Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The nude exhibitionist

I have always been keen on taking my clothes off, even from an early age I would strip off at the drop of a thong. The worst thing is if anyone dares me to remove my knickers or to slip out of my dress, I'm game and often find myself in front of a gathering audience staring at me standing in only a pair of hold-ups. I am dreadful with dares, I only have to hear the words "I bet you wouldn't"...... and I usually do!
I love to feel the sun on my skin and have taken recently, to nude sunbathing at my local beauty spot called Horsenden Hill in west London. On these occasions I am sleepily luxuriating in the warm sun, lying on my front, my bare bottom pointing at the sun.... when I suddenly feel a surreptitious hand begin stroking the cheeks of my bottom. I often pretend to be asleep and things sometimes move a bit further, when I feel a big hot knobbly thing pressing itself between my buttocks, as a man tries to take advantage of my sleepy nakedness.
I am careful though and on occasions one nice guy just helps me make sure I am covered in suntan oil so I don't burn and he is very good at spreading it all over my body.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

This is a view that many men have had of me over the years

Being a t-girl and an exhibitionist seem to go together, or at least they certainly do for me. all my life I have showed off and flirted with others, displayed myself or revealed parts of me under skirts or open blouses. I revel in the idea that a man might be looking at me and getting hard, that in itself is incredibly arousing. On occasions when my flirting has gone into overdrive, the resulting sex afterwards is usually frantic and urgent with me bent over in a back alley or crouched in the dark confines of a car.
Men have told me that there is a delight in having a girl signal unequivocally that she is available for and wants sex ...so as long as I can keep my buttocks from sagging to the floor and the wrinkles are character forming rather than ancient crone in style, I hope that many more pairs of eyes will be looking at me and stirring feelings of rampant lust!