Saturday, 24 May 2014

I used to have a lover who was a demon with his tongue!

He would get me to sit on the bed with my knees drawn up and he would then position himself so he was lying beside me with his head next to my crotch and start to explore the soft skin of my inner thighs and tight pussy hole with his long warm tongue! After about ten minutes of this licking and tickling and making my sex all sticky and shiny with saliva! I'd be whimpering and begging for him to fuck me and to slide his cock inside me as quickly as possible!
Sometimes after he had fucked me slow and hard, finally climaxing, his plentiful cum filling me up with spunk, he'd repeat his licking, only this time he'd lick up his own cum as it trickled out of me!
I would often just lay back exhausted, thighs spread wide apart, my pussy stretched open and have another body shattering orgasm.

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Twohandslong said...

Being there done that...Love the taste of my own cum and like sharing it with my lover. Other times we include an old sister !! She's a slut for my cum and often calls me over when she invites a male friend licking my cum from my sisters pussy or her boyfriends ass and balls.
You're such a babe Andrea...I'd love to know you better...