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in red on the bed

A moment of quiet contemplation before being thoroughly ravished

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I have never been that attracted to zoophilia, other than in the curious and fascination of asking “what is it like!”. It’s the old attraction of things that are taboo or at the extremes of normal behaviour that spices our curiosity!
For one thing, I really like animals and admire them as part of our wonderful planet and feel somewhat ashamed at the catastrophe that humans seem to be responsible for creating the biggest ‘mass extinction’ in the planets history! I have felt that our relationship with them should be one of care and respect, so zoophilia did not really appeal, if I ever thought about it which on the whole was very, very rarely.
As a result it had never been high on my list of things to get involved with, in fact not really much in my sphere of awareness at all, that was until I met a guy I dated for a short while, whilst I was living and working in Germany for a short period.
I was living temporarily in a place called Celle in Northern Germany and had met Ulric through some t-girl friends. He was an enthusiastic trans- girl lover and initially we got on really well, going out to a local disco and him taking me out for expensive and glamorous night in Hanover.
After a week of general dating and getting close and flirting outrageously, we still had not made love. We had not had the chance due to both our work commitments. We had been meeting up regularly but only for a quick drink and a kiss and fondle. I did find him very attractive and was keen to take things further as soon as possible. At the time i shared a flat with another T-girl and we had a very social life with a big crowd of gay and transsexual friends. I had not really had any steady boyfriends and was playing the field often just ending up in bed with my flatmate Katrina. Then Uli invited me to his house for the first time, which was very smart and just outside the town.
On this occasion, I had left the studio where I had been working about 6.30pm and had agreed to meet him in our local bar. For some reason I remember what I was wearing down to the colour of my nail polish, it was a mini-kilt with a tight cashmere top and a fake fur coat over the top (something that seemed a little ironic in retrospect!). it was March and still bitterly cold.
He arrived after me and came over giving me a hug hug and kiss and planting his hand firmly on my buttocks and squeezing the flesh and pulling me against his crotch. We were both in a good mood and started drinking schnapps chasers, some of my girlfriends were in the bar, which had a live-sex floor show three nights a week and a couple of the girls were part of the floor show.
They played really good music, a combination of punk and disco and everyone in there that night seemed to be a fevered mood, a sort of determination to get drunk and party. The barman was a lovely gay guy and was one of those people who instinctively knew how to make a bar seem the best place to be on a cold German evening on a Friday night! He knew everyone and the place had a good reputation as a place for T-girls to meet and be met and at the same time as having sex shows the dancing was great and they had some great DJ’s.
Uli was getting very affectionate with me and running his hand up and down my thighs while kissing me and exploring my mouth with his tongue. I relaxed my legs on the bar stool and he moved his hand around the back of the stool
His fingers crept under the hem of my skirt hanging over the back of the stool and because I was sitting perched on the high stool, my weight had spread my pert buttocks, making it easy for him to work his fingers between the warm cleft of my butt. By now I was getting really hot and aroused and with the drink and the general, riotous, party atmosphere and I was keen to let him progress with whatever he had in mind, especially if it meant opening my legs for him!
I leant forward onto the bar with my elbows, which shifted the position of my bottom forward on the bar stool and gave the tips of his fingers better access to my pussy and sure enough the pressure increased as he ran the tips of this fingers around the soft delicate skin at the entrance to my pussy. The sensation was electric and he knew exactly how to touch and caress my skin for the maximum pleasure. I leaned further forward and he pressed his finger deeper into me until I felt the tight entrance to my pussy relax a little and spread at his urging. He slipped first one finger inside me then two, giving me a slow and gentle finger- fuck, making sure that the invading fingers were pressing and wriggling inside me and making a warm fire of liquid lust build in my lower body.
After a few minutes of this treatment my thighs were beginning to shake and I could feel a warm flush suffusing my face and neck as I became turned on and my little clit started to stir in the tight black see-through panties I was wearing under my mini-kilt. I was squirming on his hand and leant forward and put my hand over the bulge at the front of his trousers and massaged the long hard cock that was straining against the fabric. I scratched with my finger tips just under where I knew the underneath of his cock head would be, rubbing that most sensitive part of the glans and making him swell even more.
He then whispered a series of obscene descriptions of what he wanted to do to me with what and how deep and how stickily... into my ear and with the combination of the drink and his exploring fingers inside me, I knew I had to get his cock out very soon and get my legs wrapped around his back!
I whispered hotly back “get a taxi for god’s sake and take me home I want you to fuck me so hard!”. He smiled broadly and asked the barman to call a cab. I slid slightly unsteadily off the bar stool and stood pushed up against him, kissing him feverishly whilst pushing my crotch up against the big hard bulge in his trousers, it was all very inelegant! and I must have looked like a real drunken tart trying to feel his hard bulge there. Minutes later a local cab arrived at the door and we staggered out into the frosty night air and into the back of the warm cab.
We eventually arrived at his house....all the way we had been kissing and feeling each other in the back of the cab, I had my hand down the front of his trousers after loosening his belt and was gently cupping his large balls and stroking the shaft of his hard cock while he had licked his fingers and pushed them inside my panties and was fingering me again.
He paid the driver and we fell through the front door, after he had opened it fumbling and dropping his keys. At the door his pet dog.... a large crossbreed called Bello excitedly and enthusiastically welcomed us, with lots of jumping up and down, wagging of a large tail and generally acting thrilled to see us both!
Uli got more drinks and I lay on the sofa, on my front, making a fuss of the dog. Now the exact sequence of events is hard to remember as I was quite drunk at this stage but this is as accurate as I can remember it, given the circumstances but some parts of it are burned in my memory!
