Friday, 20 March 2009

Me and my builder friend

In the mid nineteen eighties I was asked by a friend to house sit for them for a month while they were away working abroad. The house was a sweet little terraced cottage, two stories with two bedrooms and a tiny walled garden with a postage stamp of grass in the back.

The cottage was in Surbiton, south London and was situated on a little footpath that ran between two main roads. The row of cottage gardens was over-looked by a series of large Victorian three-storey houses that faced onto Surbiton Hill Road and these had initially lain in a state of disrepair for some years. I moved all my stuff in and settled down to enjoying my stay which included looking after two slightly schizoid young cats called Meme and Mo. The month was July, mid-summer which that year was very hot with loads of sunny days which I took full advantage off. I had been travelling around at the time, spending a while working in the States and had no regular job, so I had spent a lot of time sun-bathing in the quiet parts Richmond Park during the day and generally lazing around!

I had brought with me a nice summer wardrobe as I was dressing everyday at that time, my friends who owned the house had apparently told neighbours that a woman writer was staying in their house, house-sitting for the cats while they were away and that I needed peace and quiet to write!

I think the way I was described I must have been thought of as a sort of intense Sylvia Plath type woman, clearly eccentric and strange!

I got up every day showered, did some gentle exercises then went through my routine of putting on some light make-up and choosing a sloppy t-shirt because it was so warm and then either a short skirt or small hot-pants. I had about five pairs with me, from very short shorts in denim to white and pink cotton ones. A couple were cut very high on the hip and high around the back of the leg so that my bottom cheeks peeked out at the back. I loved hot pant especially when they were pulled up tight between my cheeks!

Big platform shoes were popular at the time and I had a couple of pairs with Roman boot style lacing up the calf of the leg, a bit theatrical but they worked well with the shorts and little short sleeved tops.
That summer I had built up a really nice tan, which was nearly all over, apart from a couple of thin white lines where g-string lines showed at the top of my bottom, and as I had managed to wear tiny bikini bottoms in the park in secluded spots, most of my pubic mound, which was shaved, was nicely tanned as well!

The little garden at the back was sided by high walls and there was a spot close to the back of the house where I set up a sun-lounger with small drinks table, with fruit cocktails and a pile of women’s magazines.
During the first couple of days I spent hours out there. I decided to give myself a complete beauty treatment, de-tox and tantop up, luxuriating in being alone, relaxing and being able to spend hours working on my nails, which had grown and were nice and long.
I soaked my hair in olive oil then washed it thoroughly making it really soft and shiny, I had managed to grow it too shoulder length and it needed a bit of tender loving care as I had dyed it black! Which, I thought, gave me a more romantic, sexy, dramatic look, than my usual normal dark brown colour.

After a couple of days of total pampering luxury, my peace was shattered, as team of builders moved into the big house at the bottom of the garden to do a major renovation job, turning it into flats!!

I was really put out at first but decided that “sod it I wasn’t going to be pushed out of the sunshine because of them”!

The building looked straight over into my garden, so I just made sure that I was a little more carefully dressed than before and on the first morning I put on a white mini-skirt, a little red, low-neck t shirt and sandals. I also paid a lot of attention to make-up and using lashings of lip gloss and to enable me to look but not be seen to be looking, I wore a large pair of Chanel designer sunglasses that had been given to me by an old boyfriend!

I settled down, stretched out my tanned, bare legs and started gently rubbing my exposed bits with sun-tan lotion. Sure enough it didn’t take long for the builders across the way to notice! Like wasps round honey! There was the odd wolf whistle and I could hear lewd comments from the ones working on the roof. The truth is I it was actually quite fun, I was revelling in the idea that I was sitting there knowing that these big roughty tuffty builders were turned on and didn’t realise that the object of their desires was a man! It was a delight and a joy, however I ignored them and carried on as normal, although I did pretend at one point to fall asleep and shifted my hips a little, putting one of my knees up, knowing that they would see up my skirt and see a little triangle of dark red knickers I was wearing underneath.

