Friday, 16 December 2011

At Christmas I love to cook! I love the whole festive idea around all the traditional foods that are just so delightful at this time of year. The table candlelit and spread with turkey, Brussels sprouts, bread sauce and crackers are just a vision of being warm and at home and with friends and family.
I also love all the preparation for it all, soaking a ham before cooking and making four different kinds of stuffing, it all adds to the magic. A few years ago I was preparing for Christmas with a new boyfriend and on Christmas Eve I had a lot of pre-cooking to do for the big day, He was a lovely man and I really responded to him in an animal way!
I thought it might be fun for both of us to wear only a corset and stockings with no knickers and parade around the kitchen like that with only my apron to cover my modesty. Judging by the size of his smile and the lump in his trousers, it was a good decision!
As I tripped around the kitchen bending over the oven and generally making a bit of a mess with flour and sugar and other yuletide ingredients, he kept grabbing me for a kiss and a good feel then letting me carry on again while he watched.
After about 40 minutes of this I unzipped his fly and took out his very handsome cock and cheekily smeared some double cream over the top before quickly licking it off!
That was it! he then grabbed me and after some frantic scrabbling around I found myself lying on the kitchen table covered in sweet mincemeat, flour and icing sugar, with my legs wide apart, as his burrowed his tongue into my pussy till I was literally wailing and moaning with pleasure, then in a quick re-enactment of the film in which Marlon Brando used butter to ease his cock into Marie Schneider... he picked up a large dollop of best unsalted butter and quickly worked it into my twitching pussy with his fingers.
Then it was a matter of holding on to the sides of the table as he quickly inserted himself then began banging me as if his life depended on it and we both came, almost together after some sweaty and athletic fucking. I felt like a bundle of clich├ęs, I had been goosed and well stuffed, and he had tried to put a bun in my oven and now I was covered and full of his sauce, my cup literally runneth over and I smelt like a freshly baked cake and he said I was his cracker!!!!
Anyway above is a pic of me wearing the Christmas cooking outfit, bending over and bracing myself for some very large Christmas sausage to be slid slowly but firmly into my pussy hole!
Happy Christmas to everyone and anytime, do feel free to try me or taste me!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Yes its that time again! The Christmas season is upon us. Just in case your curious what it might be like to fuck an elf!!! .....and many men do!! (so I'm told!)......then peruse these pictures.

Here is a little Santas helper who is warm and ready to give generously of her body and she'd love to make your tinsle pole light up and and have it spray glitter all over her thighs!!

So stick her down firmly on the top of your big Christmas tree and watch her light up!

I hope everyone has a good Christmas, there's a lot of misery and worry around at the moment but hopefully for a few days we can all enjoy oursleves and others for a bit!!!

If anyone would like to fuck this little elf and feel her festive globes! then please do write to me! Chrsitmas is a busy time for her but I'm sure she could fit you in!!

kisses for you all



Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I suprise myself sometimes, with just how submissive I can be with a man!

Monday, 28 November 2011

You cannot see, your eyes are covered, your heart is beating faster and you can feel the pounding in your chest.
They have removed your dress and you are now kneeling, arms pulled tight behind your back and bound around the wrists. Your knickers have been pulled up tight into your moist crotch, emphasising the smooth white roundness of your buttocks, you can feel their eyes on your body looking at the skin and the round contours of your body, deciding amongst themselves, who will take you first, whose cock will be the first to taste and penetrate your pussy.
You have no say in the matter and you are distracted by the feel of a hard penis brushing against your mouth.... then the pressure of a hand on the back of your head forcing you to take it into your mouth and suck hard on the swollen head.
Already fingers are working between your legs and feeling around the entrance to your body, tickling and probing you, getting you ready for sex. Then you are pushed over so you are lying on your side. Your ankles are grabbed and tied to something that forces your legs wide apart, now you really are helpless and exposed and submissive, ready to be sexually serviced by the men standing around the obedient girl that you are!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