I undid Uli’s trousers and had managed to pull his groin towards my mouth and after pulling the long stalk of his cock out of his pants, was eagerly licking the tip of his cock head making it shiny with saliva and flicking my tongue around the big fat head while manoeuvred himself into a rough 69 position and buried his head between my legs and was sucking my clit through the material of my panties soaking them with his saliva and making a big wet patch spread around my crotch as he nibbled and sucked me.
Meanwhile Bello kept interfering and licking his face and generally trying to get some attention. Now I was literally feeling like the horniest little bitch on the planet and was desperate to get his cock inside me but being drunk, we were both being very clumsy in our efforts to get out of our clothes. Uli pulled off his trousers, falling over a lot whilst doing it and I pulled up my skirt and just dragged my panties down my thighs, and half moved and half fell off the sofa so I was kneeling on the floor with my head in the sofa cushions. I just desperately wanted to hold myself open for him and offer my open body so he could get his cock thrust deep in me.
I had been wearing thick black opaque woolly stockings, which were held up with a little suspender belt, but it was so flimsy that one stocking was half off and I had broken the elastic waistband of the suspender belt in my frantic efforts to strip off.
The next thing was Uli put his head between my buttocks and with his tongue frantically licked my pussy hole. I arched my back and pushed my rear higher in the air, as I felt his long and muscular tongue begin to push and probe inside me the tight ring of my hole. For a while I was near orgasm, then he started whispering urgently in my ear how I was his hot little bitch and I needed to be fucked like a bitch at first I was just going with the flow and thought this was part of our urgent sexual lustful murmurings. Then he suddenly moved away from my ear and I felt my thighs being pushed further apart and more tonguing of my pussy so just pulled my buttocks open as far as I could and kept moaning just fuck me! Get inside me.
For some reason at that moment I looked round and Bello the dog was behind me sniffing my rear whilst Uli seemed to be pulling between the dogs legs and I suddenly caught sight of the dog’s penis which was bright pink and unsheathed and startlingly large. Uli was frotting the dog and holding him so he was inches away from behind me. Then Uli the returned to pushing his wet fingers into my hole which was drenched and slippery with his saliva and There was suddenly a moment when some sort of switch flipped in my head.......the idea that a man and a dog were looking at my open pussy seemed like the most monstrous perverted turn-on and in a perverse unthinking response, I lowered my back and pushed my rear higher into the air... Uli had now managed to get the dog behind me and the next thing I felt was something hard and warm and quivering, pushing against my pussy and after what must have been a few false starts I felt the weight on my back and scrabbling paws. Then haltingly but unstoppably, I was stretched open and my body was invaded by this alien phallus which jerked and pushed itself further inot the tight confines of my wet, stretched, pussy... clearly carefully guided Uli’s hand....and there I was face down, moaning, with my skirt round my waist, while large a dog took it’s pleasure with my little body and was frantically fucking me!
My first sensations was of how big it was and so like a man’s in the way I felt it fill me to the core but also, I was getting very, very, wet between the legs, as it seemed to be filling me with a constant stream of cum. I later found out that Uli was holding it back, so I did not end up with what is called a knot, stuck inside me. The knot is a large lump which swells around the base of the penis and helps to lock the animal when mating normally, inside the female.
The dog must have been fucking me for a couple of minutes by which time I had started my own orgasm which was not a sudden release.... but pass through my body in waves starting between my legs and travelling all around me, it seemed to last for minutes. I was feeling utterly debauched and a little mentally on the edge!... due to the combination of drink and the bizarre sensation of having my body fucked by an animal.
I pushed my face into the cushions biting my lips and feeling my whole lower torso with my spread legs, wash over with waves of urgent orgasmic pulses, my clit was leaking juice all over the cushions and dripping onto the carpet between my legs mixed with the juice from the dog that kept pouring out of my pussy.
Then I sensed a change and the dog was suddenly replaced by Uli, who felt hard and very long. He slid straight into me and started frantically thrusting and pushing his cock deep into me. My pussy was now very relaxed and stretched and he slid effortlessly back and forth. He kept pumping into me hard for a while and I felt a secondary orgasm begin to rise in me again, making my clit start to dribble a second time. Then he suddenly unloaded a pent-up rush of cum that was so large and strong that I thought I could feel it being squirted inside my belly. As I was being fucked by Uli, I could feel Bello’s tongue frantically licking around our conjoined bodies where’s Uli’s cock disappeared inside me... still obviously aroused and eager not to be left out!
We then fell apart and I lay on my back on the floor exhausted and dishevelled and still feeling the lingering echoes of my orgasm. Uli did the same and I again felt the large wet tongue licking and rasping around the wet hole between my legs.... as Bello was still part of the surreal ménage a trois! We later calmed down and collected our wits, drank some more and I ended up passed out in Uli’s bed.
The next day I woke up with the mother of a hang-over and as the previous evening all slowly flooded back into my memory, I began to feel a little uncomfortable and uneasy and collected my clothes whilst uli was till snoring in the bed. I did a quick repair job on my make-up... pulled up my stockings, hoping they would stay up without a suspender belt! and when dressed and with my coat pulled tightly around me..... I got a taxi home.
I didn’t see Uli again and he pestered me to know why I didn’t want to see him... but I wasn’t sure of the reason myself. I think he in a way took advantage of me, I later found out from another T-girl that his big turn-on was to get his dog to have sex with a T-girl first... then he would follow the dog, which seemed a bit bizarre and not particularly attractive. I was also annoyed that none of the other girls had warned me about him!
I also felt as though I had let myself down and had taken sexual exploration too far, in a strange way, for both me and the poor dog!
I do believe that people should be allowed to do what they like, as long as it is consenting and does not do anyone any harm but that was the last time it happened for me and I do feel strangely aroused when recollecting that night. I have to be honest and admit that at the time, I was very turned on and felt utterly sexually submissive and in a masochistic way and somewhat abused, but that is all I want it to be.... a memory.