This went on for two or three days and I started to change outfits and become more adventurous, ending up wearing a black bikini I had teamed with loads of hippy necklaces and a wide brimmed sun hat I bought in Hennes.

I lay on my front and pulled the bikini bottoms up tight into the cleft of my backside, showing as much as I dare to the on-lookers, without being too overt, I was the personification of the word titillation!!

I had bought the previous year in the States some small but expensive latex breast-forms, which, with my figure shape, fitted nicely under the bikini bra and looked very convincing!

The back of my house had its own garden which butted up against the garden of the renovated the distance between the builders and me was I suppose about 100 feet or so.

I started to notice one guy in particular, who was in his 30’s (I was 31 at the time.), he couldn’t keep his eyes of me and kept staring at me when he was on that side of the scaffolding. He was very good-looking with short dark hair, nice face and a very firm builder’s body, but without the fat belly! He had a wondrous chest, quite smooth, very toned and a nice tight bum.
I eventually caught his eye and smiled at him. This clearly encouraged him and I could see his work-mates joking and joshing him as it appeared he was the only one that this ‘woman’ seemed interested in.
If only they had known!!
This then set a flirting pattern, where he would grin and wave at me and I smiled gently and demurely back!

Things came to a head, as it were! quite quickly. I had spent a morning generally smiling at him and he was doing his usual waving back, then in a mindless moment I waved back to him. That was it! as far as he was concerned; he thought he was now in with a big chance.
Very foolishly I didn’t think and an hour later at lunch they all disappeared and I went into the kitchen to make a salad.
Suddenly the door bell goes, I literally didn’t twig and pulled a sunwrap around me and went to the door and opened it! and there he was, all six foot three inches of him! with a large grin on his face.

He said, and this is it almost word for word!
“I was working across the road and noticed you’ve got some tiles out of place on your roof, I just wondered if you would like them sorted out, I won’t charge anything”
I couldn’t believe it and quickly recovering my composure I said in my ‘light voice’ which I use to use all the time when as Andrea, it’s much more difficult as I get older! But then he made no flicker of any concern except grinning at me so I said, fluttering my eyelashes, (yes I was being really cheesy!!!)
“That would be very sweet although I would have to pay him” he insisted he would accept no payment so I said “OK how about a lunch them, I’ll cook you a non-builders lunch”
He agreed and said he’d come back the next day’s lunch-break and do the roof.
Good to his word he was there next day; I had spent ages trying to decide what to wear while entertaining my ‘big builder’. I ended up in a nice cream summer dress which had a tight bodice and a flared skirt. I used loads of moisturiser and shaved carefully all over so I was smooth as a baby in all the important parts! I then went out early in my car to Sainsbury’s in Surbiton and bought all the makings of a special Mediterranean lunch; fresh scallops, beef cheese, fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, Brochetta, Parma ham, Gallia melon and an avocado salad.

He came around at midday with a big ladder; the cottages were really tiny so to reach the roof didn’t take much. I chatted slightly breathlessly while he went up the ladder and spent about 15 minutes fiddling about with the slates.

I quickly seared the scallops in oil and wine and a little cream and chopped up and set out the salad, heated the bread in the oven and when he was finished I had the lunch ready and we sat down in the kitchenette to eat.

There was a lot of rather embarrassing small talk, but he was coming on quite strong and was obviously keen to make me aware that he fancied me! He said I had a great body and he had been watching me from the site and asked if I minded him being a peeping tom, which I said “of course not, I quite enjoyed having a well built young man looking at me”. The conversation went on like this for a few minutes more, until obviously emboldened by my being extremely friendly; I suddenly found his hand had gently laid itself on my thigh. We went quiet for a moment and he leaned forward and kissed me with a rather sweaty stubbly kiss. I have to admit that I was unbelievably turned on and I am ashamed to say I returned the kiss with some enthusiasm, while in the back of my mind thinking, “hang on I’ve got no strategy for if this guy finds out I’m male and gets nasty about being hoodwinked”. The kissing went well lots of tongues! At the same time his hands were roving rather too close to what was becoming a very full pair of panties and as usual because I had been in a mild state of sexual excitement for about an hour I had become sticky and knew a wet patch was spreading through the lace of my panties.

