Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The joy of gloryholes

A few years ago good old ‘gloryholes’ were a regular and popular feature of toilets and lavatory cubicles everywhere. Nowadays we are greeted by large sheets of metal covering any frailty of the wall and making the drilling of holes between cubicles almost completely impossible.
For me the gloryhole used to hold a strong and powerful erotic fascination and to be honest over the years I have had some truly orgasmic sex in them. I loved the anonymity of the whole thing, the strange disconnection between person and sex organ. That may sound antisocial and I do love being seduced and fucked by a man in the flesh, face to face and groin to groin. But when sitting on the lavatory seat and having a large erect penis suddenly pop out of the wall inviting you to do ‘something’ interesting with it…..was both highly arousing and something of a challenge to an idle girl in a cubicle.
When I was younger and dressed i would go to late night motorway stops and sneak in the man’s toilets even though i was wearing a slinky dress and heels.  There used to be some lively action on the motorway stop coming into London on the M4 and a number of cubicles were blessed with sizeable holes in the walls that would be the source of some electric sex.  When the current motorway service station was being built on the M40 near Oxford there was a temporary stop with toilets that were used at night by all the trucking guys and there were some well used gloryholes. I found others across the country and found some even in department store toilets that were popular.
I would sit there in a short dress and stockings and wait patiently till I heard someone enter the next door cubicle. There would then be either a player or a non-player situation! When I entered the cubicle there would often be a little patchwork of toilet paper covering my side of the gloryhole itself and my first step was to remove it so if anyone peered through I would be on full display.
After the initial noise of someone entering there would be a pause as the neighbour realised there was a hole and sometimes a beady little eye would appear at the hole and take in the scene of me sitting there my clit sticking up out of my knickers and my legs splayed my fingers gently rubbing the swollen little head of my sticky clit.
Then after a pause a large pink penis would gently poke through the hole and present itself proud and hard, veined with a bright red hard rounded head. I would lean forward and very gently finger the presented phallus and give its owner some confidence that what might follow was going to feel very pleasant. I would lean forward and gently close my warm lips around the gorged head and begin tracing outlines underneath the tip of the bulbous crown with the tip of my tongue. This usually triggered a series of little thrusting motions from its owner, as he enjoyed the unseen blowjob giver, taking his manhood in her throat.
Now depending o the situation I would either carry on with my blowjob till I felt a great jism squirt against the back of my throat or…….take it to stage two, which was when I would take him out of my mouth and slip a waiting condom over the cock and bend over, arching my back a little to help me guide the shaft head into my now very open ass-pussy and then push gently back against the cubicle wall enjoying the gut warming sensation of the whole cock sliding into my open rear.  Sometimes the owner of the now impaled cock would begin frantic thrusting in and out of my ass while all I would have to do is brace my arms on the opposite wall and keep my buttocks pressed up hard against the cool formica of the toilet wall. After some noisy banging up me, there would be a muted grunt and moan as I felt the rampant cock suddenly stiffening and an out of rhythm jerking, as he shot his load as deep as he could push inside me. Sometimes the owner of the protruding cock was a bit lazy and I’d find myself like a wanton slut, arms out and braced me high heels planted wide apart,  hammering my ass back on the rigid pole and usually ending up with my own shattering sissygasm, hopefully synchronised with his own shooting climax.
In the days before AID reared its dreadful head i would once established in my cubicle, just bend over and present my puckered hole up to whoever came in the other side. Many times I would just stand bent over while a series of various shaped cocks would be tentatively slid into my warm waiting hole and after a couple of sticky minutes of banging me, shoot their load deep in my ass. After two or three gloryholes lovers, I would end up dripping cum from my ass all over the toilet floor in big white sticky drops. My whoreish record was one night when I managed five guys all fucking me. The first two had hung around the toilet and I heard them say there is a great fuck in that cubicle to some other guys who had just come in on the off-chance of some glory hole sex.
Another occasion I got so worked up and turned on I left my door unlocked and I ended up with a cock from the gloryhole in my ass and two guys who squeezed  into my cubicle for some alternate cock-sucking., it all became a bit orgiastic!
So sadly the gloryholes are slowly disappearing and the advent of the HIV plague toned down some of the more adventurous experiences I used to have in toilets as a ‘transgirl in heat’.