Friday, 10 April 2009

one day of summer water sports

In the summer of 1985, I went out for a few months with a really nice guy who was about 50 years old and who owned a lovely house near Farnham in surrey, he was quite wealthy and the house was, for me, very exciting as no other houses or gardens overlooked it, so you could do what you liked in the big garden which was completely private and surrounded by trees and woodland!

I was 33 years old at the time and we were having a very raunchy affair with lots of sex. I used to go down and spend weekends with him and would be ‘dress’ all the time, wearing different fetish outfits as well as my everyday clothes, to play sex games and try and turn him on. One weekend in the summer we were being domestic in the garden, doing weeding and general clearing up which was both therapeutic and fun.

He worked for a large company and spent most of the week travelling to Europe so our weekends together were precious for him and delicious for me as I was treated so well I felt like a princess!

On a previous occasion, I had had lots to drink and was wearing a light summer dress and never made it to the loo and I wet myself by accident and it had really turned him on. He got so excited feeling my wet knickers that he had literally taken me there and then and he had cum in moments. He said that for some reason ‘water sports’ had always made him rigid with lust and made his orgasms very intense. I had no big feelings about it one way or the other, it had never really appealed but his lust and excitement was infectious and that turned me on more than anything else

This time it occurred to me that being outside in the garden might be a sexy opportunity to ‘get wet’ again, knowing it was something that was something of a sexual treat for him!

