Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Just ask me to get on all fours!

There is something about being on all fours that holds a multitude of connotations for me! Let me explain! Over the years I have found myself on many occasions either on a bed or sofa at a party or in a small group of friends on all fours. I have usually been kissing someone in these scenarios.
Being on all fours inevitably means that your rear end is pushed up in the air somewhat and you are in a delicious supine position. I have found on many many occasions that it is not long while in this position before some horny man comes and sits or kneels behind me and begins to fondle my buttocks or the insides of my thighs. I am usually, if dressed, wearing a short skirt or dress so my bottom is in easy reach. This position also has a strange influence on my psychology as I sense that I am very much like a bitch offering herself up for mating. I feel supine and very penetrable. It’s like being a living glory hole and my hole is just beneath a thin veneer of lace and is there for penetration if any man finds my puckered hole inviting.
I have often felt fingers explore me, running around the curve of my buttock and then between my legs caressing my firm little clit. Sometimes, if I’m lucky they will begin to rim me and pushing their tongue into the tight warm depth of my hole making me swoon with pleasure and relax to allow the tongue to push deeper into me.
At one or two parties I was quickly penetrated by a hard cock and fucked while I was kissing another man and on this occasion as soon as the first one had finished I had another take his place. This was pre-HIV days and the first man’s ejaculate made me incredibly well lubricated for the second and third penises. Some guys also get very turned on by kissing a girl who is being fucked by another and feeling her shudder with each thrust as our tongues explore each others mouths.
So there it is pretty obvious I suppose!....... but it does feel particularly wanton when at a sexy party to be on all fours, its like saying hey guys this arse is open and available for a nice slow deep fuck help yourselves, get your fat cocks out and stick them in me!!
I remember at one party in 1981 when having been fucked by four guys my thighs were awash with their sperm and another t-girl friend ended up licking it all up from my thighs and stomach and finally my hole! Now that was heaven!

Monday, 23 March 2015

I love bareback sex and having a man cum inside me

There  is something so deeply feminine and sexual to feel a man cum deep inside you and ejaculate all his creamy seed deep into your open penetrated belly. I do keep on going on about it I know! but it does turn me on so much and these days one has to be so careful with HIV and STD's in general! I sometimes long for the old days when after being fucked by two or three guys my crotch would be soaked with spunk and sperm with copious amounts pouring out of me with every twitch of my pussy muscles and drenching my knickers!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

I love cooking for my lovers

I love cooking and I love cooking for a lover! The whole preparation of food is awash with erotic metaphor, pulling apart vegetables, preparing meat for stuffing, making creamy white sauces, it all has, if you are in the right frame of mind, sexual overtones.
Another thing that I will do for a lover is invite them over to an intimate dinner for two, eaten at the kitchen table. The advantage of this is I can sit them down with a glass of wine while I bustle around preparing the food and having an outrageously sexual small talk with them. My outfit for the evening is a small pair of black lace panties, stockings or hold ups, depending on my man’s preference, a lacy see-thru bra and over the top a short frilly apron.   
This outfit allows me to keep me safe from any splashing from the pans or saucepan while putting on display my bottom and legs which hopefully will end up being parted by my lover holding a large erection in front of them.
During the cooking process I always taste the various components of the meal to check seasoning and making sure they are properly cooked. In the same vein I usually get my lovers cock out of their trousers and every few minutes I taste it carefully sucking it deep into my mouth and running my tongue around the hard ridges of the cock head, this helps to keeps him ‘simmering’ for me!
I finally serve the first course and usually sit of his lap often so his hard cock is poking up between my thighs and I serve him a taste form a fork or spoon followed by a long unhurried kiss!
Then I serve the various dishes while in between courses, encouraging him to feel and fondle me whenever the urge takes him. To urge him on I end up bending over as much as possible and keep myself close to him reaching out to fondle his swollen and upright penis at every opportunity.
Finally the meal is finished and hopefully by now my lover is usually pretty eager to do some of his own stuffing and to create his own white sauce for me. Sometimes the urge is so strong that dishes and tableware and pushed to the end of the table while I bed over, legs spread wide just to finally get that wonderful big hard cock sliding into my wet and open sex!
No matter what, I usually end up being filled with thick double man cream or swallowing a generous helping of creamy spunk. We then retire to the sitting room for a post fuck brandy and chocolates, which I like to rub over his cock and then lick the chocolate off his shaft, hopefully encouraging him to summon up the energy for a second long slow relaxed fuck.
Then afterwards, as a final dessert, I love to finger myself and taste his sticky cum as it oozes out of me!


Friday, 20 March 2015

more pictures of ballet sex!

the eroticism of ballet dancing

As some of you know from previous posts….. I adore ballet and when I was about 12 I really really wanted to be a ballerina, I dreamt of being lighter than air and dancing around the stage held aloft by strong male lead dancers while wearing a froth of punk around my middle and a beautiful embroidered tutu!, feet tightly bound and legs covered in tight white dancers tights!...... In fact while staying with the friend from school I was left alone for a couple of hours and found in his sisters room her ballet tutu and ballet skirt! I tried them on and virtually came immediately in my pants!
Since then I did for a while have a lover who was a male ballet dancer, fit and very handsome. On one occasion he dressed me in a tight tutu and skirt and tights with pumps he then basically danced around me in his flat. We ended up with him pushing his bulge in between my buttocks and I managed to get his cock into me while standing with a hole ripped in the tights and the crotch of my tutu pulled to one side so he could slide his cock into me. He had a small section of a practicing bar in his flat screwed into the wall and I ended up with one leg raised and lying along the bar while he stood behind me and slid his gorgeous long cock into me.  
So here are a few ballet pics that might titillate!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

As I lay back on the bed and he gently pulls apart my thighs

 I know I need him inside me!

That is a pretty good prequel to getting down and dirty with a man! The opening prelude to full on penetrative sex, can build up amazing levels of arousal and is deeply exciting as you feel yourself being prepared to be seduced. I love to reach out and grasp a large rampant erection waving between his legs and kiss him hard and wetly, as I rub my fingers around the fat cock-head, hopefully stretching up from the mattress to quickly suckle on the cock and wet it with your saliva.
It is this lead up that is so precious and should be extended for as long as is bearable to get maximum  pleasure both for him and for you.
Then after some soft wrestling and feeling his arms hold you tight as you push up and press your groin hard into his penis you finally lay still and submit to his hard veiny male lust…..so begins that moment when he places himself at the entrance to your androgynous femininity and after a pause begin to slide himself into your yielding flesh.
There is a slight pause as you feel your insides respond and stretch to make space for this invading hard male flesh
Then you fuck like animals and as if your lives depended on it! Ending with him breeding you deeply and thoroughly and filling you with his fresh live and eager sperm
And that’s when this girl orgasms and her bodies grips his rod in an attempt to squeeze the last drops of his ejaculate into her convulsing boi-cunt