Monday, 24 December 2012

A happy Christmas to everyone. No matter where you are or what you are doing take this chance to use Christmas as an excuse to be nice to each other, to reach out and offer friendship and companionship to others!
The attached pictures are of me full of Christmas Cheer and feeling fruity and festive!
the blog will continue in the New Year
love to all


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A return of the long legged goddess!

I have taken the plunge and have now begun using Google Chrome to add postings to this blog so normalish service should be resumed as soon as possible. I have a number of photos of me commingling with various gentleman's sexy bits so don't hold your breath but hopefully your underwear will become tight after viewing some of the forthcoming posts!!
love you all

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

this was a video promo for a trans fashion magazine that came out in 2009 then disappeared! shame really!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

more of the same really

more pictures taken last week at Candygrirls club in Sunbury on their party night. It was really busy and I met with some great girls and guys some of whom i am very grateful for giving me some very good sex!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Candygirls party night 27th March 2012

A rather ravishing and busy night last night at Candygirls T-girl club. It was there regular Tuesday party night and although quiet to begin with the sex started to ramp up through he evening till I ended up with four men giving me a strong deep fuck before i finally tottered off to bed at 02.30! I also want to thank Julie a sweet girl who fondled and kissed me at various stages through the evening and continually put up with me breaking off chatting with her, to go off with various men to have sex!

I am now rather sore and very tired!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

This is Izzy Hilton....he's a boy

This is Izzy Hilton he's a boy and social internet phenomenon! ......I just wish I had looked like him when I was 18 and with all the resources of 2012! ..............and I'm sad to admit he makes my heart beat faster! its like having a schoolgirl pash!

When you don't have an erect man handy ready to plunge his long penis into your belly.....a girl has to improvise to gain some sexual satisfaction. In this case a good long fat cucumber can come to the rescue. As you can see from the first picture the trusty veg was well covered in ky then gently inserted to the hilt. It felt incredibly large inside and close to some of the biggest cocks I have had in me over the years.

After some wonderful slow steady thrusting, I felt my orgasm build, till it finally spilled over in a wave of pleasure that left my little pussy twitching and contracting with waves of pleasure! .....and I finally lay back on the bed, legs and thighs wide apart, panting with my pussy hole gaping and cooling after the long green dildo had been slowly pulled out!

The only thing missing was some sort of veggy sperm ejaculated inside me, that would have finished of the whole experience to perfection!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I once played rugby!!

