Friday, 14 January 2011

trans boys/girls

These days more and more in fashion there are boys who are overtly transsexual in their appearance that are used to model both men and women's fashion. I applaud it although i am sure there is behind this the influence of many gay designers who like have androgynous boys add a little spice when putting their collections on display! Here is a small selection of those guys I have found on the web!

enjoy......I wish it had been different in my youth! I might have had a modelling career!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

For a very good friend! Chris

I am posting these for a special friend and sweet guy called Chris....who follows me on Flickr and gives a hint of what we could accomplish...... if together........ in a bed and forget the cucumber I dont think I'd need it!!!!



Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Me after returning home from a busy night at Lacy one time I had five pairs of hands on my bottom....... something of a personal best. It was very friendly and fun with some lovely girls and some attractive guys making the running. I finally gave a guy a lift home and had some other motorists peering from black cabs into my car as I drove with my dress round my waist and a gentleman admirer with his hands gently fondling me between the legs!
I can recommend it to other girls for a sexy night out!........ just google 'Lacy Ladies' for details!

notice I look a bit flushed, which is not suprising after some of the things that happended to me!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Lacy ladies

On the 9th of December last year I went for the first time to Lacy ladies in the East end of London.

It was an interesting evening from the moment I arrived there were hands reaching out and feeling my bottom from every angle especially in the 'dark rooms'!

I was made love two by a number of guys and one of the girls who was very sweet. I lost my knickers towards the end of the evening and they were scrunched up and very sticky and put in my handbag. Guys If you like t-girls i can only recommend a visit....and I'm not on commission. Girls get in free and for guys its a measly £10

I plan to go again soon only this time I'll leave my knickers off at the start of the evening!