Wednesday, 28 April 2010

For Mountain guy

I took these this morning 28th of April, I received two very horny emails from mountain guy. He sounds very keen on me and his letters are filled with a wonderful lust that makes me feel quite faint. Consequently I thought I'd take some pictures that he might enjoy that might make him hard ........and Big guy everything I said in my mail just about sums it up!......enjoy me!
lots of love

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I love being naked, so naked that your lovers skin blends into your own and you can feel the beat of his heart against your chest and feel their hands holding you all over while they try to climb into you.
There is that wonderful moment when my clothes lie on the floor and my lover is above me and hard with lust and I smile inot his face as I open my legs and arms and take him inot the warmth of my embrace and hold him tight and pressing the palms of my hands against his hard muscular buttocks pull him hard into me pressing his phallus and torso agianst my open crotch and waiting for that final communion and connection as he fits into place deep inside me and we are one hot writhing body with two minds and two hearts sucking the air out of each others mouths and swimming in each others scent and aura
That is when sex genuinely becomes more! and my orgams go on and on and on!
In this picture, my sex is neatly folded demurely between my legs but it is very wet and very sticky!

Monday, 19 April 2010

I just want a guy to kneel behind me and gently place his hand between the cheeks of my ass and stroke me till I am getting really fidgety then bend me forward and make love to me. Its not much to ask is it?

I also want to thank Graham for a wonderful weekend, You made my eyes glow and made me feel such a stretched girl!
but you left your coat, jacket and hat at my place!....(on purpose!) you need to come round and get them! I'll be waiting dressed like this for when you arrive! I can take more hun, if you want me!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

So many men so little time!

There are times when I want to feel the rough hands of a man on my hips and the touch of his lips on my cheek, so I can push back wiht my rear and feel his hard urgency. That is one of the best moments ever..... before ending up with a cavorting sex session.