the bindings were a little loose at first but were tightened up later!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I have decided to publish a series of photos of me over the next few days..... if you are looking at this you know you are the one whose finger was on the shutter button and thank you!!........
They show me being restrained a little, not extremely, but enough to raise a girl’s blood, moisten her knickers and make her feel sexually submissive towards a strong hard male, who wants to use her body for his pleasure!
As I have said elsewhere in this blog the whole concept of me being tied up in such a way as to make me helpless and only able to struggle, while leaving my body accessible to an erect cock, allowing anyone who wished to pleasure themselves in me.......... makes me feel faint with lust and I immediately feel the dew of sex forming between my legs in honeyed anticipation.
Somewhere in Andrea’s brain there is a direct link between her sexuality and the notion of having ropes and ties, wound around her wrists and ankles that short-circuits the usual pace of arousal and sets her off like a firework rocket. I turn from being a nice demure girl who needs some gentle section into a panting whore who will do anything to have her sex filled and filled fast!
There is a state of mind in some of us girls that seems to respond to the helpless maiden stereotype....strange but true... and if you are wearing a Victorian frock coat and have an evil twirly black moustache!....I can see us playing out a lurid Victorian melodrama where not only is the maiden tied to the rail track but she has her soft thighs pushed roughly apart and a large, red, swollen and hard Victorian cock, plunged repeatedly into her pussy until the hot invading seed pours into her, flooding her soft and helpless femininity!
Do keep an eye on the posts as they appear over the coming days!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tie me up! then do what to me!

having sex with a man is very important to me but at the same time i want to be pretty as well as a sex object. I want to have women like me and think I am good looking as well as men wondering if they can get into my knickers!
I had an interesting experience at Candygirls where I was restrained with rope around the wrists and ankles and then was subjected to some fairly forceful fucking while ties up. I had a continuous orgasms or at least that is what it felt like and has started off a whole new train of thought along the lines of why is it that being tied up makes me so utterly aroused and willing to be seduced and fucked? over the next few blogs I'll be looking at my new emotional revelation and seeing how I can develop it!
If anyone has any thoughts please do send them to me!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Andrea on weds the 24th at Candygirls in Sunbury London

Well last weds was fun! The pictures above were taken at the end of a long night at Candygirls again... and sadly no one came up and whispered blog in my ear! To claim me!!
but after spending a little time in the orgy room it somehow didn’t seem necessary, as I sat astride a big hard cock, with my dress round my waist feeling him swell and buck beneath me! I had lots of sucking, fondling and fucking and I took these pics in the dressing room just before going home at 2.00am!
I had a few guys that evening and had some lovely compliments about my dress! So I felt very warm and tired and stretched when I finally got home and tumbled into bed! To lie there, legs apart, letting all the sensations die down!!
Candygirls has had to cancel the weds night sessions due to lease problems so I’ll have to find somewhere else to have my regular orgy nights!!

Friday, 19 August 2011

This weds the 24th of August I will be going to the special night at the T-girl club Candygirls in Sunbury south west London.
It is the last weds special night they will be holding, due to changes in the lease agreement of the premises.... so I am hoping it will be wild and very sexy night
As I said before....... anyone who comes over on the night and whispers the word BLOG in my ear........ can fuck me in any position they want, just as soon as you take me by the hand and can find somewhere for me to lie down or bend over and after pulling my knickers down my thighs, my legs will part and I am yours.
Just as a sort of pre-night briefing, this is the outfit I will be wearing but with white stockings and a lace suspender belt instead of white hold-ups!
The dress is quite transparent, so if I stand against the light.... you’ll clearly see the outline of my inner thighs and my bottom and my white lacy underwear will show through the material!
I hope you can make it and have a chance to enjoy me!

