax thank you for being so candid with me and let me reassure that I am only eager to get started and to bring a level of care to the school that ensures that all who work here are kept fit and healthy. That is my only concern and now if we are concluded perhaps I can look around the school buildings to familiarise myself with their layout and purpose.”

Mrs Halifax’s face slackened from it default blank sternness, to what some might have called a smile.
“but of course doctor I am holding you up and you must familiarise yourself with this happy institution. I am sure that very shortly you will feel you belong to our happy family”
The words did not match the face, thought Sento and he made his leave and wandered out into the gloomy chilled corridors of the school building.

He quickly found that the first floor of the school accommodated a number of different classrooms. He paused at one, peering over the bottom of the high windows to see in. The room had about fifteen wooden desks, in which the seat was formed as part of the desk. All the girls were sat upright, their slender backs curved delightfully towards the gentle spread of their hips. In each one’s hand, a pen was moving over the pages of their notebooks, dipping every so often into the inkwells that sat in slots at the edge of the wooden desk tops.
A teacher, he recognised from breakfast, was writing frantically on the board; chalk dust fell in clouds around him. He was tall and wore a long black gown and in his free hand he carried a large cane. Sento noticed that every time he turned to the class he used the cane to gesticulate at the girls or waved it around, clearly making some point.

Sento found himself involuntarily searching the desks to see if Andrea was there. She wasn’t and he turned away from the window, feeling faintly disappointed.

He moved on and found another class-room, this time it was empty and there were the same rows of desks and at the end a blackboard covered in French declensions. He wandered into the dusty silent room and as his eye wandered over the desks, something caught his eye. At first he was not sure what it was. The desk nearest him had sticking out of the seat a short wooden pole. It was smooth and looked dark as if it had been oiled. He brain saw it but he could not possibly conceive of what it was or why it was there. It was about five inches long and an inch in diameter. The top was slightly larger than the shaft and formed a smooth polished dome at the top of the shaft. He bent down to look closer wondering why such a bizarre item should be installed onto the seat of the desk’s chair. Surely it rendered the desk unusable?

As he got closer, he became aware of a musky aroma coming from the seat peg. It was familiar and animal and he found himself searching his mind for its possible origin, he knew it was familiar.
Still puzzled, he stood up and looking around realised that all the desk were appointed with the same five inch stalks jutting uncomfortably out of the chair seats.
His mind raced, surely how could the girls sit down, did they have to hover over the seat as some sort of twisted on-going punishment. He moved quickly to the next classroom, which was again empty and the desks all had the same pegs. A strange thought formed in his mind and he quickly paced back to the class room that was occupied and he reapplied his eye to the window. He looked more closely at the girls sitting at the desks and saw that each one her dress cascaded around her and fell over the edge of the chair so the hems draped on the ground. He stared, trying to work out what he was looking at when a bell rang and teacher finished the lesson with a few words.
the girls, as one slowly stood up. He watched closely and to his astonishment as each girl stood up her skirt dropping around her as she moved away from the desk; he saw each seat was fitted with exactly the same pegs.
He quickly pulled back from the window as the girls came bustling out of the classroom. He went in and thought he had better introduce himself to the master. He went up to the tall figure who was putting some books into an old battered and worn leather briefcase.

“Good morning sir, I’m Dr Sento the new doctor at Cranston, we spoke briefly at breakfast”
The tall man peered at him over thick glasses, with an expression that was neither friendly nor hostile.
“Ah yes, how do you do, welcome to Cranston. The names Hawkhurst and this sir, is my engine room.”
Sento raised an eyebrow
“engine room, in what manner is it an engine room sir?”
“Sir, my engine room of learning” he replied
“This is where we hone those young intellects and give them an education rarely available to young women. You must join me in the staff common room this evening for a sherry. Its more relaxed then and you will have the chance to meet the other staff”
Sento smiled
“It would be a pleasure, till this evening then”
“Right, sorry can’t stop to chat; I have another class, till this evening then bye”

He swept out, gown flaring around his ankles and a cloud of chalk dust around his hands.
Sentauro waited till he had gone then looked more closely at one of the pegs in the desk nearest him he reached out and felt it. It was till warm to the touch and was covered in some form of oil, it made it smooth to the touch and he found he could run his fingers up and down it with ease. Then there was that musky smell again. Sento’s mind conjured up an image in his minds-eye that was a picture of the only solution to the conundrum, but surely it was not possible or more importantly why?

The pegs appeared to function as some sort of strange dildo like contraption and that each girl had to sit her sweet bottom down onto this brutal piece of wood, allowing it to penetrate her and then sit still and unmoving while she worked. No wonder they were all sitting so perched and upright in the class, he thought to himself.
As his mind was pondering over this bizarre thought, he suddenly realised that his hand had been unconsciously stroking the hard oily stump and he felt a sense of arousal stir his loins.

A sudden voice at the door broke into his reverie and he quickly pulled his hand away.
A beautiful girl stood at the door.
“Sir, are you doctor Sento”
Sento smiled at this vison of young beauty
“I am Doctor Sento and whom am I addressing”
“My name is Hester sir and I was asked by Mrs Halifax to find you and show you to the medical rooms, that is if you don’t mind sir”

Hester had a smooth angular face with full lips and large grey eyes, she looked about 17 years old and her skin was delicate and almost translucent. Her chest had the small swelling that hinted at young breasts constrained under the starched cotton of her blouse. Her hair was a dark chestnut and he noticed he eyes were lined by the longest darkest lashes he had seen.
“Hester I would be honoured to have you as my guide” he playfully teased her.
She looked at him for a moment and suddenly her solemn little face broke into a wonderful smile. Her small white teeth were prefect and he found himself smiling broadly back.
“ Its this way sir” she said quietly.

