Thursday, 7 August 2014

my Achilles tendon stretched tight!

oh so tight! and my buttocks firm and so ready to be ridden!.......climb aboard, open me wide and enjoy me!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

out of North south East West.....West is best

To the West an open offer of unbounded submissive pleasure and a warm reception

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

me at Sweet Wednesdays

Last night I went to Sweet Wednesdays the club I’ve written about on here before. I have not had any sort of sex for ages and ages and I’ve been feeling very aroused and the weather has been really hot in London recently which seems to make me feel more horny and wanton!
So I decided to make a visit to that sleazy club and see what would happen, and for instance see if men still desired me or whether my age was beginning to tell and that I was in truth turning into an old hag!
I trotted over to Kings Cross on the tube walked to the club venue Central Station and went upstairs to get changed and put on make-up. The 16th of July was very very hot and humid and my make –up was literally melting! In London air-conditioning is still a bit of a rare thing and the club is in the basement of the old pub so no air con!
The changing rooms are on the first floor and are next to the roof terrace, more of which later!
I found a place to sit with a mirror and got ready. I changed into a tiny black mini-skirt, some lace top hold-up stockings, some tiny pink lacy panties and a see-thru black chiffon top with a black lacy bra underneath. The pink panties were aimed at advertising myself every time I bent over or leant forward so the rear of my skirt raised to allow a glimpse of my bottom and the bright pink panties disappearing in the crack of my bottom.
I gathered my handbag which was full of condoms and KY and tiptoed down the metal staircase to the basement.
To say it was hot down there was an understatement, it must have been about 100 degrees and was very dark and very sweaty. This was about 3.30pm so only the beginning of the afternoon shift!
I got a drink from the bar and went and stood next to one of the play rooms and was wondering if anyone might be interested in me!
Well what followed was a bit of a blur and looking back, the logical timeline of events got a bit lost in the action!
First of all a guy came up and put his hand on my bottom which was easy for him, as I was wearing such a short skirt! He was fondling me enthusiastically and took my hand and placed it on his long hard cock, which was sticking out of the front of his trousers.
I manoeuvred myself so I was facing him so his cock was sticking up between my thighs and I began  dry humping him with the top of my thighs.
What I couldn’t see now was that a small group of men were gathered around us and I suddenly felt six pairs of hands all groping and fondling my bottom and thighs. Fingers were also exploring my cunt hole and were wriggling inside me making me push back hard and push out my bottom to force the fingers in deeper.
Things then started to hot up……. I was now being fondled all over by my little group of men and was dry humping a cock between my legs, another guy now leant in and started kissing me passionately.

I was manhandled and pushed down onto all fours on one of the benches in the playroom space.  I quickly reached into my hand bag and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and pushed it between my legs on the bench and at the same time pushed three sets of two condoms packs with it. Fingers were soon pushing and filling me with lube and after a short pause an erect  cock was pushed against my cunt and in one long thrust was rammed deep into me.
Now Sweet Wednesdays is very dark with lurid coloured club lighting illuminating the scene. And it was absolutely boiling hot, sweat was tricking down my breasts and dripping into my top.
The guy in front of me who was kissing me kept it up and whispered he loved kissing a girl while she was being fucked as it turned him on!
From this point on I lost control really! I’m just thankful that each guy that fucked me had used a condom, as I checked with my fingers as each cock was rammed into me to make sure I could feel a condom on it!
I was on all fours with one guy kissing me and squeezing my breasts while another was standing behind me giving me a deep slow fuck, another was underneath my hips and had latched his mouth onto my clit and was sucking me rhythmically and tonguing around my open and stretched cunt, his tongue flickering all around the sensitive skin around my wide open pussy hole and crotch!
I could hear two of my lovers saying quite loudly “what a gorgeous slut, she’s is so slutty she needs more cock”
The guy fucking me orgasmed and pulled out and another quickly took his place so I had no chance to catch my breath and just had to take the hard fucking and sucking I was being given while more hands were pawing and fondling and squeezing me all over!
After the second guy had cum, I felt a third guy hold my hips tight and guide his cock into my hole, while another cock was rammed into my mouth! I was still being sucked and my entire world seemed to consist of hard cocks invading my body and possessing me, or wet hot mouths sucking me. It was a deeply female experience to be on the receiving end of so much testosterone fuelled lust!
After the second fuck I was left collapsed in a spunky sticky heap on the bench and after catching my breath I went to the loo and tidied up my hair and make-up and went back to the bar for another drink.
I couldn’t believe it but two guys at the bar paid for my drink and I was gently led to a space with a wooden bar on the wall! I was being felt up all the time so my skirt was up round my waist and my panties were pulled half down my thighs!  A moment later I was bent over holding my drink and having a big fat cock slid up me again!
I was fucked again while a small group of guys stood around fondling me between the legs and rubbing their cocks in front of my face. I was gyrating my hips and bottom as I was fucked, trying to put on a slutty stripper type show.  Two of the guys in front of me who had been masturbating in my face while watching me be fucked, just suddenly came! ….one shortly after the other, and spurted their cum all over my chin and chest so I had spunk dribbling down my breast inside my top! I was now pretty crumpled and over-excited, breathless sticky and with a well stretched open cunt!
My insides were churning and I was breathless with sexual arousal…… I thought it would be worth having a bit of a break! I managed to disentangle myself after the guy fucking me shot his load into my belly and pulled a condom out that was full of spunk and tossed it on the floor!
I gathered myself together and weakly tottered out and went back up to the changing room and for some cool air on the terrace! There were a few guys up there having drinks and I sat down at a table ordered a drink and was drinking in the cool air and letting my trembling body subside and quieten down a bit!
A guy from Scotland was up there and started to chat me up and we had some general small talk for ten minutes , he saw the camera and I explained I was going to take a picture of myself for my American boyfriend to send him, to which he replied that I should let him take a few!
I thanked him and he posed me, I was sitting quite demurely with my skirt smoothed down and he kept saying I should show more leg, which I did FOR YOU!!!! That is the first pic of me sitting showing some thigh!
Then he said I should be more raunchy and pull up my skirt to show my panties, which I did! Some of the other guys sitting around were taking an interest in me and after a couple of shots a guy came over and started to play with me again.
I suggested my Scottish friend carried on taking some pics but this guy said he was married and didn’t want pics of him on the internet he also said he wanted to fuck me there and then on the terrace.
I’m afraid I was so far gone sexually that I agreed!...... In the last shot attached of me bending over in my panties….just  after the picture was taken, he pulled the panties to one side and slowly fed his erect condom covered cock back into my pussy, pulling my buttocks apart to get good access to my sex.
It was a bit surreal to be in the middle of what looks like a café and being bent over and thoroughly fucked! Luckily he was quite excited in the lead up to my fuck and he came quite quickly and after he pulled out I got a cheer and applause from the five or six guys who were all watching from their seats, enthralled!
At that point I did feel like a complete and total slut sitting back and pulling my panties back in place, to sit with my new friends and the guy who fucked me, chatting while they fondled me between the legs!
That was the point that I came myself for the first time!!! and in my panties!...... making a small sticky mess on the seat you can see in the pictures! I think I had three or four men’s spunk over my chest and top and my little cunt was drenched and sticky with lube and my panties were soaked and scrunched up from being mangled while men were exploring and fucking me!

