Monday, 12 June 2017

The joys of sperm!

Sex is a sticky process! Lots of lubricating fluid, ejaculations and the dribbling of clear sticky pre-cum involved!
It has always turned me on hugely! I love a man’s ejaculate, that warm clinging stickiness of it on my skin! It really arouses me deeply. I love feeling a man cum in my mouth and the quick swallowing of the creamy emission, the light musty stickiness left on the tongue! all ready to give him a cummy kiss so he can taste himself on me.
When I have had a man cum inside me, as well as an overwhelming sense of having a powerful female aura, I feel as though every cell in my body has switched over from my indeterminate gender, to being a totally female bias of my inner being.
Feeling that delicious hot wetness between my legs, sensing my body full of his fresh wriggling sperm and feeling with my fingers, my hot open stretched sex…. slippery and wet, to coin a well-used rock phrasing!
I can sometimes spontaneously cum again just by playing with myself, feeling my whole crotch area sticky and warm from the afterglow of an energetic fuck.  
There is a period while fucking that is quite short and it is that time a man begins to approach his climax. He speeds up his thrusting and his grip on my body tightens as he climbs the climax mountain and prepares to throw himself off the top into the sticky ball moving chaos of a glorious wet climax. I adore that moment, my body opens up more and more to his penetration waiting for that final gift of his seed…..the moment I take his essence deep inside me in dark velvet folds of my inner sex gripping his hard shaft and coaxing more and more of his pulsing and squirting load, so the noises coming from out of our groins becomes loud with a sucking sticky dirty slurping noise rhythmic and crude that lets the listening world know that he has fucked me and bred me!!   
That post-ejaculation moment for me, is utterly electric and even some hours afterwards I will feel my knickers getting damp and sticky due to the gentle post sex convulsions of my soft inner body, making more of him leak out of me, often while driving my car home from a date or coupling or sitting at a table hours later. Just one touch of that dampness with the tip of my forefinger and I feel a sudden and raging desire fire up through my body! It is at times truly awesome. I love exploring inside myself with my fingers and holding them up to the light to see the clear cobwebs strands of his cum stretching between my open fingers.
 I have on occasion been sneakily sluttish, by post-sex inserting a tampon to keep his plentiful cum inside me for longer. I love that moment later on, in private, when I can finger my so wet hole and make myself cum again….. my stiff little clit all shiny with his semen, after I’ve smeared him all over me from out of my pussy!