Thinking quickly, I wanted to avoid him feeling a phallus under my skirt so straight away so I changed the emphasis of our foreplay and ran my hands firmly around the bulge in the front of his jeans, squeezing the growing shaft of his cock and rubbing through the thick material where I knew the under-tip of the head would be. This was a success as far as he was concerned and I pulled him up from the kitchen stool and walking backwards while holding him by the crotch pulled him onto the little sofa in the lounge and sat him down. I quickly knelt down in front of him, quickly opened his belt and pulled the poppers open on the fly. I had to get him to lift his hips to yank his jeans and pants down and suddenly just near my nose, out sprang a lovely slim hard cock with a thick head. He was circumcised and his cock had a wonderful hard curve to it, in the classic arched, priapic, shape.

I looked for a moment into his eyes which were glowing back at me, then flicked my tongue under the swollen head of his cock, around the sensitive fraenum, where all the nerves gather. That was it, his hips started to jerk involuntarily and next thing I had sunk my mouth down over the head, flicking my tongue all the while against the fraenum. I am proud to say that I sucked him to a shattering climax in about two minutes and I held his balls in one hand and the end of his shaft so I could pump my throat up and down on him. I knew he was about to cum as I felt him harden and swell then begin to spurt his hot spunk down my throat. I have had many years to perfect my sucking technique and one thing I used to be very good at was getting a guy to shoot in a couple of minutes no matter how long they could claim they could last out!!
He lay back moaning and panting and holding my face in his hands, I wiped my lips on the thighs of his jeans and got a mouthful of builders dust, a combination of rubble dust and plaster! Lovely! I then reached up offered my lips to him and gave him a big wet spunky flavoured kiss, he mumbled something about how that was the best blowjob he had ever had. To which I replied “naturally I give very very good head young man”
We kissed some more and I got a flannel and gently wiped him clean taking time to wipe around his balls before giving the tip another quick kiss. I also noticed that there was a lovely pinkish colour around the head of his cock which I realised was most of my lipstick!

Before he could recover his composure too much, I bundled him up, pulled up his jeans, gently pushed him in front of me back to the front door and out of the cottage, while kissing him and massaging his crotch, before finally whispering a hoarse goodbye and closing the door.

Needless to say, I slumped to the floor and made myself cum in about thirty seconds I was so worked up! And it took me an hour before I felt my heart had returned to its normal heartbeat.

The outcome of this sweaty encounter was that my builder who was called Paul, simplistically thinking through with crotch now decided he was in love with me!

He appeared the next day at the front door only this time it was no lunch, I opened the door and he immediately came in grabbed me and we ended with him pushing me firmly against the wall and kissing me while reaching with both hands under my skirt to cup my buttocks and pushing his crotch hard into my stomach. I had to scrabble with my left foot to push the front door closed and quickly sunk to the floor and I still terrified as to what would happen if he found me out, I performed another blow job on him but this time before he came I stopped led him by the hand into the lounge and sat him down. I have to say that by this time I had begun to develop a real crush on him and inside was yearning to get that lovely long cock sunk to the hilt in my fanny!!
I also realised that this new hot relationship was not going far until we got over the tiny problem that we were both male!

