Monday, 21 January 2013

This was another long and hot night at Candygirls with me test driving some crotchless tights! which were rather fun. It turned out to be a busy night with a number of suitable admirers wandering around the club. I ended up in one of the dark rooms the lead off the main cinema room and was bending over, hands on the wall and feet apart with my dress hitched up so my rear was exposed and available for fondling by anyone in the dark sweaty bedroom. A very sweet girl grabbed the cock of one of the guys standing around feeling themselves and started to rub it up and down the cleft between my buttocks. It was wonderful and a huge turn on and I started feeling one of those desperate ‘female in heat’ type moods when all I wanted was to feel some erect male flesh sliding deep into my hole.
I slipped out of the dark room and sat down in the cinema on one of the couches and very quickly hands were feeling me and fondling me between the legs, a very sweet Polish guy then took me upstairs by the hand, as usual with guys taking me to one of the upstairs bedrooms he was making me walk up the staircase in front of him so he could ogle the view of my thighs up my dress. Then it was into one of the bedrooms and I hardly had time to catch my breath than he was sheathed and pounding my fanny and riding me so I had to grasp the bedding with both hands as my body was rocked back and forth with the energy and hard momentum of his pounding cock.
He soon climaxed with a lot of groaning and moaning as he shot his load and then I tidied up and sauntered out to the bar to end up coupled up with a sweet guy called Graham who has fucked me a number of times, he does something that really feels utterly mind blowingly erotic. He opens me up and fucks me in different positions but then he throws me on my front and pulls the crotch of my knickers to one side and slide in pressing me down into the bed with all his weight then thrust hard and deep in a downward motion making me feel very thoroughly fucked and penetrated.
The bedclothes were clasped between my teeth and I swear I felt every vein and knobbly lump of that big fat cock as he ploughed me into the bed until he finally let rip and filled me with his orgasm. It was a good night and I was so turned on that on the way home at 3.30am I had to pull over and open the car door and let myself pour my cum out onto the road while I was parked in a side-street. I had one of those slow spontaneous orgasms I sometimes get after a hard fuck and when I have been turned on for a long time during an evening. It was pure honey-like physical heaven and the dripping from me lasted about five minutes as wave after wave of orgasm flowed over me. Needless to say I slept in the following morning till 2.00pm and felt very bow-legged after my various lovers had stretched me so deliciously wide open for the evening.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

As I have remarked in this blog before, I have a thing about having a man have sex with me then ejaculating and filling me with his sperm.
These days all my sex is protected using a condom as even with the advances in medicine I am concerned about avoiding STD in general, as well as HIV and AIDS specifically and I am a genuine advocate of sexual health for everyone. However in the old days, when I was getting around and bed hopping a lot between men and lovers, I luxuriated in feeling my body being filled by squirt after squirt with thick creamy male spunk! For some reason it really aroused me to fever pitch and on many occasions has sparked my own intense orgasms as I felt the sudden increase in wetness and lubrication as a man hammered his ejaculate into my hole.
And afterwards the lingering sensuality as hours later I would play with myself and feel his seed ooze out of me while in bed, playing with myself, using his sperm to smear my skin and after cumming again mixing my girly juice with his semen.
So in celebration of that, I have collected a few pictures from the web all of which show numerous images of spunk dribbling out from or over some t-girls rear as her lover lets loose his spunk both in her and over her!
I hope you enjoy and it makes you both hard and wet as a result!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Moments of submission are the spice of life!.....For a t-girl like me and for other girls I know who agree, we often have a deep need to submit ourselves to a man’s sexual lust.
It is important that we can feel that deeply feminine sense of giving up our bodies for possession and penetration on a man’s erect, hard, tumescent penis. I have overwhelming feelings that come from deep inside when I have a man inside me, I feel complete and both submissive and powerful at the same time. It is as though the force of offering myself and opening my belly to a man squeezes all the womanhood inside me to the surface and I become more female than at any other time and that for me is a wonderful sensation that leaves me glowing with a deep seated pleasure for days afterwards.
The second feature of this offering of my body to the male being tied up or made forcibly helpless by them which only heightens the sensations and feelings that come from such a coupling.
During my life I have had many occasions when a man or in some cases more than one man, have tied me up and positioned me, so my buttocks are exposed, parted and available to them and I have been ravaged, manhandled and fucked slowly and consistently by them while not being able to make any movement or resistance to their hot sticky sexual advances. The resulting arousal in me is so strong at time, on occasions I have almost fainted and experienced the longest slow burning orgasms that ignite my genitals and flow through my sensitised body.
I usually cum as they experience their orgasm, holding my tightly bound hips and legs to give them a slightly more rewarding position for their penises to plunge into my arse, giving them the strongest tactile friction on their cocks heads as their penis pumps in and out of me and helping to speed up their ejaculation into my body and to experience their roaring orgasms.
That when I just start to stream with my own girly fluid (Wouldn’t call it cum as it is too thin and clear for that!).. letting it pour out between the ropes round my thighs and onto the sheets or seat covers beneath my bound body.   

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I have had a few good nights at Candygirls last year, with some lovely guys who still were happy to give a very mature t-girl a good fuck! These pics are of a guy who is very sweet and has had me now on more than one occasion. He takes his time and really gives me the most wonderful fucks, slow and with a lot of focus on my pleasure! something a lot of man who have fucked me have no concept off!
I love the lead up to the first lustful penetration, that excitement as the sexual tension rises and I become more feminine in the offering of myself up to his cock.
As you can see from the sequence of pictures I love to be stroked all over then start the process of opening my body ready to be filled with a large erect penis! It really is heavenly!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Is this a new form of Drive Thru McDonalds?.....a quick drink while on the road!...... interesting new service for the thirsty girl!