They started off, Hesta leading a few steps in front of Sento, with her moving in the direction of the medical rooms. After a few minutes of corridor trekking they came to a wide flight of stairs that led to a landing and off that was a door with a red cross painted neatly on it and underneath, on a metal plate, was Dr Sento’s name etched in copper-plate on the shiny surface.
As he stared at this incongruous bit of vanity, he heard a small cry behind him. Quickly turning round he saw Hester lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs. Her face was grimacing with pain and her long dress had ridden up her legs revealing her white petticoats and her black stocking to just above the knee.
Senato quickly bound down the stairs to the girl’s proatest body lying at the bottom and quickly bent down to inspect her.
“what happened Hester are you hurt? what did you do?”
Her face was screwed up with pain and she looked up at him with her large eyes filling with tears.
“I just slipped on the polished wood of the stairs sir, I must have twisted my ankle sir, I am so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to be so careless.”
Sento gently explored her tightly booted ankle and heard her sharp intake of breath as his fingers pressed the side of the ankle.
He smiled at her and gently gathered the slim body up in his arms taking care to keep her foot clear of the wall.
“It’s a good thing that you’re travelling companion is a medical man and can help you with any immediate pain, now lets get you into my surgery and see what equipment I have been given.”
Senato realised that Hester was very light for her height and holding her in his arms, he carefully tried to open the door of the surgery but without success.

“Hester you will have to help me I’m afraid and open the door handle for me”
Hester smiled and reached out and twisted the large brass door knob, so Sento could carry her over the threshold.
The first thing to greet his eyes was a large examination couch, covered in padded black leather. The room was bright and airy with walls covered in cabinets and surgical instruments.
He place Hester carefully on the couch and took of his jacket while searching around to see where everything was accommodated.

Mrs Halifax had been right about one thing. No expense was spared. The equipment and facilities was better than he had found in many cottage hospitals. He pulled a tall chair and trolley over beside Hester and gently lifted her foot to deal with the sprain.
Normally Sento had never been affected by treating female patients. He was a deeply sexual man but when in surgery he switched over to being a detached medical professional, viewing the body before him as a complex amalgam of bone, blood, nerve and muscles. His eyes saw below the skin as he imagined the various veins and arteries, with their connective tissue. He was always intellectually bound up in the mental diagnosis, something he was supremely good at. His diagnostic abilities were astonishing and he never just accepted a single conclusion but would test for a range of possible causes until he felt he had the correct diagnosis.

He held Hester’s soft leather boot and carefully undid the laces. As he did so he found his attention wandering to the graceful shape of the foot encased in the soft black leather. The boot was unusual in that it was unlike any school footwear he had ever seen, although he admitted to himself he was not an expert in schoolgirl’s uniforms, he had never seen anything like it.
Hester’s boot was clearly made of the most expensive calf leather and the heel was a four inch long spike, no wonder the girls all seemed tall and willowy if they all wore heels of this height he pondered.
As he pulled the laces out of the eyelets he was aware the Hester had raised the sprained ankle a little higher and her the voluminous hem of her dress had slipped back down her leg, revealing the most delightful slim calf of her leg encased in black silk stockings and in the dark depths of her skirt and petticoats, enough light revealed a flash of pale skin at the top of the stocking.
He slowly eased of the boot
“Hester I am going to move the foot around gently, I want you to tell me which part hurts the most.”
Hester raised herself slight on her elbows, the big grey eyes looked at him and she said solemnly.
“I do have a tendency to faint with pain sir, will I be alright”
Sento smiled reassuringly, whilst feeling that he was entering into a situation that he was not completely in control of.
“Don’t worry, I need to get that stocking off and see if there is any darkening of the skin round the sprain.”
Hester lay back gently with her hurt leg bent at the knee. Sento gently pushed the hem of the dress higher and higher until he was greeted by the sight of the top of Hester’s stocking. He caught a wonderful waft of perfume from her body, like a mix of wild flowers that was quite heady and arousing. Looking more closely, he saw that the black silk stocking was intertwined around the top with a red silk ribbon, which was tied around her thigh to hold the stocking up. He realised that his fingers were trembling slightly as he undid the bow in the red ribbon and then feeling the soft skin against his hand he gently slipped the stocking down her leg.
He gently pulled the stocking off completely, to reveal a small delicate foot with toenails all neatly pedicured and each one painted in dark shiny red nail polish.
He saw a darkening of the skin around the ankle, she had definitely sprained her ankle, and it would take a few weeks of rest before she was able to run around on it again.
“Right Hester you have sprained the ankle and it will be painful to stand on. I am going to strap it up for support and you are to come to me in the morning after breakfast and after supper each day so I can check the bandage and see how the swelling is. I will write you a note excusing you from games or any strenuous activity.”
Hester looked at him intensely for a moment, then said
“That’ very kind of you sir but I am not allowed a note sir; we are not allowed to be excused from any school activity”
Sento looked at her in disbelief
“What do you mean girl, you have my permission to take time off, to let it heal”
Hester smiled gently back at him and said in a quiet voice
“I don’t mind sir, I quite like the pain it helps me focus on my school work better and I wouldn’t want to miss out on any lessons, really sir it’s the way Mrs Halifax would want it”
By now Hester had raised her leg higher and her long skirt had fallen further down her thigh now revealing the top of her other stocking. Sento was distracted and again feeling that things were not going quite how he would like them to.
Hester’s legs were astonishingly pretty, slender with soft pale skin, his eyes wandered past the stocking top and he realised that she was not wearing bloomers as was the normal undergarment for a 17 year old school girl but her crotch and the sides of her hips were covered by a small satin garment that was tight against the skin, clearly outlining the gentle contours of her body and leaving nothing to the imagination. They were a dark burgundy red in colour and Sento found himself just staring at them with a glazed expression on his face!

