Saturday, 9 January 2010

My love trucker!

The truck driver
I had been visiting a friend, another T-girl, in the summer of 1998, who lived near Sevenoaks in Kent and we had spent a delightful evening together, talking about past times and holidays we had shared. I left her place at about 11.30 to drive back to London. I was wearing a pretty summer dress which flared at the waist and had a fairly full skirt, by Topshop, I left my legs bare as I had been in Spain two weeks before and as it had been sunny since my return so I had managed to keep my suntan topped up. Over my shoulders I had a pretty small cardigan and some pretty pale pink lingerie underneath.
I had only drunk one glass of wine as I was driving and the evening air was warm and heavy with the scents of the summer farmlands and woodlands along the route and I drove with all my windows wound down savouring the warm air blowing through the car.
after about fifteen minutes of driving I felt the pressure building in my bladder and needed to take a pee, I started looking for a quiet spot where I could stop and relieve myself. The A25 along past Oxted in Surrey, passes a golf club and there is a lay-by on the side of the road going west, which forms a sort of small truck-stop with a public toilet alongside.
It was dark but there was still a soft mauve summer glow in the sky, that you get in the middle of the year. I saw the sign and slowed down and pulled over into the lay by, passing five big articulated trucks parked up for the night, before parking myself just past the toilet building and switching of the engine.
It was very quiet and very warm still, the daytime temperature had climbed to 30 degrees and as I was driving I had pulled up the hem of my dress to keep cool, and enjoying the cool air on my bare thighs.
I paused for a minute but there was no other traffic around and it was all quiet, apart from the ticking of my car’s engine as it cooled down, I got out of the car and found myself being suddenly bathed in light by my car’s interior light switching on, ‘lighting me’ up to anyone who might have been watching in the large shadowy parked trucks .
I went into the dark entrance to the ladies section and feeling my way found a cubicle in the dim light, I pulled my panties down and held my dress tight around my waist and sat down on the cold metal bowl and let out a stream of pee. The relief was wonderful and I sat there for a while listening to the quiet, broken every now and then with the odd scratching noise as some small creature scrabbled about outside the back of the building. I then stood up and flushed, rearranged myself and stepped back outside.
The truck nearest me loomed in the darkness and suddenly a light switched on in the cab that shone between a gap in the half closed internal curtains, letting a small strip of light fall onto the road. I slowly walked back to my car and blipped the lock, as I turned I could see a figure inside the truck cab and once sat back in my car, I angled the rear view mirror so I could watch, purely out of bored curiosity and a slightly increased heart-rate, as to any possible erotic potential.
I could see a figure in the cab behind me, the driver of the truck was no painting! a squat looking man about 40 years old and quite fat, he was peering directly in my direction through the windscreen. He was bare-chested or at least naked as far as I could see of his torso in the driver’s seat and as I watched I saw his arm moving slowly and rhythmically with his hands just out of sight, I guessed that he was playing with his cock, hidden just out of view below the large steering wheel.
I was fascinated by this pink vision in my mirror and began to feel a little horny, my hand moved instinctively down too between my legs and softly squeezed between my thighs, as I watched the rear view mirror the truck driver lifted his torso so I could suddenly see the silhouette of the large stalk of his erect phallus. Now my attention was caught! and my fingers tips moved slowly around the outline of my sex growing under the thin gauze of my panties.
I was a little undecided as to what to do, I had planned on just going home and getting to bed, sex had not really been on my mind. I had had a great social evening and was feeling good, I had recently lost weight and had a nice tan and generally felt foxy and svelte.
But now I here I was, sitting in my car, in the dark with my legs parted and in the depths of this large truck cab, a man was showing of his lust and blatantly showing me himself through the truck window.
It was clearly an invitation and my dirty mind immediately considered whether he had clocked me as a T-girl or had he thought I was a lonely girl looking for sex with fat truck-drivers.
I decided that given what I knew or had been told about truck stops by other t-girlfriends, I made an assumption that this guy knew what I was and would be interested in investigating what I had under the hem of my dress.
I remained sat in my car for a few more minutes, with my eyes glued in the mirror on the bobbing long shape of his penis and feeling more turned on as each second passed. The question was, what should I do, risk going over to him, or advertise myself in my car, It might be dangerous, I could end up strangled and left in the woods that bordered the lay-by. Various thoughts quickly passed through my head whilst all the time my fingers were pulling the top of my panties down and circling the tip of my sticky sex.
Then I made a decision and as usual plucked up my courage and my sexual curiosity and let my latent lust win out over precaution. First of all I locked my purse in my car’s glove compartment and checked that I still had my usual condoms and KY tube in my handbag. I then switched on the interior light and angled the mirror so I could see my lips and re-applied a smooth coating of pale pink lipstick and checked that my make-up in general was presentable, I breathed quickly into the palm of my hand to check my breath smelt sweet, a strange habit which I always do when about to get close to a man. I switched of the interior light and was suddenly in darkness for a second before I opened my door and was lit again. I swung my legs out and placed my high heels on the road while still sitting in my car and the truck behind flashed me with its massive bank of driving lights, literally floodlighting my legs and body as I got out of my car.
