Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A girl sometimes has to resort to the use of vegetables

It’s difficult sometimes for a girl to satisfy those deep down sexual needs!
It is a cliché that a girl and her vegetables can get very intimate at times! But when I get very strong desires and lusts’ but there is no man to penetrate me and use his prick to satisfy my very basic needs it’s difficult and makes a girl feel very very frustrated and tense. I get tetchy and moody when I haven’t been made love to.
The trouble is that often circumstances and distance! means that there is no warm body in my bed at night.
No one to fondle me and stroke my back to gentle press between my thighs and open me to their desire.
No hard phallus to nudge my back or to rub itself gently along the crack of my bottom!.....and that’s when I sneak to the larder and find a good firm cucumber!
After gently coating it in lubricant i can then lay back and enjoy the deep penetrating shape of the hard firm flesh and bring myself to a wet and sticky climax.
What else is a lonely girl to do!!!


greenhawk46 said...

get on the phone and tell him to get his ass over to your place, of course!!
you are sooooo sexy

michelestruts said...

I understand completely, happens too often so I keep a dildo in the bed stand although I have felt needs to try fruit and other items.