Thursday, 28 April 2011

protected sex!

A thing that has always been deeply sexually and psychologically satisfying for me as a trans girl, is to have a man ejaculate inside me. Since the onset and discovery of HIV and AIDs I have always used protection when making love.
Before the 1990’s I used to have sex with lovers and boyfriends and used no condom, allowing them to fill me with their sperm. So I now always play safe but I so miss having unprotected sex!
It somehow connects the very female part of me with my lover, to open your body completely to a man and feel him fill you, first with his hard warm flesh, then after holding your body tight and pulling your hips back onto his erect penis... feel his orgasm build, tense, then open and flood me with more than his ejaculate and was often the moment I would cum myself.
I love the sudden wet feeling as his cock becomes slippery and more lubricated with his frothy spunk and the feeling of it leaking out of me with every convulsion and tightening of my internal muscles. It can be so stickily white and foamy, it is wonderful to see and feel.
When I was younger and very sexually precocious, there were occasions when I had two three or more men all cum inside me one after the other, so my pussy would be literally wet and flowing with man-milk and I loved to feel myself and smear their sticky seed over the soft skin of my crotch and inner thighs. It felt so right and many lovers said it made the sex with me very intense and arousing.
Being the receptacle for sperm has deep and primitive emotions connected to it and I think makes for a sort of bonding that is absent with protected sex. It might be my imagination but when younger many men who fucked me and squirted the contents of their balls high into my belly were afterwards very loving, attentive and affectionate! Although that might have been my tight pussy and fresh faced young looks compared to me today.
When I was very aroused after lots of foreplay and was with someone I really lusted for.... when they came inside me, it created a reaction in my body which seemed to make me open even more inside and meant that their sperm travelled further up my sex and deeper into my belly. The upshot of this was I would feel sperm oozing out of me for a couple of days or more after sex and that sensation of having a wet pussy and knowing it was a man’s seed, always turned me on even more.
I think on reflection that the best sexual position is being on all fours because it helps the man’s penis press deeper into you, so given that the penis swells and hardens on the point of makes sense that this creates the deepest penetration and therefore the deepest possible deposit of sperm in your body. I also have to admit that it is possibly my imagination rather than scientific fact, but after having sex with a guy and having his load spent deep into my cunt I used to feel womanly, feminine, bright-eyed, healthy and glowing afterwards!
So yes I play safe but I sometimes remember back to the past to orgies when I would have the spunk of six men filling my overflowing hole and I would sometimes orgasm spontaneously as a result of the incredible sticky flood in my crotch!!!!
Oh Happy days! I am attaching a photo of me, with a relaxed open and lubricated pussy... in a position on the bed ready to take a man and the full contents of his balls! I hope you enjoy me


greenhawk46 said...

I can only imagine how nice it would be to be in you-I suspect you'd be totally hot and wonderful-xxxxx Jim

sissydoll said...

Oh Andrea! You bring back such lovely memories of the days I could delight on keeping a little bit of my lover deep inside me. You're so right. There's nothing like having your man come inside you. I hope they come up with a vaccine soon... before I get older.