I grabbed my hand bag and swung it over my shoulder and slowly walked towards the passenger side door, gently swinging my hips like some Hollywood broad and feeling the cool night air make the damp patch on the front of my panties chill against my skin.
As I reached the cab the door gently swung open and a cheerful face said “hop in darling”
Hopping anywhere was not really possible, as the cab towered over me and I had to grab the access handles and pull myself up into the hot cocoon of the cab. The truck was a very modern affair made in Scandinavia, with a bank of lights in front of the driver’s seat, a comfortable large bench seat for passengers on which I plonked myself and behind that a sort of bedroom compartment with curtains for privacy and what looked like a reasonable sized bed. I was reminded of how truckers were like snails! Carrying their house on their backs as it were, with all mod cons built neatly into the limited space of the truck.
My trucker host was a jolly man with a plump body twinkling eyes and a large erect circumcised penis that jutted out of a thick bush of pubic hair between his fat thighs. The cab smelt of modern plastic and sex, that musty smell that men exude when excited that is a little sex and sweat all mixed together, I however, am glad to say, smelt like a bunch of summer flowers and sat on the firm bench with my dress spread around me feeling the cool plastic of the seat against my buttocks and a wonderful sense of anticipation of having my body explored by his sausage like fingers and in the nicest possible way getting a bit of rough as my T-girl friend Angela would say!
To start with there is always that tentative few moments whilst you size each other up and there are a few embarrassed feints and parries before you get down to some serious sex. We chatted very briefly with him asking my name, explaining that his name was Graham and why was I out so late, at the same time, he reached out his hand and ran it over the outline of my thigh and pushing the material into a silhouette of my legs. I wanted to give him a sort of ‘go-ahead’ signal, as in..... “yes...... please have your way with me and take me”! so I arched my back and made a low moaning noise and closed my eyes. He was much encouraged and I felt his hand gently push the hem of my dress up my legs, till the pale pink edging lace of my panties came into view. I moaned again and spread my legs apart so his fingers could trace little lines around the soft skin of my inner thighs. I was now really getting turned on and he was a good lover, gentle but firm and making his desires felt, whilst making me excited.
I held his hand back for a moment, opened my eyes and with my palm against his chest, pushed him back into the driver’s seat. I swivelled my body and reached for the hot warm cock, I took it in my hand and leaned over so I could brush the end of my tongue over the tip of the swollen bulbous head. I had a thin web of spunk stickily connect his cock and my mouth and I lapped the drops as they appeared at the eye of his penis. Now he was moaning and I twisted my torso so I could watch his face as I gently enveloped the whole long, erect, stalk in my warm, wet, mouth and took him in further till I felt his tip press against the back of my throat.
I held him now literally in my stretched open mouth and my hand cupped his ball sac, feeling the balls writhing and moving in my hands as I got his lust to increase in pitch. For a moment he cupped my face and paused, before pulling me towards him and kissing me long and hard, his tongue darting in and out and sucking my lips, making them swell and plump with our embrace.
I was now feeling really really horny and my rear was in need of some serious male attention. The challenge was that in the cab, we had to perform a carefully choreographed dance that kept our bodies together yet allowed enough room for fingers and cocks and pussies to touch and hold and stroke. My own swollen clit was on fire and had lolled out of the hem of the leg of my panties and in our manoeuvring he suddenly latched his mouth onto me. I could feel the stubbling cheeks against the skin that runs between my anus and my clit, it is so filled with delicate nerve endings that a wave of sexual delight pulsed through me, making me squeeze me eyes tight shut and my pink lips to mouth a silent O. Without words I knew he wanted me on his cabin bed and given the confinement, I hoarsely whispered for him to get on his back so I could spread my buttocks and impale myself on him.
He slid his body onto the bed and lay back holding his erect phallus with one hand whilst rummaging between my legs to feel my pulsing and twitching pussy hole. I shushed him and said “just lie there and let me do the moving”
He twigged to what I was trying to do and let himself relax back on the cabin bed. I sat astride him and pulled my dress up to my waist and reached over to my hand bag on the passenger seat, withdrawing a large tube of KY Jelly and a condom. Without boasting, my expertise had the foil wrap opened with my teeth, and in a heartbeat I had slid and unrolled the rubber to push it quickly over the big purple head and carrying on till the entire stalk was nicely and shinily encased and to shortly be filled with milky seed and ready to pierce me.
I squeezed the KY and spread large amounts, up and down the rubberised stalk, then finally reaching back between my legs, using first two fingers then three, I worked the gel into the opening of my pussy, enjoying the sensation as that hot tight hole became slippery and wet in anticipation of being filled up.