While still fondling his upright and saliva wet cock I decided it was a now or never moment He was either going to get very upset and do something terrible to me, or....
I started by saying
“Paul do you really find me attractive” he said “yes” looking slightly puzzled, he could sense that something was up!
“its just that before we go any further there is something you need to know” I could see from his face that he thought I was going to say something like I’m married or I’ve got syphilis, so when I blurted out in a rather strangled voice that I was a man, he just sat there with a dumb blank expression on his face!
I was braced ready for him to start shouting, rush off, hit me, start crying, but instead he said;
“Why” which was not quite the answer I had anticipated!
“why” I said
“You mean why am I a boy?”
“Because” this point I wasn’t sure what to say in reply it was not anything I could think up a quick answer too
“Er because I was born a boy, but I’m sort of both a boy and a girl” my voice trailed off at the end feeling that I was sounding non-plussed and a bit fatuous!
“But you don’t look like a boy at all”
I replied feeling rather foolish and embarrassed
“I’m sorry Paul it probably makes me look as though I was sort of, I don’t know, conning you, I live like a girl but I am male and I think it’s probably best for both of us if we left it at that and you left now”
But no, bless him, my Paul was clearly fascinated and what followed was really funny
He said
“I don’t want you to do it if you don’t want to but would you lift up your skirt and need to see what you look like”
I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, like some specimen being examined but I did as he asked and pulled the hem of my dress up and slowly pulled down the front of my panties till my cock popped out, looking very small and bare, as I shaved all my pubic hair.

I stood in front of him holding this girl caught in playground behind the bike-sheds, kinda pose, then to break his stare at my fanny, I slowly twirled round showing him my bottom and then feeling like a sex object! slowly bent over parting the cheeks and put a finger into the entrance of my fanny.
I then ran my hands down my thigh and calf, bending over so he could see the shape of my bottom and my legs.
Paul had gone very quiet but my heart lifted a little when I saw that his cock was standing straight upright and stiff as a board. I knew then that it was probably going to be OK!
Whatever misgivings Paul had, he seemed to come to the conclusion that he fancied me more than worrying about me not being female.
I was beginning to get my courage back now and pushed the issue a bit by asking him if had ever had anal sex
To which the reply was no. So I asked if it was a problem for him that I was a boy to which he said, classically.
“Don’t you ever tell my mates” I laughed his prioritise were clear and I solemnly swore never to tell his mates!

Feeling very frisky, having removed ‘the elephant in the room’ as it were!
I then asked if he would like to fuck me. He was clearly very keen but a bit unsure how to proceed, so I took charge being the wanton little hussy that I was and pulled his jeans and pants off, unbuttoned his shirt and told him to lay down on his back, on the floor.

Firstly I licked him all over, from his lips to his chest, belly and then started again on his cock. Stay there and don’t move! I ordered, jumped up and quickly got some KY jelly from the bathroom, I then stood over him while pulling up the hem of my dress and tucking it into the waistband and lowered my panty crutch onto his bare cock.

I slowly moved myself up and down him, rubbing the gusset up and down the shaft while leaning over his face and kissing him long and hard and exploring his mouth with my tongue. I then shifted my weight and squatted down over his hips.

I opened the KY and squeezed out a large dollop, close to his face so he could see all the detail. I mean it was his first time and I was having a ball!
I then reached between my legs and pulled aside the gusset of my panties and with two fingers began to slowly work the jelly inside me. Paul’s eyes were transfixed on my fingers! I then worked some of the gel around the shaft of his cock making it shine. I then stretched my knickers tight to one side, grasped his cock shaft with my other hand and began to rub the tip of his cock against the sticky smooth entrance to my fanny. He began to groan and I made sure my fingers were rubbing under his cock at the same time.

With each rub into my hole I pushed the head of his cock more firmly into the velvety smooth entrance, all the while breathing deeply and relaxing myself. Then I changed the pattern of movement and instead of rubbing his shaft backwards and forwards I started to push him into me and then very gently I lowered my self onto him. Because I was crouched over him while wearing heels, it gave me some space to manoeuvre above his body. He moaned as my body enveloped his helmet, then I slowly pushed down, until my buttock cheeks were nestling into his pubic hair and all 7 inches were deep inside me.

I was quite flaccid and dribbling little drops of pre-cum onto his muscular tummy while I squeezed him rhythmically with my fanny muscles, milking his cock.
He was now moaning all the time in small little moans followed by lots of little grunts!
I moved slowly up and down his shaft, bouncing on my heels either side of his torso and relishing the constant emptying and filling of my insides. Then as I watched his face closely I knew he was approaching his orgasm as his mouth opened and he started to pant loudly and grunt, at the same time there was that lovely swelling feeling as his cock seemed to get larger and larger, ready for his orgasm.