Sento found his hand had come to rest while holding Hester’s leg near the top of her thigh and he could feel the cool skin of her leg. Without thinking he stroked his fingers on her thigh and marvelled at the texture. His heart was beating faster and he felt a heavy stirring between his legs as the blood started to engorge his flaccid penis and make it swell in the cotton of his underwear.
Hester’s eyes closed languidly and her chest rose as he heard her give a little sigh. She let her head drop backwards and at the same time she relaxed her legs letting them fall further apart showing an exquisite v shape of open thigh and the tightly compressed satin that tucked under her body following the small cleft of her buttocks that were slightly flattened as the lay on the couch. In truth Sento felt strange, he was consumed by such a building lust as he had never quite felt before. It was as though some sort of animal drive was scrabbling to be let of the leash. He wanted Hester and he wanted to penetrate her and ride her delicious delicate body with his hard penis and feel his swollen testicles in his large scrotum, slap against the soft skin of her bottom.

At that moment the door to the medical room was flung open and in shock Sento turned to see Andrea standing in the doorway.
She did not hesitate and marched straight over to the couch and with a harsh voice said
“Hester you little tart, what are you doing lying there with your legs apart trying to get a good fuck by the looks of it?”
Sento watched in a dazed shock, firstly at the sudden intrusion to his sexual intimacy with Hester but then at the tone and the torrent of vulgar words that came out of Andrea’s mouth. He was surprised and shcokced at the sudden change of tone from innocent school girl to a coarse fish wife.
She continued
“Honestly Hester, you little bitch you need such a good slapping”
Andrea was clearly angry and was being very boisterous. Hester merely looked back at her and instead of looking shocked or hurt, simply smirked at her.
Sento felt like and intruder who had come between two fiery females engaged in some strange sisterly contretemp and was left speechless.
Andrea then grabbed one of Hester’s legs and pulled it in the air whilst at the same time aiming a hard and resounding slap on the back of her now raised thigh.
Sentauro could see the outline of her hand appear quickly in red against the pale skin and then a second loud slap followed quickly on; Andrea was really getting into the swing of it now and was cussing Hester.

“You are such a slut Hester you need to be given a real spanking for flirting with the Dr, he doesn’t want you, you little whore, turn over you bitch”

Andrea yanked hard at Hester’s torso and pulled her up on the couch making the stubborn Hester turn onto her front. Andrea grabbed her petticoats and dress and yanked them up over her back so Sento was presented with the wonderful sight of Hester’s buttocks, tightly encased in the satin panties. Her legs were parted and Andrea was landing another hard resounding smack on the prominent cheek of her buttock, making the flesh shudder with the shockwave from her hand.
Hester now cried out
“Owww Andrea that really hurt, leave me alone you bitch, your just jealous that the doctor wanted to have me and not you! Why don’t you just leave us alone, you’re mad and jealous and too ugly for the doctor to bother with your scrawny body”.
The last remark enraged Andrea and she reached over to the counter where a 12 inch ruler lay and turning with it raised it in her hand, brought it sharply down on Hester’s buttock with a loud and vicious snap. Hester cried out again and Sento watched in a sort of animal fascination at the one girl spanking the others bottom making lines of red wheals appear across the pale skin.

“Anyway Hester, you’re not the girl that the doctor thinks you are, are you?”
Andrea had her spirits up, her pretty nostrils were flared and her face was flushed, as her hands moved like demons. She grabbed the waistband of Hester’s satin shorts and suddenly pulled them down to mid-thigh letting the firm cheeks of her buttocks burst into view. Andrea the grabbed between the lithe legs and scrabbled for a second before pulling something back between Hester’s legs.
Sento stood transfixed and shocked as he saw a neat and pale pink, flaccid penis nestling in Andrea’s hand.

Hester was a boy.
Sento found himself reeling in an attempt to get his mind to catch up with what his eyes were seeing. At the same time he began to feel even more strangely disconnected from the events surrounding him. It was like being drugged and he felt an intense sexual glow building inside his blood. It felt like an element of his body was no longer under his control but had become a simple instrument of sexual pleasuring, something that was completely new to him.

Andrea was now like a whirling dervish as she ran around the surgery pulling open draws and cupboards and collecting handfuls of medical bandages. She returned and roughly pulled Hester’s hands together. She then spun the bandages tightly around the slim wrists and tied them strongly together. Another bandage was wound round Hester’s bare bruised ankle, she cried out with pain as Andrea roughly tied knots in the cloth and then transferred her attention to the ankle that was still booted.
Sento watched in a fascination, although his gaze had now became fixed between Hester’s buttocks where her rosebud anus was occasionally exposed as Andrea pulled her body around. Neatly puckered, he could see it pulsate with the binding of her limbs by Andrea in an involuntary reflex. He thought how inviting it looked, how tight and how virginal.

