Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The nude exhibitionist

I have always been keen on taking my clothes off, even from an early age I would strip off at the drop of a thong. The worst thing is if anyone dares me to remove my knickers or to slip out of my dress, I'm game and often find myself in front of a gathering audience staring at me standing in only a pair of hold-ups. I am dreadful with dares, I only have to hear the words "I bet you wouldn't"...... and I usually do!
I love to feel the sun on my skin and have taken recently, to nude sunbathing at my local beauty spot called Horsenden Hill in west London. On these occasions I am sleepily luxuriating in the warm sun, lying on my front, my bare bottom pointing at the sun.... when I suddenly feel a surreptitious hand begin stroking the cheeks of my bottom. I often pretend to be asleep and things sometimes move a bit further, when I feel a big hot knobbly thing pressing itself between my buttocks, as a man tries to take advantage of my sleepy nakedness.
I am careful though and on occasions one nice guy just helps me make sure I am covered in suntan oil so I don't burn and he is very good at spreading it all over my body.


greenhawk46 said...

such a lovely ass, hand me the lotion honey, oh and roll over xxxx Jim

Keliana said...

mmmm I must try Horsenden Hill too since I am a West London gal