Monday, 15 August 2011

To undress in front of a man is both an art and an instinctive animal action! The interaction of lust lies at the heart of the game of show and hide....... to reveal enough that he is going to swell and harden in his pants! but also to hide enough to arouse curiosity and a voyeuristic pleasure in exploring with the eyes the creature he will soon be bedding!
The aim is to open little parts of yourself that are intimate and clearly sexual, from the soft skin at the top of your thighs to the tight material of your underwear that stretches across the soft skin and hides the delights that are between your legs.
At the back...... small strips of coloured elasticated lace that make up a thong.... split and separate the curve of your buttocks, creating two firm quivering mounds of soft flesh ready to be fondled.... and for him to push his pubic bone against as he rampages through you with his erection!
In bright lights.... the shadows must just be dark enough to make white lace knickers faintly glow as glimpsed under the hem of a skirt, or as you cross your legs..... to flash stocking tops and suspenders disappearing high into the darkness of your dress.
Finally after much playful showing then hiding and watching the bulge at the front of his trouser grow....... you move forward and press his face against your lower belly so he can smell your perfume and perhaps taste what he is soon to be inside and filling with his seed
Stripping for a man is a satisfying mating game that when played well enhances life and makes for a strong and long lasting ejaculation!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I have recently been going to Candygirls club in Sunbury Southwest London
they have a very frisky night on the last weds of every month. The pictures along with this post have been taken at the club, mainly at the end of the night in the changing room! which explains the lack of lipstick left on my lips after a busy night with various lovers!
The club is clean and friendly and has a well equipped dungeon and ‘grope room’ plus bedrooms for more privacy. There is a bar and in the lounge area next to the bar has a pole for girls who enjoy a little pole dancing to loosen up the limbs!
Last time I went I had a glorious sexy time in the big cage in the dungeon, having my wrists tied to the bars inside and being felt by various hands from outside the cage. I then was laid down on a couch and fucked by two rather nice guys.
I am hoping to go on the 24th of august to go again and I have a special offer to readers of my blog.... that if you go on that night and find me...come over tap me gently on the shoulder and say blogspot and you can have me in any way you want, in any of the rooms, the only thing I’m not into is pain..... but you can tie me up and have me or take me into a bedroom and have me..... the choice will be yours! I will confirm on my blog that I am going so as not to disappoint. I am self employed and if a job comes up that means working over the 24th I’ll flag it up here.
If you plan to go and have a particular liking for a type of underwear or colour of lingerie let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
Hopefully....with a bit of luck... I’ll be in your hands on the 24 August
If you want to mail me to discuss details, then mail me on

Saturday, 25 June 2011

This weds last, I went out for a night to Candygirls a club in Sunbury. The club is modern and clean and well run and I had a really good evening. I was flirting with a number of guys and managed to persuade three guys at various time during the evening, to remove my knickers and have me.

If anyone is interested the club is in Sunbury south west London and the website is:

who knows, perhaps we might meet up there at some future point and I'll have a chance to show you me, on a bed, with legs spread wide!

The pictures were taken on my mobile phone, in the changing room at 0300 in the morning after a night of sweaty sex!.....having drained the big balls of three lovely guys and been thoroughly fucked, I went home stretched sticky and a very satisfied girl!

Monday, 30 May 2011

The bridal effect

Yup it wafts around in the back of the mind..... the 'bridal scenario'. You are walked down the aisle by a handsome witty well hung future husband in a stylish white dress making the Middletons look dowdy and it gets all the female juices flowing every time!

what is it with some of us T-girls! .......its so cliched and hackneyed yet it still holds sway somewhere in our hearts and yes as you are asking I am free and would happily be someone's wife and keep their bed warm!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

protected sex!