At that time I was physically very slim and toned and I had been wearing a little pink sleeveless t-shirt over a white lacy bra and some small lacy white knickers and a short pleated skirt over the top.
I wore short pink bobby socks and some pink high heel strappies, with my long tanned legs and firm flat stomach I was pretty as a picture. I was really quite passionate about him and was using all my charms at every opportunity to turn him on and provoke his cock into swelling for me during our weekends together.

In response to my affection and attention, I was given some wonderful love-making and I really enjoyed his passion and lust for me.
On this particular day, it was really warm and sunny and I had built up a nice all over tan, which showed of my body nicely especially my bottom cheeks which were smooth and firm and nicely tanned.
I said to Chris that I was going to change into something interesting! he knew this usually meant him having a pleasant time as a result, with me showing off in front of him until I managed to get his long, fat, cock buried deeply in my pussy, so he had no objections!
I went up to our bedroom and after rummaging around in the chest of draws I used for my clothes. I put together a collection of clothing. First of all I put on a small cotton thong followed by a second pair of panties, then a third, then over that I put on a white lycra body with a crotch fastening, then over that a pair of lycra ‘control-panties’ which were very feminine but also very tight! from Marks & Spencer. They were cut high on the thigh and kept everything between my legs tightly pulled in and very restricted.

Over these layers, I finally slipped into a pair of very pretty high waisted, white lace knickers, on top I wore a little sleeveless t-shirt over the lycra body and finished off with a short white mini-skirt. Then went back out into the garden and started by drinking a couple of very large glasses of grapefruit squash.

I kissed Chris long and hard, then started my own special version of gardening, which was to try to get next to him or in front of him and make sure that as I bent over the garden beds, he had a detailed view of my bottom encased in layers of knickers with my thighs spread wide.

I also kept brushing my hands against his crutch giving him slow, firm feels of the outline of his swelling cock through his trousers, which by now had a large mud stains in the exact outline from my hands on his cock. We were both getting turned on and very worked up and at one point, he came behind me on all fours and licked the soft skin on the inside of my thighs next to the hem of my knickers and I nearly succumbed with the sensual pleasure his tongue gave me licking that delicate skin, but instead I turned around and gently pushed his head away and said “you’ll have to wait a little longer!”

I carried on drinking the large glasses of juice and tried to be provocative as I could as I was drinking, letting some juice dribble out of my mouth and down my t-shirt in front of him, leaving a dark stain as the juice soaked into the fabric. The whole thing was a game but a very sexy sensuous game and because of the hot summer afternoon it was very languorous and consequently highly erotic. I felt the tip of my clit get stickier and stickier as drops of pre-cum were spreading around my crotch.

Then I started to feel a building urge to pee, I said to Chris I think I need to pee but I’m going to hang on as long as I can and I might even just have to pee here in the garden. He understood the game I was playing and joined in. He held me to him and gave me a long, long, kiss, pushing his tongue eagerly into my soft mouth, at the same time he pushed his hand gently against my lower tummy knowing that it would put pressure on my bladder and make the urge to pee even stronger.

He brought me another big glass of squash and stood over me while making me drink it all, I left some squash in my mouth and kissed him while dribbling it out of the sides of my lips and let dribble onto and soak the front of his shirt.

My little clit was now hard and pushing itself erect inside the tight fabric cocoon of my panties. More of my sex juice leaked out in my excitement and spread around the hot sticky confines of my underwear. As I moved around my clit was sliding against the fabric and the sensitive skin of the pink tip tingled and sent flashes of electricity into my crotch and stabbed my belly with an electric pleasure.

The pressure in my bladder was now building up to an unbearable level, so I slowly bent from the waist in front of Chris and placed his hand between my legs. The urge got stronger and I let myself relax enough to let out a short but strong stream of warm pee. I felt the heat immediately spread throughout the fabric of my panties and making them heavy and waterlogged. Chris’s moved his fingers and rubbed around my crotch as the pee seeped through and he eagerly fingered the spreading dampness.

He then said he wanted to watch more closely and see me pee down the insides of my thighs and legs. He knelt behind me and again licked the skin around the inside of my crotch making me shiver and moan and I let loose another short stream. By now the fabric of my panties was becoming completely waterlogged and it began to pour gently out from inside the panty-leg hemlines and began trickling in warm thin streams down my thighs, while Chris gently licked the droplets up with loud slurping noises!