Before i finish this blog entry i ought to both thank and congratulate on special guy who at a toilet in surrey near a local beauty spot managed a feat of incredible sexual dexterity. We were in cubicles with no holes in the wall but a largish gap between the floor and the wall. It was summer and it was late at night and i was wearing a light summer dress and stocking but with no panties. My lover, after establishing contact via whispers, got down on the floor and managed to position his groin so his cock stuck out from under the cubicle wall. I put my back to his wall and tucked my dress in around my waist and gently slid down the wall my legs positioned as wide apart as I could get them and after a little jockeying for the right angle, I managed, with my hand, to guide him into me and once in, lowered my torso down until his whole shaft was buried in my ass.
Because of our unusual ‘locked together’ position, it was not easy to move and gain some friction on his cock or my hole but we were both so turned on, that with only minimal movement we both started to have noisy orgasms as I felt that sudden wet heat deep inside me as his sperm was shot way up my twitching gripping ass and my own orgasm flowed through my hips and pelvis making me squat down harder on the squirting shaft.
We stayed like that his cock locked into my wide open hole, as we panted and let our orgasms subside. I then shakily, managed to stand up and couldn’t help but let great drops of his spunk splash out from between my legs over his now shiny, sticky phallus, that was still poking out under the cubicle partition.
He did say goodbye properly though before he left, as I came out to find him waiting for me and after some strange mumbles and long held eye contact, he grabbed me and kissed me hard while pushing me up against a long low row of aluminium wash-hand basins and lifting me bodily so I was perched on the edge he pushed my dress up out of the way and quickly pushed his still hard, wet and sticky cock back up into my hole again. We stayed like that for another couple of minutes while he gently fucked me, rocking back and forth again only this time in a good position that helped him bury his cock deeper and deeper into my soft, spunk-filled belly
So yes!!!.......I miss gloryholes!!!......and wish there were still a few cubicles around the country without large stainless steel walls, where I could sneak in wearing a pretty dress and some outrageous lingerie and satisfy an anonymous man in the anonymous night and leave full of his anonymous sperm! Although these days of course his sperm would be in a condom put in my handbag!

Friday, 17 June 2016

The moment before I'm fucked

There are some moments in life that are really worth savouring carefully. For there is, a few seconds before a man penetrates me with his penis, that are extraordinary in their powerful eroticism.
I am on all fours my bottom naked and raised, my whole being focused on the coming impaling on a hard erect phallus. Every cell in my body has reached what can only be described as a climax of submissive desire. I need to be taken, to be filled and serviced like some mare in heat being held by the bridle as the stallion prepares to mount her. The tension, although short-lived, is palpable and my sphincter twitches, tightening then relaxing at the entrance to my naked and exposed ass. The skin of my buttocks is incredibly sensitive, the slightest touch from the tip of my lover’s fingers sends shivers down my thighs and makes me involuntarily arch my back even more, presenting up that entrance to my trans-girl sex for him, making it blatantly obvious what my desires are …..and he becomes my strong alpha male archetype.
I know that his hands have been fondling the big hard knotted shaft and slipping around the fat purple bulbous head and sometimes there is by now, a few clear drops of pre-cum appearing at the dark eye in the swollen crown that leads down to his large balls, gently moving in their wrinkled sac.
I am balanced on a knife edge of pleasure I know that he is so close with his hard, ready, cock, I can feel the heat from the head warming the curved entrance to my ass-cunt.  For a moment I can’t swallow properly because my mouth is so dry with anticipation and all I need now is to feel his weight and the initially painful stretching apart and opening, as his large organ skewers me to my heart and I am filled and mated and subdued, I become his conquered female, the object and generator of his lust and the final cup for his seed.
At last I let out a gasp as the hot tight skin of his cock presses into me and I sigh and spread my legs wider, swiveling my pelvis upwards,  so the angle of his thrust meets directly in line with the waiting dark sheath of my sex. The head nuzzles at first, leaving a shiny smears of pre-cum on the soft skin around my anus then the real journey begins.
I feel my sphincter initially hold him back, then as the pressure on me increases I take a deep deep breath and relax and in that second of relaxing, his cock head pushed past the tight ring and into the heated wet depth of my waiting body. I usually let out a soft moan as he continues the pushing and I open up for him, letting him slide deeper and deeper inside me, sending a cascade of sensations spreading out through my torso, making me arch my back to meet this hard male penetration.
I push back on him…..and at last he is embedded in me completely, his pubic bone pressed against the soft skin of my bottom and I can feel the whole heated length of baby-making manhood twitch and swell inside me.