A thing that has always been deeply sexually and psychologically satisfying for me as a trans girl, is to have a man ejaculate inside me. Since the onset and discovery of HIV and AIDs I have always used protection when making love.
Before the 1990’s I used to have sex with lovers and boyfriends and used no condom, allowing them to fill me with their sperm. So I now always play safe but I so miss having unprotected sex!
It somehow connects the very female part of me with my lover, to open your body completely to a man and feel him fill you, first with his hard warm flesh, then after holding your body tight and pulling your hips back onto his erect penis... feel his orgasm build, tense, then open and flood me with more than his ejaculate and was often the moment I would cum myself.
I love the sudden wet feeling as his cock becomes slippery and more lubricated with his frothy spunk and the feeling of it leaking out of me with every convulsion and tightening of my internal muscles. It can be so stickily white and foamy, it is wonderful to see and feel.
When I was younger and very sexually precocious, there were occasions when I had two three or more men all cum inside me one after the other, so my pussy would be literally wet and flowing with man-milk and I loved to feel myself and smear their sticky seed over the soft skin of my crotch and inner thighs. It felt so right and many lovers said it made the sex with me very intense and arousing.
Being the receptacle for sperm has deep and primitive emotions connected to it and I think makes for a sort of bonding that is absent with protected sex. It might be my imagination but when younger many men who fucked me and squirted the contents of their balls high into my belly were afterwards very loving, attentive and affectionate! Although that might have been my tight pussy and fresh faced young looks compared to me today.
When I was very aroused after lots of foreplay and was with someone I really lusted for.... when they came inside me, it created a reaction in my body which seemed to make me open even more inside and meant that their sperm travelled further up my sex and deeper into my belly. The upshot of this was I would feel sperm oozing out of me for a couple of days or more after sex and that sensation of having a wet pussy and knowing it was a man’s seed, always turned me on even more.
I think on reflection that the best sexual position is being on all fours because it helps the man’s penis press deeper into you, so given that the penis swells and hardens on the point of makes sense that this creates the deepest penetration and therefore the deepest possible deposit of sperm in your body. I also have to admit that it is possibly my imagination rather than scientific fact, but after having sex with a guy and having his load spent deep into my cunt I used to feel womanly, feminine, bright-eyed, healthy and glowing afterwards!
So yes I play safe but I sometimes remember back to the past to orgies when I would have the spunk of six men filling my overflowing hole and I would sometimes orgasm spontaneously as a result of the incredible sticky flood in my crotch!!!!
Oh Happy days! I am attaching a photo of me, with a relaxed open and lubricated pussy... in a position on the bed ready to take a man and the full contents of his balls! I hope you enjoy me

Friday, 15 April 2011

Things that can happen during exercising

It is very interesting.... but if like me you need to keep as fit as you can to keep the tummy and bottom trim and firm....and go running through the local countryside.....and like to look attractive and pretty even when perspiring a little.....and find that small shorts, worn with a tiny black g-string underneath are more comfortable......and you look like me in the above picture....

Then for some strange reason this is likely to be one of the outcomes
that a man with a very erect penis decides he need to assuage his lust with your body and suddenly I'm bent over in the undergrowth with my short pulled off and large hands holding my hips while he fills me to the brim with hard male flesh!..................afterwards I walked home!!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A trans girl is given a good servicing!

And it all ends very noisily and stickily but how nice and sexy!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

being fondled is one of life's great pleasures

I love almost more than anything....... being stroked and is intimate and incredibly arousing. when I was young I always preferred some gentle foreplay before getting down to the sweaty business of hard and prolonged sex. The electric combination of a modest skirt worn over stocking and suspenders with a small pair of knickers covering the centre of attention....makes for the most wonderful sexy time...... of having a guy run his hands under the hem of the skirt and along the insides of your thighs, I love the tiny movements of finger tips and soft yielding skin around lacy hems and soft gauzy underwear. Then as arousal builds up and the heart beats faster and your lips plump up from the hard kissing, there starts the gentle leak of pre-sex juice that makes lingerie fabric slippery with sticky promise. I moan with pleasure as a man spreads my sticky fluid and uses it to lubricate my cheeks and the soft flesh between the cheeks. The slipperiness makes me think of how ready I am to accept a hard veined penis and have it pushed aginast the slippery skin and have it keep pushing until I open and it slides inside to take up that stretched space in my belly!.......I love a man running his fingers into the warm nooks of my body yet all hidden from view beneath the fabric of my dress or skirt. I open in readiness and become very soft and pliable and ready to be taken by him. On occasions I have been aroused in a public place and with lots of kissing, nuzzling, fumbling and careful maneuvering have managed to get a man inside me and have him orgasm gloriously in my pussy with the merest hint of any movement from the hips of either of us.......that has in the past nearly made me faint with pleasure. The picture above is really a summary of all those feelings and a playground for all those fingers!!............................. it is me offering myself to a man

Friday, 14 January 2011

trans boys/girls

These days more and more in fashion there are boys who are overtly transsexual in their appearance that are used to model both men and women's fashion. I applaud it although i am sure there is behind this the influence of many gay designers who like have androgynous boys add a little spice when putting their collections on display! Here is a small selection of those guys I have found on the web!

enjoy......I wish it had been different in my youth! I might have had a modelling career!