Tuesday, 22 March 2011

being fondled is one of life's great pleasures

I love almost more than anything....... being stroked and fondled.....it is intimate and incredibly arousing. when I was young I always preferred some gentle foreplay before getting down to the sweaty business of hard and prolonged sex. The electric combination of a modest skirt worn over stocking and suspenders with a small pair of knickers covering the centre of attention....makes for the most wonderful sexy time...... of having a guy run his hands under the hem of the skirt and along the insides of your thighs, I love the tiny movements of finger tips and soft yielding skin around lacy hems and soft gauzy underwear. Then as arousal builds up and the heart beats faster and your lips plump up from the hard kissing, there starts the gentle leak of pre-sex juice that makes lingerie fabric slippery with sticky promise. I moan with pleasure as a man spreads my sticky fluid and uses it to lubricate my cheeks and the soft flesh between the cheeks. The slipperiness makes me think of how ready I am to accept a hard veined penis and have it pushed aginast the slippery skin and have it keep pushing until I open and it slides inside to take up that stretched space in my belly!.......I love a man running his fingers into the warm nooks of my body yet all hidden from view beneath the fabric of my dress or skirt. I open in readiness and become very soft and pliable and ready to be taken by him. On occasions I have been aroused in a public place and with lots of kissing, nuzzling, fumbling and careful maneuvering have managed to get a man inside me and have him orgasm gloriously in my pussy with the merest hint of any movement from the hips of either of us.......that has in the past nearly made me faint with pleasure. The picture above is really a summary of all those feelings and a playground for all those fingers!!............................. it is me offering myself to a man