I am now reading for the proper breeding, the rhythmic hard thrusting that lets him take control of me and use my body as the final warm receptacle of his sperm, that journey that prompts those big swinging balls to pump up a thick creamy load of spunk to be squirted as far inside my body as he can reach.
I smile and close my eyes as he pumps and pumps into me, his weight pressing me forward. I have been bred………… and I am now a very happy girl! 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Me getting fucked by a big vegetable

Those of you who have worked their way through past postings on my blog will know that when I am feeling horny and in need of some firm persistent and deeply felt sex, I am often found on the bed, my legs wide apart and bottom thrust outwards, my buttocks parted and my hands gripping a large cucumber bought fresh from my local supermarket. It’s not elegant but by golly it satisfies a girl’s inner need to feel her insides being re-arranged by a big fat penetrating shape in her pussy. The squirting of KY jelly all over the hard green surface and the shivery anticipation is wonderful and exhilarating as I feel the tip of the hard vegetable nuzzle into the soft entrance to my ass-pussy, it is enough to make my little clit begin to dribble pre-cum before I’ve even got going properly. The first penetration takes my breath away as I feel the cold hard shape slowly slide in and begin its journey into the softest most open part of my body. Till after some patient pushing and holding it tight I am feeling very full and very stretched as the tip is pressed deep inside me belly.
It is all so quiet and personal, don’t get me wrong I adore being in the arms of a man and have him seduce me and take me and give me a good fucking but alternatively, quiet moments like this when you are controlling the speed of penetration and the depth of penetrations makes for a special personal sexy time.
So here I am in the pictures, open and very wet inside with a large cucumber slowly making its way into the tight warm depth of my pussy, my little stretched open sphincter is gripping it and sending wonderful sensations into my crotch making me so so wet and drip pre-cum all over my thighs. I hope you enjoy the pictures, of course I’d prefer a nice big hard eager cock pushing its way into me and filling me with gallons of hot creamy spunk……. but when I am alone and feeling frisky a nice big vegetable is the next best thing!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Rescued on a date

I had been invited to a restaurant by a young man who had been educated at a very expensive public school and had inherited a position in a large city bank. He first spotted me at a trans club in Kings Cross, which was hot and sweaty and dark and full of girls eager to have admirers hands roam around their bodies and full of men leaving work early and stopping off before returning to the wife in the suburbs in the hope of getting to screw or fuck one of the tall sashaying transgirls in mini-dresses constantly parading in and out of the dark red painted ‘playrooms’ of the club basement.
 I had been stalking around the club like a she-cat, twitchy and skittish and in the mood for some impersonal, energetic and sweaty, lustful sex. He had collared me after seeing me leaning over at the bar ordering a coke and leaning over enough, that my dress hem rose up enough at the back to show the dark lace of my stocking tops against the smooth flesh of my thighs. He had sidled up to me with an opening chat-up line that sounded as though it had come from a Beano comic, It made me stare at him in mild astonishment, while he continually followed me around trying to grope my bottom and generally get his hand into my knickers.
As a result he managed to scare off various, good-looking, roaming, potential, horny males, with his persistent chatting and slipping his arm around my waist and pulling me tight up against his expensive blazer.
He was so insistent that after a couple of hours my resistance was worn down and I let him have a good feel with my legs slightly parted, while he stood behind me and rubbed his cock through the flannel material of his trousers up against the crack between my buttocks. He said that I was such a beautiful girl and he was so enamoured of me that he wanted to invite me out to dinner to an expensive little restaurant he knew in town.
Quite why I accepted this invitation I don’t quite know, although by then I was feeling tired and in need of an escape from his constant chatter and attention and thought it was the easy way out. He said he was very rich and would treat me to a wonderful meal and a night out, going clubbing afterwards and because I am a little bit of a venal vixen at heart ..the prospect of dating him left images quickly flicking through my mental cinema, of a rich, not very bright man and possibly some easy sex, which might just prove to be entertaining and a little sample of the kind of life I’ve always  aspired too!
So I accepted his offer and gave him the number to one of my mobile phones.
A week later as I was getting ready for our date when he called and said he’d been held up at work and that I should go along alone and he promised he’d join me shortly. The table was booked in his name, so there should be no problem. At that point I almost cancelled but something made me pick up the phone and call my local minicab company to take me into town.
