Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A little innocent fantasy

This picture is a little fantasy that sometime drifts across my inner mind's eye! It doesn't mean I have any deep desires to actually be a woman....I am too fond of my in-between, quasi, mid sexual status to want that. There are moments though, when I imagine myself physically female and the sensations and emotions that would come from have a totally female body. The problem is that I am still thinking with my androgynously sexual mind, so the ideas will always be subjectively imperfect. It is too self-adoring and I can imagine myself looking down between my legs at a smooth mons veneris pubis and exploring with sticky fingers... as if I was outside my body.... when in truth what I am curious about and would prefer......is for a short space of time to genuinely sense that wholeness of being a female entity.... in total and to feel the reaction I might create in another person.
Or maybe I'm just a little too hot and mad and should stop playing with photo shop and go and make some supper!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

This is another video of a Japanese woman on a bus being felt and fondled then when she is obviously wet and aroused is fucked by a Japanese guy.

These are obviously set up for the film so don't believe for a second that I condone any form of any assault whatsoever on any woman anywhere. But for me it is a real fantasy I become so so wet imagining myself on a bus standing in a small skirt and thong and feel a hand reach between my legs and begin feeling me....the finally have a nice hard cock forced into me and be fucked firmly and slowly while hanging on as the bus drives through the city.