Saturday, 24 May 2014

I used to have a lover who was a demon with his tongue!

He would get me to sit on the bed with my knees drawn up and he would then position himself so he was lying beside me with his head next to my crotch and start to explore the soft skin of my inner thighs and tight pussy hole with his long warm tongue! After about ten minutes of this licking and tickling and making my sex all sticky and shiny with saliva! I'd be whimpering and begging for him to fuck me and to slide his cock inside me as quickly as possible!
Sometimes after he had fucked me slow and hard, finally climaxing, his plentiful cum filling me up with spunk, he'd repeat his licking, only this time he'd lick up his own cum as it trickled out of me!
I would often just lay back exhausted, thighs spread wide apart, my pussy stretched open and have another body shattering orgasm.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I've always loved ballet and if I had been smaller in overall size, I would have adored to have been a ballerina!

I'd love to have had the flexibility of a ballerina and to think, just that tiny thin strip of material of the crotch of your tutu covering your pussy hole! so easy to pull aside to allow your male dancing partner to connect himself completely inside your body!

This is what my lovers often see, just before they hold my cheeks apart and take me

sometimes I sort as feel as though I'm on heat!! and I crave a hard erect man to roll me around on a bed

I took these photos while feeling such a strong and female lust, I would have done anything to please a man and let him use my body to satisfy his sexual tensions, feeling the delicious weight of his body on top of me pressing me into the bed, while his knees roughly push apart my thighs and I raise my hips up to meet the hard round head of his cock searching for my pussy hole so he can push into me and use the pressure of his penetrating cock to press my body hard down under his weight and sex.What more could an oversexed and lubricated girl want!?