Friday, 26 April 2013

I've not been posting much recently so I'll try to get my act together and start loading more posts! even if they are just a picture!
I have recently been to an amazing private party on the 27th of March for t-girls and was deliciously raunchy with my total tally of men who fucked me during the evening at four!
What a wonderful night I went home tingling between the legs feeling very relaxed and satisfied! The photo attached was taken at the end of the night just before I left for home. It's a bit out of focus but you see before you a T-girl whose insides have just been welcoming four large pulsing cocks

The dress was quite transparent and showed off my lingerie rather nicely while sashaying around in the living room of the party! lots of roaming hands found their way under the hem! and between the cheeks of my bottom! which mad em gulp a bit while talking to someone else at the same time


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greenhawk46 said...

you sure are sexy and gorgeous xxx Jim