Then I got changed and shakily went home on the tube train, very sweaty and sticky and hot with my cunt vibrating and my stomach churning after all the sex!

If I go again soon, I'll warn you on this blog and if anyone is interested I'd be very happy for you to fuck me!.....just leave a note

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Me getting ready to go out running in my local woods

A few sacttered pictures of me generally feeling aroused

Summer has finally arrived and the heat always makes me feel horny. It is especially true when out exercising in the local countryside wearing a pretty tight top, micro skirt with nothing underneath except some small black knickers, tied on the hip with pretty bows to give quick and easy access to eager hands to explore and feel my pre-lubricated pussy......hoping to attract the attentions of stray, horny, males.
The ensuing rushed and urgent sex is breathtakingly enjoyable......and I love the urgent fondling and grabbing of my bottom...followed by the quick fingering of my hole and the release of their fat cocks from their trousers followed by a moment of searching, as the cock-head pushes around between my bottom cheeks then finds my boi-cunt and after some fumbling and probing finally slides in to the full length of the erection!.....followed by the sound of the slapping of their balls against my crotch as they concentrate on fucking me....then grunting and groaning and pushing their extended cocks hard into my belly as they can't hold back any longer and let fly a stream of spunk into a swelling sticky condom!

These pics are of me wearing my exercise outfit!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

I used to have a lover who was a demon with his tongue!

He would get me to sit on the bed with my knees drawn up and he would then position himself so he was lying beside me with his head next to my crotch and start to explore the soft skin of my inner thighs and tight pussy hole with his long warm tongue! After about ten minutes of this licking and tickling and making my sex all sticky and shiny with saliva! I'd be whimpering and begging for him to fuck me and to slide his cock inside me as quickly as possible!
Sometimes after he had fucked me slow and hard, finally climaxing, his plentiful cum filling me up with spunk, he'd repeat his licking, only this time he'd lick up his own cum as it trickled out of me!
I would often just lay back exhausted, thighs spread wide apart, my pussy stretched open and have another body shattering orgasm.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I've always loved ballet and if I had been smaller in overall size, I would have adored to have been a ballerina!

I'd love to have had the flexibility of a ballerina and to think, just that tiny thin strip of material of the crotch of your tutu covering your pussy hole! so easy to pull aside to allow your male dancing partner to connect himself completely inside your body!

This is what my lovers often see, just before they hold my cheeks apart and take me

sometimes I sort as feel as though I'm on heat!! and I crave a hard erect man to roll me around on a bed

I took these photos while feeling such a strong and female lust, I would have done anything to please a man and let him use my body to satisfy his sexual tensions, feeling the delicious weight of his body on top of me pressing me into the bed, while his knees roughly push apart my thighs and I raise my hips up to meet the hard round head of his cock searching for my pussy hole so he can push into me and use the pressure of his penetrating cock to press my body hard down under his weight and sex.What more could an oversexed and lubricated girl want!?