Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tie me up! then do what to me!

having sex with a man is very important to me but at the same time i want to be pretty as well as a sex object. I want to have women like me and think I am good looking as well as men wondering if they can get into my knickers!
I had an interesting experience at Candygirls where I was restrained with rope around the wrists and ankles and then was subjected to some fairly forceful fucking while ties up. I had a continuous orgasms or at least that is what it felt like and has started off a whole new train of thought along the lines of why is it that being tied up makes me so utterly aroused and willing to be seduced and fucked? over the next few blogs I'll be looking at my new emotional revelation and seeing how I can develop it!
If anyone has any thoughts please do send them to me!