Many years ago I was coerced into playing on the school rugby team. The reason was that I was fast in athletics and had been spotted by the master in charge of rugby, he needed me for my sprinting abilities, in that he supposed that I would be quick to score a try, once the ball was finally past to me. The one problem was that I was a pretty, smooth-skinned effeminate, nascent t-girl, who spent most of her time flirting with boys and taking large amounts of time with my hair and appearance!
So for a term I joined the rufty tufty males in the first team and was about as out of place as you can get. I did find that being lose to so many lithe sweaty male bodies a huge turn on, tempered only by the fact that I spent so much time in pain as the result of huge striding towers of muscle doing their best to tackle me and get me on the ground, not to gently remove my shorts and use me to assuage their lust, but to get the rugby ball off me.
I just about managed to survive and was appalled when inspecting my soft feminine body and counting all the purple bruises and cuts and grazes after each match.
I also screamed a lot while on pitch!.... which didn’t win me any friends or at least not friends who wanted to admit to being my friend, of course when alone, things were very different!
I quickly discovered that our school team captain had a crush on me, as did three other players. I found out about the captain when I was late in the showers after a home match and all the others had finished changing and showering and had cleared of for post match tea. I realised that Rob (a false name to protect the innocent) was eyeing me up while showering next to me both of us naked! and...... that his nice knobbly, circumcised cock was thickening up rapidly.
We were showering next to each other in an open shower, i.e. it was just a row of shower heads with no partitions, so it was very open and vulnerable and gave nowhere to hide stray erections!
Being the precocious little slut that I was then and having already lost my virginity to a young farmer who lived near the school, I moved myself closer to Rob and then bent over, my back to him to ‘concentrate’ on soaping my legs. I gently backed into him so my buttocks brushed every now and then against his thighs. He then moved and I felt the firm springy bounce of his cock against my bottom, as he angled himself round so he was facing my back.
I decided that it was a matter now of giving him a clear and incontrovertible invitation to play with me and pushed my rear out towards his crotch so his cock was lightly wedged between my smooth pale buttocks. No words were spoken and I couldn’t hear his breathing because of the noise of the showers but he responded to my clear invitation and a pair of hands gently grasped my hips and pulled me slightly towards him, so the shaft of his cock slid up between us and was pressed between his stomach and my rear.
My sex education had at this point been rather explosive and hurried!.... but my new farmer boyfriend had managed to ‘break me in’ and had, through patience and gentle coaxing, got me to be able to take part in anal sex and to have a man’s erect penis fully pushed home into my tight puckered little rosebud rear and as a result I had been lucky enough to feel that first hot flood as he spent his seed into me for the first time, making me have a shattering orgasm that seemed to last forever.
So as my team captain grew harder against the soft skin of my bottom I knew that I wanted to have him inside me. My technique was not perfect but certainly sufficient! I rhythmically moved my bottom against his now fully erect cock, using my hips to keep the point of his cockhead nestled into the cupola that formed the entrance to my arse. Sure enough after a few moments of this, his youth and arousal made him start to leak pre-cum, which with my movements had smeared around the currently tight closed hole of my sex.
My strategy was working and as he got wetter and stickier, so his cock head pushed momentarily, again and again, deeper into the entrance of my arse, lubricating me with his plentiful juice at the same time. By now I was bent over at the waist and was holding the water pipe that ran along the wall by my side and kept the pressure up against the pulsing cockhead. I was almost there and I relaxed and breathed in deeply and felt him slide an inch or so through my tight muscular ring until the head had popped inside my hole and in a single smooth movement I pressed back and down slightly and felt that utterly wonderful sensation of my belly filling up with hot, hard, erect male flesh.
Sadly youth gave him an almighty erection..... but it didn’t help his staying power!!! And after a few juddering thrusts, while he hung onto my slim hips, he clearly could not hold back anymore and I felt the sudden heated fluid rush in my gut as his youthful balls emptied themselves inside me and luckily at that moment he had thrust to the hilt, so it was a deep ejaculation and made my poor little cock twitch and spatter my own cum onto the tiled wet floor. He had made some odd strangled sounds from his throat as he came, and after standing motionless for about a minute, his back arched slightly and me still bent over double, he shrank slowly.... then finally, stickily, plopped out of my now expanded and stretched little pussy hole!
There were many many more fetid fumbling and fucks in the shower after that, with boys... some frantically pumping themselves between my thighs, to come all over my legs while I waited patiently for their panting to subside....and a few ‘real’ men, as it were, who managed to thrust and slide their eager erect cocks into the welcoming warmth of my male cunt ....and to ride me till they came.
Some treated me with scorn, as if they were ashamed by me, the fact of my androgynous submissiveness and girl like behaviour making it difficult for them to reconcile their lust for me with their actions.
At 15 I was a pretty child, slim and suffering none of the acne of my peers. It was the 1960’s so we were allowed to grow out hair long, instead of the military style crew cuts that had been imposed on schoolboys during the post-war period and through the 1950’s.
As a result I grew my hair longer than most, which added even more to my female appearance. I also became sexually wily and was good at using my sexual allure to get boys to either protect me or get me things I needed.
In those days giving another boy a blowjob, was like giving them a ticket to heaven and won me many supporters and fans including three senior prefects, who regularly had me while I was dressed in a small, brief, pair of tiny denim, cut-off shorts I made one holiday.
And as for the rugby..... if I wasn’t hurting too much I relished being under a pile of male bodies and feeling the odd hand grab me round the buttocks or between the legs! I’m afraid I never played rugby after school, as I became more interested in clothes, make-up, boys and fashion! But I do remember feeling my chest swell to almost a b-cup with pride, when we won a season cup for the county champion and posed for a team photo! I almost, for a moment, felt like a man!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

This is a picture taken of me at Lacyladies at the early part of the evening! even here though, I am wearing no knickers while this was taken!....... they were slipped off by a lovely man and were at this stage stuffed in my handbag!

I had already just had one man fuck me for about twenty minutes and later that night another three were to find their way between my legs!

A fun and fulfilling night!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

It can be embarrassing when that sudden sexual flush appears out of nowhere!!.... and as you sit in your chair, for some reason, you find yourself squirming in your knickers and the only thoughts running through your head revolve around large phallus's coming towards you or entering your body!
This has been happening a lot recently and I end up searching in my underwear draws for my large dildo's which after a liberal coating of ky jelly can help give a modicum of satisfaction, as you feel your pussy lips stretch around the circumference and that wonderful full feeling pervades your groin and hips.
My body tends to make little jerking movements against the big fat intruder and I can't help letting out little mewling noises as I get that wonderful female submissive state where I relax and my whole body welcomes inside the nice long hard shape filling my belly!!
then I usually just cum for about five minutes!
nice!!!.......... but there are times when only a real warm hard penis attached to a man will really help!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

I'm afraid its another picture of me tossed on a bed and laid open, ready for some men to use me for their sexual pleasure. In this case I was feeling very very submissive and was ready for anything, my body had that relaxed but tense at the same time aroused state and further tying of my legs by my captors meant keeping my thighs wide open and rope tied tight pulled so it seperated my buttocks, while still leaving my tight puckered pussy hole accesible for what was about to be performed on me.