Andrea had now managed to tie Hester’s legs apart, by passing the bandages under the couch so her thighs were stretched wide apart, Hester’s was now pushed into the leather covering of the couch with her hands tied high up behind her back. Some of the bandage bonding was pulled between her legs and round under the buttock cheeks, the effect of which was to pull the cheeks forcibly apart, clearly exposing the sweet anus.

Andrea now turned her attention Sento and she grabbed him and kissed him feverishly on the lips, snaking her tongue into his mouth and licking the saliva from his mouth and drinking it into her own. Her passion was like a wild animal in heat. Her eyes were flashing and he felt her long fingers working open the buttons on the fly of his trousers.

Her cool hand reached inside his undergarment and closed around the girth of his swelling penis. He felt the rush of blood that filled the tissue making the head swell and rise. Andrea gently manoeuvred the large phallus out of its nesting place, till it hung large and swelling in front of him.

Andrea suddenly knelt in front of him and tenderly lifting the penis, she sunk her warm wet mouth down the complete length so that looking down; he could see her top lip stretched around the girth and her nose pushed into the bush of pubic hair above his organ.
She held his penis tight with her hand and kept her mouth clamped on the length, but her tongue…she was rapidly flicking with the tip of her tongue on the bulbous underside of his penis head. It was the point at which all the sex nerves gathered into a bundle and he felt more blood rush into the glans making his penis swell even more.
For a moment he almost felt the rise of sperm from his testicles that were heavy and moving in the distended scrotal sac but Andrea released him from her mouth, leaving a web of pre-cum spunk between her lips and the purple tip of his organ.

She then turned her attention to the open and prostrate figure of Hester.
“right bitch, now sir is going to fill your tight little fanny and he’s going to stretch you so wide you’ll scream” she hissed in Hester’s ear. At the same time she brought her hand down with a sharp smack on Hester’ raised buttock cheeks.

The medical-room bed had the facility to rise and lower according to the needs of the patient and the attending doctor and now Andrea was adjusting the cranking handle so the whole table was lowered.
At first Sento wondered what she was doing, until he realised that the lowering of the table had brought Hester’s bottom in direct line with his swollen penis. There was no more than about six inches between the glistening head of his organ and the tight pink puckered anus of the girl/boy.

Andrea again smacked Hester and at the same time pushed her finger into Hester’s tight little anus and worked it around the entrance. Then she slipped a second finger into her stretching the opening and he heard a strange moan come from Hester’s mouth. Andrea was in a highly charged state and after looking intently at her now three fingers pushed into Hester, she bent down replacing her fingers with her tongue. Sento watched the back of her thick hair as her head pushed between the buttocks, licking and tongue fucking the girl/boy.
He could hear the sticky slurping as Andrea was clearly not only titillating her anus with her tongue but dribbling saliva into the tight hole and working it into the insides of the dark entrance to Hester’s body.

Then Andrea stood up and came to Sento. He realised then that he was completely helpless, a red mist seemed to have descended over his eyes and his body felt like another’s, only his large sexual organs gorged with blood and every nerve tingling with tension were his. He felt like he was some large stud bull being led to service a young heifer. Andrea was totally in control and took his now rigid and priapic penis and gently pulled him towards the pink and now glistening wet opening of Hester hole. Andrea, holding him in her hand, rubbed the fat purple head up and down between Hester’s cheeks. Hester pushed herself back against the touch and he saw the little anus wink and open.

Andrea was relentless in this forced coupling and kept him frottaging against the wet hole of Hester’s rear. He began to move rhythmically now and watched as the purple head would push against the concave of Hester arse then slip up the groove of her buttocks and smear her lower back with spunk. This continued for a few moments then Andrea caught him on a forward thrust and kept him aimed at Hester little hole. He felt the pressure and an exquisite tightness around the head of his penis and slowly he felt something giving way and he saw the fat purple head stretch the pink eyelet till it became distended and o-shaped and with a short slip, the head had penetrated the outer ring of Hester’s anal muscle and stopped. The squeezing into the tight hole had squirted a copious amount of pre-cum out of his organ and this now acted as a lubricant around the velvety walls of Hester’s arse. Andrea had now positioned herself to one side and her finger reached unerringly for his own buttocks, now tightly clenched with the effort of pushing himself into the girl.
Andrea’s finger, licked and wet, from her own red lips, pushed straight into his own anus and pierced him till the end of her finger was positioned to massage his insides.
This last sensual penetration made him thrust his torso forward and the entire length of the fat distended penis slid smoothly to the root into Hester’s rear. Hester let out a muffled cry.
Andrea withdrew her finger and came round to stand at the head of the table, so she was facing Sento. Hypnotically he stared as he slowly began to pump himself in and out of the girl. He saw the full length of the organ with Hester’s orifice forming a tight and enlarged ring of pale skin against his own dark skinned organ, which shone with the juice he was constantly dribbling into her. It was quite beautiful, the wet sheen of his skin and the exquisite tightness that gripped his rod.

Andrea reached out and with careful timing, laid a brutal smack on Hester’s buttocks as Sento pushed himself deep into the full depth of the girls body. Each smack made the muscle inside Hester suddenly tighten and he realised that Andrea’s beatings were in effect making Hester squeeze his organ tighter with each hit.
Sento was now in a deep sexual reverie, his whole being focussed on the tight warm depths of Hester’s body and then in front of him Andrea her eyes smouldering and her lips swollen and red.

