Saturday, 25 February 2012

It can be embarrassing when that sudden sexual flush appears out of nowhere!!.... and as you sit in your chair, for some reason, you find yourself squirming in your knickers and the only thoughts running through your head revolve around large phallus's coming towards you or entering your body!
This has been happening a lot recently and I end up searching in my underwear draws for my large dildo's which after a liberal coating of ky jelly can help give a modicum of satisfaction, as you feel your pussy lips stretch around the circumference and that wonderful full feeling pervades your groin and hips.
My body tends to make little jerking movements against the big fat intruder and I can't help letting out little mewling noises as I get that wonderful female submissive state where I relax and my whole body welcomes inside the nice long hard shape filling my belly!!
then I usually just cum for about five minutes!
nice!!!.......... but there are times when only a real warm hard penis attached to a man will really help!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

I'm afraid its another picture of me tossed on a bed and laid open, ready for some men to use me for their sexual pleasure. In this case I was feeling very very submissive and was ready for anything, my body had that relaxed but tense at the same time aroused state and further tying of my legs by my captors meant keeping my thighs wide open and rope tied tight pulled so it seperated my buttocks, while still leaving my tight puckered pussy hole accesible for what was about to be performed on me.

My whole insides were quivering and I was longing for an erect penis to be rammed home into my relaxed pussy.....This picture though shows me in that luxuriant state of waiting before my body becomes the focus of pleasure and hands and lips and penises cover me and fondle me till I'm crying out for some sort of blessed release.

I was also very wet with pre-cum and the tops of my thighs and the soft shaved skin around my pubis bone was sticky and wet.

These agonising moment are filled in the mind with images of what is to come and I was running through various imagined sensations and scenarios as rough hands pushed my limbs into a position that would allow them easy access to my sex and to take advantage of my prone position to open me and use the heat of my sex to satisfy the engorged and sensitive tips of their long cocks. I was not disappointed and after this picture was taken I was fucked slowly and deeply by two large and rampant men.

I was in heaven!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

more erotic drawings

more images to inflame the imagination and create erections!..... needless to say I wish I was the girl on the receiving end in each picture!
enjoy and I hope these images make you wet!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Girl on a leash!

Now it’s no secret to regulars of my blog, that I respond to some firm attention and willingly show my more sub missive side to a dominant man who appreciates it. This picture is of me wearing a dog collar and leash and very much ready to be held tight and treated like a bitch in heat!
Somewhere in the depths of my little t-girl mind there is a small switch, based around being restrained or held........ then having some rapacious activity done to me while I helpless and I’m being jerked round by the weight of a dominant man’s hip thrusts.....impaling me on his long erection.
It sets of all my orgasmic responses and leaves me floppy and whimpering for more!
Strange but true!

Friday, 3 February 2012

a drawing is sometimes better than a photo

Sometimes a drawing can be so much more erotic than a photo. The artists eye and mind can conjure up a combination of wonderfully arousing images than go beyond anything a simple photograph can achieve!

These are some of my favourites from the web, mostly showing submissive t-girls being filled eagerly by hard cocks.

They make me wet just looking at them and my hand involuntarily reaches between my legs and fondles my puckered pussy.

Is it just me or are they extra powerful as a visual stimulant to others as well?!

I am very fond of the t-girl chained at the glory hole....... ready to have numerous erections pushed between her lips!........wonderful!!