Thursday, 9 October 2008

I'm a little nervous

Having been it were for some many months, I am having a date with a new boyfriend on the 22nd of this month. I know relatively little about him and the relationship has developed on-line. So yes I am nervous! and going through in my mind what to wear, the tight little black number...maybe too short and needs dry cleaning, I just discovered it has an old 'Monica' type stain on the front...what's embarrassing is I don't even remember his name, not the new guy/lover but the provider of the stain!

So back to the dress, red...maybe, white underwear...that's sort of virginal and might help to make me look less tarty? and stockings or hold ups, to be honest I prefer hold-ups the whole garter belt thing really never did much for me although I know some guys for whom it is a quasi religion.
I also need to get my head around what might happen! its one of those, yes I need sex kind of dates! and I really do need sex!!!! these last few months have been difficult and I now dream about sex almost every glorious techni color.
So I want to be available and alluring but at the same time I do love some foreplay, a little cuddling and slow kissing with his wandering hands and the lights turned down low...before reaching the knicker removing territory of the more hard-core and the mechanical!
so I am spending too much time trying to work out every last detail of what I will wear and how I will look, I'm exercising an hour a day to flatten the tummy and am carefully growing my nails
eating fresh food so my eyes are bright and my hair is shiny! and I bought a new pair of white shoes yesterday and a butterfly necklace.
so wish me...... luck more to follow......!

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