Andrea then reached down and suddenly pulled up the front of her voluminous skirts. She was wearing an identical pair of satin shorts as Hester, although to say they were shorts was strictly incorrect, they were too small and only just covered up a small area between her lower belly and the very tops of her thighs.
Andrea scrabbled with the top of the satin and in a single move, pulled them down around her thighs. Sento looked in astonishment as out sprang a long thin distended penis, with a neat slim head. It was about 7 inches in length and he saw Andrea like a coddling fish-wife, push it against Hester’s mouth. Hester lips opened and she took the entire length into the back of her throat. Andrea arched her back and leant over Hester’s back until her mouth was next to Sento’s. She was pumping her hips, gently fucking the moaning Hester’s mouth. The pace of his own fucking increased and Andrea’s mouth touched his as if they were sitting in a dreamy parlour gently kissing and canoodling, not both rampantly fucking the poor girl between them.

That kiss, as Andrea’s pushed her tongue into his mouth, was a deep seated trigger to his sexual explosion. Each of his testicles suddenly throbbed and let flow a giant gush of hot sperm. The orgasm rose from his balls pulsing along the length of the rigid shaft until he felt the sweet glorious liquid erupt deep inside Hester pliant little body. And Andrea’s face wrinkled up as her own orgasm wracked her slim body and Hester’s mouth was filled with her seed.
Senato’s body was wracked as spasm after spasm ran through him. Each time more hot sperm was squirted into Hester. He could see a white sticky foam forming around the girth of his penis as his seed, limited in where it could escape to, began to leak out of Hester and drop between her legs covering her own little scrotum with a glistening sheen of spunk. Finally everything clouded over and Sento his lips still kissing Andrea felt his legs buckle and his swollen penis suddenly slip out of Hester, releasing a flood of juice and he then fell to his knees.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Dr Sento and the strange practises at Cranton House, Northumbria
February 2 1897

Dr Sento watched as the cab wheels crunched along the long sweeping drive that formed the approach to the large gothic house that was to be his home for the next few years. The house had been built in 1799 and was now taken over by a sixth form college for young ladies and as this was the age of enlightenment, the school claimed in the literature he had been shown, that it – “catered for the young woman who had a keen intellect and would end up taking their place in society as more than just wives but as part of the ever-growing army that helped to stoke the Victorian era of frantic economic development and growth”, or at least that was the promise.

It was February the start of the Easter term and Dr Sento had acquired the job under what, some might politely term, ‘unusual circumstances’. He had had an unfortunate incident with a patient at his previous city practise and had narrowly avoided being struck off the medical register. The truth was that the woman had been unbalanced and had become obsessed with him and finally after multiple rejections, had made accusations to the police

The benefit of doubt swung in her favour even though he was entirely innocent. The outcome was that the only work he could find was the position as the house doctor and part time biology teacher at the Cranton House special college for girls. It was a long way away from his original practise but at the same time, a long way away from the gossip and snide remarks that had followed him around at home.

The job at the college had been recommended to him via a rather seedy contact of his, who had been at medical college with him but had then travelled abroad for ten years until he had returned in somewhat constrained financial circumstances. It was his acquaintance with people that were not quite on the right side of acceptable that had allowed him to put Sento’s name forward to Mrs Halifax, the College’s Head mistress and over whiskies at the Garrard club in Mayfair he had got Sento to take up the rather strange offer of work and go for an interview at the offices of the school’s solicitors, Norwich Pane and Pane in Cheapside London.

The interview was brief, with few niceties but the money was very good, a yearly salary of £3,300 a year which was more than his needs and a thousand pounds more than he was earning with his London practise. It was a surprisingly high amount but he felt it was good fortune only and not at this stage to be questioned too closely. Clearly the school wanted a new doctor on its staff and at the moment he was willing to be the candidate. He would be able to live in relative luxury especially with his accommodation included at the school.

He had packed all his belongings and moved out of his lodgings and moved North into the depths of the Northumbrian countryside to face his new career in eduaction. At least he would be teaching young females between the ages of 15 and 19 which would be marginally better than teaching boys of the same age!

The air was cold and frosty as the cab, that had picked him up from the dreary grey stone railway station, ended it’s journey by driving up the long gravel drive to come to a halt in front of an imposing, three storey, stone house with a large flight of stone steps leading up to porch and the large, weathered, dark wooden front doors of Cranton house.

The term had started a week before but all was quiet as Dr Sento approached the door and beckoned the cab driver to unload his trunks and portmanteau.

Once Inside the gloomy large vaulted entrance hall, Sento was faced with numerous painted portraits of severe looking people of mainly middle to old age patricians, glaring out of their canvases with defiant and arrogant faces.
As he stood surveying this gloomy scene, the cathedral silence of the hall was broken by the sound of clicking heels running and a slim figure came cannoning around a corner and bumped heavily straight into him.
For a moment he lost his balance and instinctively grabbed the figure to prevent them both from falling over and to help absorb some of the impact of their meeting.

When he and recovered enough to take in his assailant he saw the body was that of a tall slim girl whose face was now staring into his own a few inches from his nose.
A pair of bright blue flashing eyes glared at him, surrounded by long dark soft eyelashes. The nose was straight and long her lips were bright red, full and well defined by rouge make-up. Her skin was soft and clear of complexion with an outdoors fresh faced look, as though she had been in the sun.

The face was angular but quite astonishingly attractive and with a mane of dark hair, which cascaded, unbound by ribbon or cap around her face and shoulders, the effect was very attractive, it was a quite beautiful face in an eager animalistic sense.