An hour later I was sitting in a very very expensive restaurant, wearing a short bright red mini-dress, white hold up stockings, red 5 inch heels and a pair of very small dark red lace knickers. I told the maĆ®tre’d that I was waiting for my boyfriend and was duly shown to the booked table. The waiter asked if I’d like anything while I waited, so I ordered breadsticks, some dipping olive oil and a glass of white wine and sat and waited while the tables around me buzzed with conversation and the happy chatter of the other restaurant clientele. Half an hour past and my hooray henry had still not shown up, I was now begging to feel foolish and more than a little let down, even in 2016 a women clearly dressed for a date left on her own, at a table, is the object of slightly sarcastic sympathy. I was feeling more and more exposed and embarrassed as other diners glanced over at the women in red sitting alone at a table laid for two, I could almost hear them wandering if I had been stood up by my prospective date and what might have caused it or was i just some tart on the make, when suddenly a man appeared at my side and in a low voice said.
“I noticed you were alone and wondered if you’d care to join me at my table as I am also alone and it would be nice to have someone to chat to and have some company while waiting for the food to arrive. I looked up into a friendly warm and handsome face with twinkling eyes. By this stage I was ‘boiling’ inside with the tawdry way I had been treated by my date so without hesitation accepted the offer and got up and moved to a table along the side wall of the restaurant and away from the gaze of the rest of the room. My relief was palpable and I said
“Would you excuse me a moment I just need to send a text to my date!”   
I texted a suitably rude message, which would leave my chinless wonder in no doubt as to my opinion of him and his so-called dinner date.
“Thanks” I said “I’ve been rather badly stood up, so many thanks for coming to rescue me, it was beginning to get very embarrassing sitting alone out there in the middle of the room!”
We started chatting and my new friend told me he had worked in large companies in IT but was now a lone consultant and enjoying the freedom that brought. The evening passed quickly and we were enjoying each other’s company and the growing attraction between us. When the meal was finished I beckoned over the maitre’d and asked whether my date  who had stood me up had dined here before.
“absolutely madam, he replied…. he comes here on a regular basis we have his card details as well to help speed up the payment process” he smiled at me pointedly “I think madam that perhaps in the circumstances we should put your meal on his bill for this evening, no?”    I smiled and realised he was suggested that we entered into a little subterfuge, a little plan to help me get my revenge on the useless twit who had so rudely stood me up. “I shall put your bill for you and the gentlemen onto Mr woodruff’s standing bill”
“That would be wonderful and appropriate and thank you” I said
His eyes were twinkling with the conspiracy, which showed what his general feelings towards Mr Woodruff must have been, as he pulled out our chairs and we got our coats to leave.
My new date offered me a lift home and after a wonderful meal of lively talk, I was warming towards my new dining companion and feeling a warm feeling, a sort of glow, growing in my knickers, so I readily agreed!
We set of after getting in his car and as it was very late I suggested it would be nice to have a little stroll in the warm evening summer air before going home. We drove around for a few minutes till we found a parking space near the Thames. got out and I put my arm through his as we walked and talked gently along the deserted river embankment. We talked and talked and finally sat down on a lone bench that looked out across the dark river to the sparkling lights in the classic buildings on the other bank.
By now I had decided that this ‘new man’ in my life needed a small reward for saving my evening and rescuing me from embarrassment in the restaurant, so I reached across and kissed him hard and passionately on the lips. He responded in return by kissing me firmly, pushing his tongue into my mouth…. and just to make sure he realised that I was ‘available’ I grabbed his hand and planted it firmly under my dress on my stocking topped thigh.
He started to feel all around the tops of my thighs and I yielded to him, gently parting my legs so he could explore further. I waited, slightly nervous, as to what sort of reaction I would get when he discovered that I had a little extra in my knickers. I held my breath as his hand inched nearer the warm lacy centre of my knickers and I felt it freeze for a moment as he discovered my little ‘extra’, by now quite wet and sticky with pre-cum, but fate was on my side and I heard him give a slow “MMMMmmmm” of approval and his fingers encircled my little erection and began fondling me only making me wetter in the process and making me part my legs even further.
The tempo of our kissing and fondling now went up a step, having discovered my ‘trans’ status as a sexual partner, he clearly was aroused by the prospect of having me and his kissing became more urgent and ardent, spreading down my neck and onto the front of my chest, kissing the top of my breasts.
