Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I know a lovely guy who is very clear in what he wants from a girl, and that means, mainly her body! which I happily gave. He looks as though he is a little soft in the video but as things hotted up and the camera was cast aside, things got a lot harder and more urgent.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

an erotic piece of drama from Japan

This short video reonates with me at a very deep level.....The woman's beauty and grace in the face of her animalistic treatment at the hands of her male ravishers, injects a strange level of erotic tension. Her accesiblity with her long dress opening down the rear to give the men access to her vagina....the soft expression on her face and their crude coupling followed by the sudden pulling out and the spilling of seed from out of between her legs onto the floor..... all add to the remarkable sexual frission and tension.

The truth is that I dearly would give anything to be her!!!....... To be standing helpless while my buttocks are fondled, stroked revealed and opened .....and to feel men press themselves into me and use me. To project myself into her role and become her, makes me have instant, multiple orgasms. Yet this suprises me, as I am not utterly submissive, in fact I have been called anything but submissiive by any number of boyfriends and lovers, I do not relish being tied up or watching other submissive fantasies, they have little effect, it this this specific video and this scenario alone that creates such a powerful influence on me sexually and emotionally.

It is strange...... and I am indebted to a member of multiply who posted it a few months ago. I have been removed from multiply for being too overt and in truth I cannot face climbing back into this rather scrawny social networking site anymore and will now be found among the harder core sites that cater for sexual human being and allows them to express themselves more freely.

I hope you enjoy



Sometime I become so horny that a form of red mist comes down over my eyes, all I can see a large erect male members dancing in front of my vision and i become like an animal in heat desperate to open myself up to the sexual penetration of any male that is hard enough to get his genital pushed inside me, all intellect is lost and I am just a warm panting dribbling creature with light tremors running through her thighs to be used by other for their orgasmic and sensual pleasure

standing on heels

Wearing heels change the centre of gravity through the body making the calf muscles tense and brings the hips upwards making your bottom look as though it is on offer to an aroused male. also when crouching down on your haunches in heels, it keeps a certain height between your bottom and the floor, making it easier to squat over a man on his back...lying recumbent with an engorged member facing upwards...from their simple mechanics take-over