Monday, 19 April 2010

I just want a guy to kneel behind me and gently place his hand between the cheeks of my ass and stroke me till I am getting really fidgety then bend me forward and make love to me. Its not much to ask is it?

I also want to thank Graham for a wonderful weekend, You made my eyes glow and made me feel such a stretched girl!
but you left your coat, jacket and hat at my place!....(on purpose!) you need to come round and get them! I'll be waiting dressed like this for when you arrive! I can take more hun, if you want me!


sissycrissi said...

Well, you look very inviting, dear. I know I'm not really a guy, but I'd sure like to ravish you.


greenhawk46 said...

no it's not to much to ask and ould be really nice to do too xxxxx Jim

Andrea Kitten said...

Thanks sissy and Greenhawk! I am so open to be ravished!!! I would be sooo helpful and let you ravish any part of me in any way you wanted, that goes for both of you in fact a threesome would be a lot of fun!!

samislut said...

my goodness, you are so hot, love your raunchy posts.

Cashcooper said...

Love to stroke your clit and then slide my hard cock into your pussy and work to a mutual orgasm!!