By now his blood was up and he pulled me over to a garden chair and sat down; reaching under my skirt, he grasped the cheeks of my bottom and pulled them towards him, sitting me firmly in his lap. He then held my jaw and pulled my lips to his and started kissing me passionately whilst running his hands all over my body, pushing his fingers in my mouth so I could get a little taste of my own pee. I suddenly felt the sugary early orgasmic waves flush through my pelvis and I relaxed again and let out another gush of hot pee, this time it poured out of my clothes onto his lap, soaking his trousers and making the lower part of his shirt dark with a large damp patch.

By now we were both getting very aroused and I was aching to have him take me and penetrate my wet body. I could feel his cock was now rigid and pushing his trousers up in a dome of lust. He gently grabbed my arms and pushed me off his lap and onto the grass on all fours and then moved to lay under me, on his back, with his face between my legs. I started to gush again, this time little drips from the gusset of my knickers splashed onto his face and neck making his face glisten and making his hair wet.

I looked back down between my legs, holding my skirt up with one hand, so I see the expression on his face as I gently soaked him beneath me. Then he could wait no longer and I sensed that the time had come when he needed to possess me. He quickly slid out from underneath me and with me still on all fours, knelt behind me. He kept running his hands all over my thighs and my, by now, soaking wet panties. He pulled the hem of my skirt up over my back and slowly pulled the soaking wet panties, one by one, layer by layer down over the smooth mound of my buttocks. He had difficulty in revealing my sex because they were so tight and wet, He slid them as far as he could down my legs, so they formed a sort of thick band of white lace around my thighs.

My bladder was now still very full and after the wonderful sense of release as he un-peeled all my underwear, he came to the final pair which were drenched in pee and straining under the pressure from my glistening clit. By now he had pulled his own lovely fat cock out and was rubbing the tip frantically against my pussy-hole making it wet and sticky with his juice.

I have to say that this was a while before AIDs epidemic and consequently I had no compunction but to push back onto bare hot sticky head of his cock until I felt it press hard into the open the puckered muscle ring of my pussy. For a moment he paused and I relaxed my belly and held the cheeks of my bottom apart to help him gain access to me. The pressure built and built, then I felt myself open and the distended head of his cock opened my up and I felt the hard ridge where it joined the shaft, slip suddenly through my only defence, stretching the tight entrance to my pussy into an accommodating ‘O’ shape that mirrored the round thickness of his phallus. Then he was inside me and sliding smoothly and easily into my body, with each after inch of him disappearing into the warm soft depths of my belly.

As he slid into me the pressure of his cock filling me up inside, pushed against my bladder and made me gush pee in continual short spurts. He was humped over my back, with one hand on the ground to support himself, he reached between my thighs and held my clit with his other hand, rubbing his fingers firmly over the tip so my pee streamed between his fingers and ran up his forearm.

As the pressure in my bladder eased, I felt my juice rising from between my legs and the tingling start of an orgasm began to take hold of my body. At the same time I felt his cock suddenly swelling, getting fatter and longer with each thrust of his hips. His whole being was arched into a muscular pumping action as he tried to push himself further and further into me. My pussy was completely relaxed and open letting him push every inch into me and almost sucking him with my pussy muscles to milk the fabulous sex that was thrusting wetly in and out.

Now his climax was getting closer, he was very hard inside me and it was one of those rare occasions when we both started to release our orgasms together, moving together like a single wet and hot body, fused by our longing to fill and be filled. I started to pulse juice all over his wet hand and he suddenly burst and ferociously squirted, what felt like gallons of creamy spunk into my belly, with each squirt he pushed deep and hard ensuring that his spunk was pushed right up inside my body. I could feel all the ejaculating pulses as the thrusting of his cock became smoother inside lubricated with the surrounding and copious sticky semen.

We then both collapsed onto the lawn with his cock still fat and turgid and lying buried inside me, with both our thighs and crotches wet with my pee. My skirt and t-shirt were drenched and his trousers and polo shirt were soaked through. We stayed lying on the grass in the sunshine like that for about ten minutes; then he slowly pulled his cock out of my hole with a wet sloppy, plop and to my surprise let out a large strong stream of pee all over my tummy and clit giving me a complete hot shower, it went everywhere, dribbling between my legs and running into the crack of my bottom, it was utterly gorgeous and when he finished I rolled on top of him and kissed him long and hard again.

Finally we stripped all our wet clothing off and wandered back to the house for a nice joint shower, leaving a trail of our clothes in the garden leading to the back door. He was a lovely man and I went out with him for about ten months but that afternoon was one of the most intense sexual experiences I had with him.