I have to say I was so turned on my legs were shaking a bit and I could feel the beginning of my own orgasm. Then he grabbed my arms tightly and his hips jerked upwards and there came that wonderfully warm wet feeling as his cum was jetted deep with each thrust into me. Seconds later I had a flaccid orgasm, which I get a lot of when being fucked. They last three times as long as a normal orgasm and send rivers of what feels like sugar through your whole body. My spunk just dribbled out all over his stomach, over the sides of his chest and onto the carpet. I told him to hold still while I reached over for the tissue box and did my best to mop up and then just sat there feeling his cock slowly subside inside me, until I raised my haunches and his cock plopped out followed immediately by a sudden gush of his sperm from inside me. More tissues and we finally sat back both very relaxed and fulfilled He sat looking at me with a huge grin on his face and he did something he had never done before (he told me later!) he first licked then took my cock into his mouth and gently sucked me for a while, until feeling stirred again I reached around and took him back into my mouth and we sucked each other.

After that Paul decided that me being a boy for him, was a real sexual turn-on, clearly the bi element of his personality had been freed by little old me and we started having rampant sex at every opportunity.

He told me he had told his mates that he was knocking of this bird across the way and they all thought he was a real stud, although a lot of them thought he was making it all up and it was all just “Paul’s fantasy bollocks”!!

I then slyly suggested, being the dreadful exhibitionist that I am, that we ought to put on a little show to prove to his mates he was telling the truth. I told him to tell them that to prove he was ‘shagging’ me, they should watch the rear bedroom window and they would see everything he’d said was true. At the allotted lunch break, they all crowded onto the roof scaffolding ready to see if Paul was lying or not!

That lunchtime and l had changed into a red silk dressing gown with black knickers and bra underneath and stockings and suspender belt. I took him up to the spare bedroom at the back of the cottage which was very small, making sure that the curtains and window were wide open.
We stood in the room so out of the corner of my eye I could see them all peering in to get a good look. One of them had even brought a pair of binoculars, which i thought was bit over the top! He was handing them around so his mates could get a closer look at Paul and his frustrated housewife lover!

The situation was very funny, but at the same time a big turn-on. It was hysterical, we kissed a lot at first and I had lubricated myself before-hand so I was ready for him!

I got Paul to take off my robe and bend me over the bed. We decided it was safer to leave my knickers on, in case they caught sight of my little cock.

He pulled the gusset aside, I braced myself, arms on the bed and he then rather dramatically pulled out his cock and slammed into me. I thought I heard a distinct but low muted cheer from the roof as his mates got a fine view of him fucking me.

He did get alittle carried away with his performance and was making a great show of the shagging, I think he had seen too many German porno films and was emulating the noise and expressions of that genre of sex videos! It was more funny than erotic but I did enjoy the wonderful deep fuck he was giving me.
he fucked me for about ten minutes before coming with what I thought was an overly melodramatic way for the benefit of his audience and filled me again with his lovely creamy spunk.

I loved it!! The idea of being given a good fuck in front of ten burly builders was a huge turn on!! Paul was lovely but as in all things when I left the house, we drifted apart, but for that short summer month, we had a wonderful time and he had me in every room, in every position he could think off, one of his favourites was me on my back on a table, legs in the air, with him fucking me whilst he leant over with that lovely flexible torso, until he could reach my cock with his mouth and suck on it while he pounded my hole. Happy days!!


Cap'n Bob said...

Ahhhh hunni girl - that is SUCH a lovely photo of you! ;) I sure do LOVE your legs!

BTW, just what is 'beef cheese'??? Obviously some sort of English food....LOL


greenhawk46 said...

lucky Paul-hmmmm, I can just imagine how nice it is to have you xxxx

Keliana said...

OMG this is so sexy, you have so much fun girl!