Thursday, 26 November 2015

with a bit of luck

I'm of the mind that if you are with a man......if you pose gently in the morning when you have both just got up and got dressed that if I am then found bent over at the waist and pull up my dress a little........that like catching an animal with a baited trap, he will see me and the curve of my bottom the wanton look in my eyes and decide that the knickers need pulling down and his cock needs to be buried in his waiting mate!

Hopefully, there will follow and nice urgent, quick fuck with me bending further at the waist pushing my rump out towards he can ram his cock as hard and as deep as he can in and out of my churning tummy, stretching my ass sphincter and making it gape with the constant stretching open by a big erect phallus.
finally my legs start to tremble as my thin wet girly cum dribbles down my legs and he erupts like a fountain in me! sending a series of big spurts of fresh cum to join the cum still inside me from our previous
late night fuck!
Now that is my idea of heaven to be so full of sperm that it pours out of me and completely soaks the gusset of my mangled knickers!! ..............................sigh!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Being a bride

As anyone who has read past postings on my blog will know, I have always had a deep-seated desire one day to be a bride! I know unlikely and a fantasy!........
I dream of going through my wedding day alongside my gorgeous handsome new husband....then in the evening to be taken to bed and given what a bride needs on her first night of marriage a long deep hard and fulfilling fuck!
I want to watch as my wedding dress is  pulled up round my waist and to feel the grooms long hard erection poking out of his suit trousers nudge and push its way between my parted thighs.
I want confetti to spill out of my lower white knickers and to feel his mouth search out mine and crush my lips with his passion and lust.....
I want to kneel on all fours and feel his hard cock pounding my wet and open ass and after chasing me round the bed and getting himself inside me from all finally make me moan and whimper as I feel that sudden surge of wet heat as he pours load after load of fresh creamy sperm deep into my stomach and soaking my gaping welcoming stretched open ass!

I sometimes hear myself muttering under my breath when I play with myself .....I do I do I do!!! and if I hear the wedding march music play I start to feel the beginnings of a little orgasm!

Oh well one can dream I think I am probably well past the young virginal bride stage but its nice to fantasize!!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

sucking a man is such a joy!

I do enjoy giving head, the whole experience makes me feel more feminine and turned on. I love looking up and watching my lover's face as my tongue dances around the edge of his big swollen purple cock head! the heat from his erection filling my mouth alone gives me a deep stab of pleasure between my hips! i love the scent of man as he takes his pleasure with my mouth.
As I lick and nibble and suck on him, I sometimes imagine what he will feel like when he's buried himself in my stretched and open ass and is just about to cum and fill my ass with a thick jet of hot fresh sperm!

when I was much younger I could get so turned on sucking a man that I would have a spontaneous orgasm without touching myself at all. I'd be sucking away....then suddenly feel the sugary wave of pleasure as I spurted then dripped my cum through my knickers and onto the floor........ sometimes it would be timed

so I came just as he exploded down my throat in a hot synchronized orgasm for both of us and a fresh load of protein for me!!