She was tall and even though wearing a long black gown with a starched white pinafore over the top, he could discern that underneath was a lean long-limbed body with the suggestion of small firm pert breasts swelling beneath the high-necked, smock style blouse.

Suddenly the face bust into a wide generous smile and a gurgling deep-toned laugh, that was both attractive and strangely arousing.

“You must be the new quack” she said laughing openly at him, whilst still holding his arms she had grabbed during their collision.

“Well I don’t know about quack”…he smiled “my name is Dr Sento and yes I am the new Doctor appointed to Cranton House and whom am I addressing”

Her eyes were glinting as she said with a low voice
“My name is Andrea and our meeting was a lucky one even if it was a bit sudden. I have been told by Mrs Halifax, that’s the headmistress here, to show you to your room.. and” she hesitated, a smirk moving her lips into a delicious expression of conspiracy “I am to be your prefect that means I must help you get to know how this place works and show you around, a sort of personal guide and helper”
her white teeth that made her smile so dazzling, were neat and unblemished and slightly sharp, Sento was for a moment lost in his fixation on her lovely mouth.…
”come on” she laughed, dragging his arm “I’ll show you to your room”.

She turned and sped ahead of him pausing at the foot of a large staircase that spiralled three floors into the body of the house. He picked up his portmanteau looked at his trunks that were now sitting on the tiled mosaic floor where the cab-driver had left them.
“Come on sweet doctor, leave those” she said
“Thomas, one of the porters will take them to your room later, now follow me and keep close, the house is very large and like a rabbit’s warren”

As she sped ahead of him he noted that her waist was small and narrow, obviously tightly constrained by a well laced, bone corset, the effect was highly distracting, drawing his attention to the slim hips above the flare of her skirt.
Under the hem of her long black skirt, he caught sight of a pair of neat high-heeled black leather ankle boots. The boots had multiple eyelets through which laces were crisscrossed tightening the soft leather around her feet, the three inch heels clicking on the wooden floors with her quick and firm step.

They climbed and moved through a labyrinthine series of corridors winding their way through the old building, finally she stopped and flung open a stout oak door and he found himself in his rooms.

The appointments were very pleasant, with a large mahogany desk in one corner a number of comfortable high backed chairs set around a large fireplace that was crackling away with a healthy fire.
Thick rugs and carpets were thrown across the bare boards of the floor and the walls were lined with bookshelves and books in profusion. Andrea moved across the room and opened the door to another room
“And here dear doctor are your sleeping quarters”
Once again Sento felt that although an innocent remark, that the girl had managed to load it with all sorts of sensual implications as she stared directly into his eyes, her small bosom rising and falling after her rushed journey through the school.

“Now I have to go” she said, she brushed past him so close her hair touched his cheek and he could smell a fresh scent that emanated from her skin. A sudden erotic thrill sprang through his body, like a shock of animal electricity, he was aroused and he felt a stirring in his loins. He had not felt an attraction to another female like this, for some three years.

Sento settled quickly into his rooms unpacking his clothes and books and arranging things to suit his taste and habits. An hour after his arrival, it was a late February afternoon and already the light was dimming towards early winter dusk, and having no obligations as yet, he decided to go on a quick exploratory ramble around the house.

He strolled back along corridors until he found climbing stairs, towards the top of the house. He stopped idly and peered into various rooms, some of which were dusty store-rooms, full of books and general school equipment. Others were neglected and filled with various piles of general detritus that probably belonged to the previous owners of the house before it had become a school. Then he opened a door with a well worn brass handle and found himself looking into a large open space that was lit by a number of large roof windows that prevented any view out of the room and only served to let in light.

In the dusky gloom he made out a range of strange apparatus, placed around the room.
He looked carefully at one close to trying to work out what on earth its function might be.
It looked like a horse-riders training device, with a large wooden haunch or ‘horse-back’ covered in well soaped leather and hung with numerous straps. Instead of it being a normal saddle shape it looked as though there were buckled restraints two at each end and more around the central circumference. In his minds eye an image was conjured up of a body lying on top of the main wooden body with the arms and ankles tied into the straps with further restraints holding the neck and torso. It was both repulsive and curious at the same time.

But why on earth would such a device be installed in the school, what was it used for, it was obviously recently used, as all the fittings were bright and clean and he noticed a musky smell that came from the leather ‘horse-back’. He felt sure he recognised it, but couldn’t be sure exactly what it was. It was an animal smell and created a sensual effect that seemed somewhere deep down in his mind to be associated with sex!

Other strange devices were placed around the room all off a similar style with straps, ties, and in a variety of strange shapes. Some were like large wooden crosses, where a figure could be tied spread-eagled and held in place by a series of substantial straps and cuffs.

Another was in the form of rope slings ending in a small canvas chair which hung from a large pivoted bolt in the ceiling ropes ran down from the ceiling to various tie-off points on the wall.

Sento was totally puzzled, what on earth was such equipment doing in a school, who used it and for what reasons? For the time being his curiosity would have to wait.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully with a dinner gong echoing round the building, telling him that dinner was served in the main Dining hall. He watched as the fifty or so girls all pupils, in their neat black dresses and white pinafore uniforms, trooped quietly into the room and took up their places at seat flanking long trestle tables.