Now one of my favourite sensations during sex, is that first touching, pushing, contact, as a man’s cockhead nestles into the cup of my cunt. The natural shape holds the head there, so he can push and stretch and squeeze until my tightness is suddenly passed and the penis buries itself in my belly. This sensation lights up my body and In the truck I crouched above him like some feline taut muscled creature, my legs spread either side of his fat tummy and my hand holding him at the entrance to my pussy.
He was very sweet though and hard as rock and it only took a few deep breaths in the softly lit interior of the big truck for me to sense his immovable stalk, push its way past my muscles and my puckering entrance, to begin its slow sliding journey into the velvety dark depths of my gut.
I arched my back and drove my torso down onto this big stalk inside me, till I had his pubic hair flattened down by the smooth flesh of my crotch. He could go no further and I paused for a while to let my body gently re-arrange itself to accommodate this big fat intruder and to prepare for the pumping and battering that would follow.
He may have been plump but my lover, had stamina and strength, he held my hips and lifted me slightly so he could buck his hips and begin a rhythmic fucking that had the whole length of his phallus almost fall out of my pussy, only to be suddenly slammed back inside me again. He kept up this hammering for some time until he decided to change position and pace and he twisted me round so I was lying beside him with my leg over his hip. In this new position he held my buttocks in his hands and stretching them apart, slapped his big balls against me, with each burying thrust of his cock. I was in sex heaven and had the beginnings of an orgasm but without it tipping me over the edge.
It was hot in the cab and perspiration from his chest was making my dress wet and my hair was tangled and stuck to my forehead as I was ridden hard and deep. I was then suddenly back on top of him and although my insides were battered and swollen from the deep sexual pistoning I felt the shaft begin to swell inside me and with a sudden series of long spasms he let fly and came in me, squeezing me tight in his strong arms and panting in my face, with eyes screwed up as each squirting pulse from the big ball sac filled and swelled the tip of the condom.
Then suddenly, out of the blue, I felt another cool hand on my buttocks and was startled with the shock and surprise of this new intruder. I spun round and found myself looking into the face of another man, who was grinning from ear to ear.
I later found out that the newcomer was a friend of my lover boy and he had caught sight of me getting into the truck cab, as his truck was behind the one we were in. He had then gone round to the front and through the gap in the curtains had watched my seduction and the ensuing energetic sex. Now he was hoping for sloppy seconds from his mate and I was the dish. I might in another situation have been both indignant and upset, but by this point I was in full heat and was feeling deeply slutty and open and more than happy for another lover to join the fun. Roy, the new friend was also quite expert at sex in truck cabs and between the two of them I was gently pushed onto all fours, my panties were quickly slipped down my thighs and pulled of my legs and over my high heels. Graham now slid underneath me and pulled me forward so my clit was now hanging towards his mouth underneath me while Roy kneeled behind me holding his big fat cock in his hand.
I was by now in a bit of a sex craze and had no idea what was happening with protection or condoms only that I had my face in the small pillow and my rump pushed up in the air with the cheeks of my buttocks spread wide.
Roy grabbed my KY jelly and used his big rough fingers to re-oil my swollen pussy and without any hesitation I felt the pressure and invasion again as he slowly pushed his fat cock into my belly.
The two of them then started, Graham sucking on my sticky wet clit and Roy grunting as he hammered his big nail home into my rear. I was getting close to my own orgasm by now and I focused all my attention on the big swollen shape, repeatedly entering then pulling back from my wide open hole. Underneath me, I swore I could feel the gentle swaying of the truck as we fucked away inside. Anyone watching from outside would surely have noticed the rhythmic movements
There then followed a sudden and wet spontaneous gushing of spunk everywhere, my fanny was being filled by Roy’s balls, while my own little clit gave up its sticky nectar into Grahams hot mouth and after the last drops were squeezed out, we all collapsed into a heaving pile, gasping for breath and very very hot.
About half an hour later I had repaired some of my make-up and got myself into a state ready to say goodbye and drive home. I left my little knickers tied around the gear stick and spent a good few minutes giving each man long, wet, and fond kisses, then lowered my backside gingerly down the steps with Roy standing behind me running his hands over me while I slowly ascended to the ground.
I drove home in a bit of a daze, knickerless, very stretched open and exhausted but very, very satisfied. Since then I have always held truck drivers in great affection and have had a few of them between my legs over the years.


Nancy Khunt said...

Nice blog sweetie - your stories are excellent!

KatjaTVslet said...

mmm..good story..written down really well..made me cum -almost! Tv Katja

Andrea Kitten said...

Thanks Nancy!!....this account is a true one though! it was one of those moments when all the potential comes together to make for a hip shattering orgasm!! you can find the layby its still there and still filled with trucks on stopovers during the week and I've had a couple of sexy experiences there since, with nice hard/stiff men!