I worked my hand into the fly of his trousers, having managed to pull the zip slowly lower and lower, till I could push my hand into his tight underpants explore the large and hardening penis. I managed to find a way to uncoil the stiffening rod and get a couple of inches of the fat head to poke up out of his trouser fly, then quickly bending over his lap, I opened my mouth took and sucked as much of his erection as I could, covering the purple veined skin with my red lipstick in the process and began circling the tip of my tongue around the underneath of his cock head.
He groaned quietly and just by judging from the various noises coming from his throat I knew I was having the desired effect and getting him ready to service me.
As I sucked carefully, making sure that my tongue and warm mouth was having the maximum effect on the now rampant rod filling my mouth and wetting the back of my throat with a steady dribbling stream of lubricating pre-cum, I felt his fingers begin to explore the tight sphincter of my ass.
First one finger, pushing and forcing its way past my tight entrance, then another finger and finally a third, all squirming and twisting their way inside me and making me let out little sharp mewling noises even though my mouth was full of cock.
I was now extremely aroused and could only think of one thing, and that was that I had to have this large twitching cock buried to the hilt in my now gaping pussy hole. I sat up and said “don’t move OK!?”
I reached behind me into my handbag, expertly opening it with one hand and rummaging around till I found the cool metal tube of KY jelly that I always carried with me for just such occasions as this. I quickly squirted out a large dollop of lubricant and rubbing with my jelly covered fingers, quickly covered the upright shaft of his cock. A second dollop was quickly and efficiently pushed and spread around my ass, my fingers making sure it was pushed as far into the velvety depth of my hole as possible, preparing me for his large cock.
I now said “just keep kissing me” and crouched to face him on the bench, I planted both of my legs either side of his lower body and holding the upright phallus just under my open wet hole with my hand, my knicker’s gusset pulled tightly to one side, to give clear access to my waiting ass. I slowly lowered myself. Manoeuvring with my hand, I positioned the tip of the fat penis until it was pushed up hard against my small rosebud puckered sphincter. I then took a few deep breaths and using the weight of my body lowered myself slowly down onto him and felt the sudden release as his cock pushed through and then past my tight ass entrance and I felt all my insides compressed and re-arranged around the sudden intrusion of this large hard piece of male flesh.
He was now in me and judging by the sensations flooding up from my groin, he was inside me very very deeply. I felt the large penis head moving and twitching very high up in my belly and for a moment, pressing my hand against my stomach, I could feel the movement of this swollen fat, invading male body, deep inside me.   
We continued kissing while joined together at the crotch and I now carefully perched over him to begin a gentle rocking motion, starting  a good fucking rhythm of cock thrusts, sending sparkles of feeling radiating out from my stomach to the rest of my body. There were now loud slurping noises coming from between us, as his large swollen penis slammed in and out of my wet hole making a clear sticky noise as it was slammed back inside me with each upward thrust.
We rocked and bounced, my insides tightening and gripping his rod in my attempt to milk this glorious cock of its sperm. Finally after a few minutes of concentrated thrusting and squelching, I felt my orgasm building and realised that my small cock was dribbling copious amounts of clear fluid onto the trouser front of my impaling lover.
I could feel his cock begin to swell, getting even harder and I guessed  that he was now very close to cumming, the same as me.  At that exact moment, seconds before our bodies began to explode with a joint orgasm, another middle aged couple walked past and seeing us in full, energetic, sexual union…..muttered disapprovingly about being ‘filthy beasts’ and how disgusting that we were blatantly and unashamedly having sex in public.
That clearly was a trigger for the both of us, as I felt a sudden hot wet flood in my belly as the cock I was riding, began to pump a long stream of frothing, fresh sperm, squirting up me with each thrust, higher and higher inside my boi-pussy. As I was being filled with his ejaculate, I let out a stream of muffled yelps that were in unison with his more bass growling and groaning as he rocked his hips and pushed up with his hips to inject me deeper with his seed.
My own orgasm erupted in complete synchronicity and I soaked his already damp trouser completely with my thin girly emissions.
As the last drop of spunk was squeezed into me I semi-fainted on his lap, leaving both of us breathing as if we had just completed a 100 meter sprint, his hot breath in my ear and my mind focusing on the glorious sensation now flooding my abdomen as my deeply female persona revelled in the earthiness and delightful urgent crudity of our shattering, wet, glorious fuck.
Later we recomposed ourselves and our underwear ……and he took me back to his flat, where we repeated the whole exercise on his large bed, only this time I gave him the benefit of a little private strip-show, showing him my sticky wet cum-covered red lingerie and white stockings before having him take me all over again and deposit another large fresh load of sperm deep into my hole.