His eyes found Andrea among the group, she walked in tall and elegant the gas light reflecting of her shiny dark hair, but she did not look up at him but kept her face cast down. The whole room was eerily quiet and he took his place with the other teachers and tutors at the top table. Mrs Halifax sat in the middle and grace was spoken by a tall lean man with a thin face and a large grey beard dressed all in black. Sento later found out that he was the School Chaplain.
He noticed, while swapping conversational pleasantries with him over dinner, that his breath smelt strongly of drink and judging by the state of his skin and eyes Sento guessed and later discovered correctly, that he was a man in love with the bottle.

The meal was conducted in almost total silence apart from the clatter of cutlery, with the girls eating and hardly raising their eyes, other than to ask quietly for another to pass the water jug or some bread.

The staff on the top table, just murmured pleasantries between each other, but otherwise again were strangely mute.

At one point Mrs Halifax leant across the table and smiled at Sento she asked if he would be so kind as to visit her study in the morning when they could discuss his duties in more detail and give him a plan to familiarise himself with the daily pattern of life at Cranton house. He gracefully accepted and promised to see her at 8.00am.

With dinner over, he watched the girls rise as one and silently collect the dishes and cutlery and stack them on a table at the end of the room, where they were collected by rough looking kitchen staff dressed in grubby white coveralls.

He then decided that not knowing anyone well enough yet to socialise that he would return to his rooms and get to bed early. The train journey from London had been a long one starting at 6.00 am at Kings cross and the ride to Cranton house from the station had taken a long and bumpy two hours.

Making his goodnights to his fellow staff members, he found his way back to his rooms, changed into his nightgown, got into bed turned out the candle, turned over and quickly fell asleep.

At about three o clock in the morning, he was awoken by something. He lay in the dark immediately awake and straining to hear what it was that had brought him back from his dreams. After a couple of minutes of listening to his own breathing he heard it again, a very muffled and distant sounding cry.

His skin prickled as he heard it again. A repetitive, muffled, scream seemed to be coming from somewhere deep in the house.
The cries sounded full of anguish and pain and their repetition seemed to indicate that they were made by someone being beaten in some way as to elicit such regular and sudden out-cries.
He quickly got up and quietly opened the door to his apartment listening hard at the muffled surrounding of the house and stole out into the dark corridor with a candlestick in hand, straining to work out from which direction the screams were coming from.

He worked his way quietly towards what he believed was the source of the cries and as he reached the top floor landing, then as suddenly as they has started the cries stopped.

He waited, straining to hear where the source of the sounds was, but all he could hear was the blood rushing through his veins and the dull throb of his own heart.
He continued along the corridor then went down a small, twisting and enclosed flight of stairs
As he reached the bottom stair an explosion of white burst into his sight as a white apparition suddenly ran into him making him drop his candle in shock and plunging his surrounding into pitch black.
“Who is it” he hissed trying to mask the sudden fear and shock in his voice, He had been both winded and shocked by the sudden impact.
There was no reply and he fumbled in his dressing gown pocket for a match fumbled around on the floor, recovered the candle and carefully struck a match to relight the wick. The flame flared and as his eyes adjusted to the sudden light he saw a tall figure, dressed in a white gown.

The match flared and in the sudden warm glow of light he gasped….it was Andrea, her hair dishevelled, her eyes wet and full of tears and looking blankly past him into the dark as though she were not aware of his presence.

“Andrea are you alright?” he asked, she made no reply but was shivering violently, he realised that she was wearing nothing but a thin cotton shift and bare feet. He quickly took of his dressing gown and draped it around her shoulders and with no plan in his mind other than to console her in some way, led her back along the dark corridors to his room.

He, vigorously stoked the embers and placed some coal onto the dull red glow of the fire and sat her in a chair to keep her warm. As the flames started to flicker back into life and give off and some warmth, he left her and brought a glass from his wash table, found the bottle of brandy he had packed in his trunk and poured a little into the glass and filled the rest of the glass with water then held it up to the dazed girls lips.
“Come on now drink this…slowly or you’ll choke” her eyes were fixed on the fire and her shaking hand slowly grasped the glass and she took a couple of sips.
Sento noticed in the firelight a trace of blood on her fingers that held the glass, then in the light from the lamp he saw small red stains all over the white cotton of nightdress.
What on earth had happened to the girl? He was both worried and puzzled. Perhaps an intruder had broken in and attacked her.

“Andrea” he said squatting in front of her and looking directly into her eyes, “are you alright….there’s blood on your night shift and hands. I’m a doctor you know me don’t you” he asked gently as if quizzing a small child.

“Now don’t worry I want to check and see if you’re alright” He slipped his dressing gown from her shoulders and made a closer inspection of the willowy body sitting in his chair.
Her hands were unhurt apart from the blood stains, then he noticed lines of red running horizontally across the back of the shift.
“Andrea” he said quietly “I’m going to undo your night shift I want to see your back”
She made no move to respond and her lips, slightly open, stayed mute.
Sento undid the lace ties at her neck until he could slip the shift down from her shoulders and as he did so he marvelled at the wonderful smooth soft skin of her shoulder and back. He held her thick hair away from the top of her bare neck and back to reveal a series of ugly red weal’s on her skin running like tram-lines across her shoulders.
He tried to see further and pushed the material of the nightdress down her body leaving her bare-waisted. He concentrated hard on his medial examination trying to ignore the fresh young and sensual body under his hands.
He found around twenty bruised marks that were now turning dark red where the bleeding had stopped and was beginning to dry. They were thin and about eight inches long.
He opened his doctor’s bag and took out alcohol and with a gauze pad gently smoothed the antiseptic over the wounds. Andrea shuddered at the sudden cold and stinging pain of the antiseptic but otherwise did not move or make a noise.

