Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thank you John!

I had a recent afternoon and early evening date with a lovely man. We met in a hotel and after a lot of kissing and stroking and fondling he removed my dress and explored my body. I sucked him for a while the he fucked me in a number of different positions testing the sensation of his cock inserting into me at different angles……ending with him kneeling behind me on the bed and pumping me full of his sperm. I was literally dripping after he pulled out and flopped on the bed, feeling vey womanly and feminine after having a nice lustful, strong man take me! Thank you John!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Andrea in bed on the bed and around the bed!

I had a wonderful evening with a gentleman who treated me gently and passionately, he knows who he is.....Thank you J XX 

Friday, 2 August 2013

fucking older guys!

There is something quite sexy about having widely different ages of those having sex. I feel strongly that most young people are not really mature enough to both protect themselves from sexual predators or to be able to form strong relationships. I do believe however that when you are mature but young, as in 19 and over, you can enjoy your sexuality and explore different experiences with some degree of confidence. In my young life I really enjoyed seducing older men. When I was 19 I was very pretty and gamine like, with very long hair and long slim legs and a pert pair of buttocks. I knew that numerous older men lusted after me and I loved that heady sense of power using my looks and body to tease them and use my sexuality to tantalise them.

I found many occasions when after much eye contact and flirting across rooms in restaurant and bars an elegant gentleman of over fifty would be eyeing me up. There was a lovely surge of adrenalin during the internal debate of deciding whether to let his strange man have my body or not.

I was very sexually precocious and had many fevered liaisons where a white haired gentleman would quickly bend me over in the toilets and ram home his eager cock.

I got fucked in the back of cars, behind restaurant premises, in a penny arcade on a seafront, in pub toilets, during parties, concerts, in shop changing rooms, hotels, in woods and forests and in all weathers. I would finally offer myself up to a mature lover who was grateful for the opportunity to fuck my young firm rear and to taste my full firm lips! Now I am older myself there have been a few younger men who have enjoyed me and I have mused over the irony of the reversal of roles where I still wait to be fucked but by a younger eager man.

That’s the great circle of life we all have to tread I guess!!