My whole insides were quivering and I was longing for an erect penis to be rammed home into my relaxed pussy.....This picture though shows me in that luxuriant state of waiting before my body becomes the focus of pleasure and hands and lips and penises cover me and fondle me till I'm crying out for some sort of blessed release.

I was also very wet with pre-cum and the tops of my thighs and the soft shaved skin around my pubis bone was sticky and wet.

These agonising moment are filled in the mind with images of what is to come and I was running through various imagined sensations and scenarios as rough hands pushed my limbs into a position that would allow them easy access to my sex and to take advantage of my prone position to open me and use the heat of my sex to satisfy the engorged and sensitive tips of their long cocks. I was not disappointed and after this picture was taken I was fucked slowly and deeply by two large and rampant men.

I was in heaven!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

more erotic drawings

more images to inflame the imagination and create erections!..... needless to say I wish I was the girl on the receiving end in each picture!
enjoy and I hope these images make you wet!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Girl on a leash!

Now it’s no secret to regulars of my blog, that I respond to some firm attention and willingly show my more sub missive side to a dominant man who appreciates it. This picture is of me wearing a dog collar and leash and very much ready to be held tight and treated like a bitch in heat!
Somewhere in the depths of my little t-girl mind there is a small switch, based around being restrained or held........ then having some rapacious activity done to me while I helpless and I’m being jerked round by the weight of a dominant man’s hip thrusts.....impaling me on his long erection.
It sets of all my orgasmic responses and leaves me floppy and whimpering for more!
Strange but true!

Friday, 3 February 2012

a drawing is sometimes better than a photo

Sometimes a drawing can be so much more erotic than a photo. The artists eye and mind can conjure up a combination of wonderfully arousing images than go beyond anything a simple photograph can achieve!

These are some of my favourites from the web, mostly showing submissive t-girls being filled eagerly by hard cocks.

They make me wet just looking at them and my hand involuntarily reaches between my legs and fondles my puckered pussy.

Is it just me or are they extra powerful as a visual stimulant to others as well?!

I am very fond of the t-girl chained at the glory hole....... ready to have numerous erections pushed between her lips!........wonderful!!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

after lacyladies



Lacyladies is a favourite T-girl club of mine. It is always friendly and has a really welcoming atmosphere. It’s in Cable Street East London and is open every Monday evening. The team that run it are the most delightful pair you could wish to meet.
It is usually full of t-girl admirers, men with hungry eyes and bulges in the front of their trousers. There are lots of private spaces for some hot sex and the pictures on this blog entry were taken one night during a visit in November 2011.
I had been feeling more and more aroused over the preceding weeks but work had made a bit of a sexual desert for me, so I really felt the need of some hard sticky loving from some accommodating men!
I arrived wearing a simple low cut dress which shows my boobs of quite nicely and settled down at the bar. I was quickly joined by a lovely man whose hands wandered over the cheeks of my bottom and when I did not protest, emboldened they slipped under the hem at the back of my dress and softly fondled the skin between my thighs and the cheeks of my bottom that peaked out from the edge of my lace knickers.
I pushed my rear tighter against his front and in a moment he was holding my hand and gently tugging me across the dance floor and along to the room with the bed in and to a little room with a sort of high bench. After some frantic kissing my dress was pulled off and I turned pushing my rear out towards him after handing him a condom to slip on his magnificent erection!
I bent at the waist and pulled my knickers aside with one leg raised and he quickly managed to ease himself into the soft welcoming hollow of the entrance to my pussy. Then after some deep breathing I felt him slide home till he was in to the hilt and his pubic bone pressed hard against the cheeks of my bottom.
After that it was a matter of hanging on while he energetically rode me fucking me with long hard strokes of his cock till he eventually moaned and thrust harder into me and let loose his orgasm!!
After thanking this lovely man and tidying my lipstick and getting dressed again I was once again at the bar and sure enough another guy was eyeing me up. I was sitting across from him on a stool and a subtle flash of my knickers aimed at his searching eyes gave him all the invitation he needed to come across and…..yes once again I was being led into the dark room of the club….knickers yet again dropped to my ankles and another wonderful lustful fuck followed with my tight pussy hole now quite relaxed and open for this second big fat cock!
It was a busy night and after him there were two more men before I finally orgasmed and felt myself drain of all tension in such sexual ecstasy as I had an orgasm that must have lasted a couple of minutes.
I got home at 2 in the morning and quickly took the photos of me in my bedroom corridor, feeling very glowy after so much sex and having changed only my knickers as the ones I had worn earlier, had to go straight into the wash!!
Again if anyone is interested in a warm clinch in a dark room at the club let me know! And I’ll see what can be arranged.
the pictures follow in another post!