When he had finished cleaning her wounds he paused for a moment and studied her body. He noticed that her breasts were very small, almost a suggestion of breasts rather than the full mature breasts of a woman who had reached puberty. Her nipples however, were dark and large and stuck out prominently from the surrounding brown aureole.
As she sat in front of him in that dazed state, he realised that she was quite stunningly beautiful and he sat for a selfish moment drinking her in with his eyes, his heart filled with a whirlwind of emotions from lust to pity to wonderment to bafflement.

Suddenly her eyes looked into his and he saw the dark blue pupils dilate suddenly with consciousness, she stiffened momentarily then without any warning suddenly leant forward and kissed him hard and wetly on his lips, her tongue pushing into his mouth with a startling and sudden passion.
He was utterly taken aback, in that it was so sudden and explosive and the last thing he imagined happening within this strange scenario.

He was momentarily unbalanced as he was squatting on his haunches in front of her in the chair. He toppled backwards and she fell with him, landing on top of him her mouth still feverishly kissing him.
“Andrea please you are hurt” he spluttered through her torrent of kissing “come on now, you need to be in bed” he cajoled trying to use his ‘friendly doctor’s’ voice.
But Andrea was in some sort of sudden passion and was scrabbling with her hands at his nightgown when he realised too late, that she was pulling up the hem of his gown so in a moment he was naked from the waist down.
He gently tried to restrain her arms but her quick hands had suddenly found and grasped his penis and in a second she moved her head down his torso till her lips reached the tip of his rod and he suddenly felt the wonderful, delirious, wet warmth of her mouth, as her lips closed over his flaccid organ.
For a moment he lay there helpless and non-plussed He was unable to do anything intelligent, Andrea’s lips started sucking hard on his organ and he felt her flicker the tip of her tongue quickly and expertly around the sensitive glans at the base of the head of his penis.

The feelings flooding through his groin robbed him of any intelligent and rational thought, all he knew was that the sudden rush of blood to his organ was making it rapidly swell inside Andrea’s mouth and the erotic sensations burning through him were as exciting and explosive in their effect on his body as anything he had ever experienced before.

This strange wounded and dazed creature was suddenly in control of him and although he knew it was wrong, he stayed silent and lay there unresisting, while Andrea sucked and licked him wetly, giving him sensations he could not ever remember experiencing at the hands of another human being.

The two year span of involuntary celibacy finally let him down as he felt his testicles swell in their sac and a sweet and shuddering orgasm built up from the stem of his genitals and exploded in a fountain of spasms which squirted thick jet after jet of creamy sperm into her hungry sucking mouth.
He heard her sucking become louder as she fought to swallow the sudden tide of liquid pouring into her cheeks and throat but she carried on her frantic sucking until she had swallowed every last thick droplet.
She then stopped, her mouth let his rigid and sticky member free and she slumped returning to the semi-catatonic state he had found her in.

He lay drained and confused by this sudden bizarre encounter wondering what course of action he might intelligently follow, without resorting to the banal, such as saying thank you to her for giving him such an erotic gift from heaven!

Instead he quickly pulled down the nightshirt over his still hard member lying hard and straight up his stomach, still shiny with her saliva and helped her back up into the chair.

He carefully pulled up her nightdress after putting light gauze bandages on the wounds and sticking them with first-aid plaster tape.

He then helped her to her feet and wondered desperately how and where he could take her before he was discovered in this compromising situation with one of the school’s pupils on his first day.

“Andrea” he asked looking gently into her eyes “where is your room or dormitory?”
There was still no reply and all the girl did was allow Sento to help her along with his hands around her waist to hold her up. He noticed her lips were still glistening from their sudden and earthy drink and a slight trace of his semen still glistened at the corner of her mouth,
“concentrate man” he admonished himself. “You need to help her”

They set off down the corridor in a direction Sento guessed might take them back to the girls dormitory area. After a minute of so he was brought up abruptly when rounding a corner, by the full figure of Mrs Halifax, fully clothed in her severe black dress buttoned to the throat.

“Ah Dr Sento” she said smiling broadly,
“you have found our lost lamb and brought her back to her shepherd you are too kind, only here one day and already we are grateful for your professional help and services”
she smiled and reached out taking Andrea roughly from his arms.
“Come now Andrea I will take you back to your dormitory”
She re-directed her words to him.
“it is amazing is it not doctor, the mystery of sleep walking…you have to keep an eye on them all the time, she will be fine now but thank you for your help and diligence, I’ll take over now, you go back to your bed and I’ll look forward to our meeting in the morning”

With that she took Andrea by the arm and frogmarched her out of sight leaving a dumbfounded Sento with a million questions buzzing around his head.

Mrs Halifax’s exaggerated normality struck a false note
His first day at this strange establishment had brought nothing but surprises and he was beginning to think that he might have made a mistake contracting himself to work there. The one bright and shining thing that filled his heart with a real joy was the beautiful and mysterious Andrea and their bizarre and sexually explosive liaison.

He concluded before blowing out his candle on his return to bed, that Cranton House was not all it appeared to be, something strange and hidden was going on there and it needed further investigation, so he could, at least, get an idea of what he had let himself in for…..for the moment however he lay there savouring the wonderful erotic afterglow of his spectacular orgasm at the mouth of this young girl and knowing that she had stirred both his heart and his loins and as he slipped into a deep sleep, he dreamt she was lying bestride him in the bed, her hips wildly bucking over his groin as he penetrated her slim body and made passionate love to her.