Saturday, 25 June 2011

This weds last, I went out for a night to Candygirls a club in Sunbury. The club is modern and clean and well run and I had a really good evening. I was flirting with a number of guys and managed to persuade three guys at various time during the evening, to remove my knickers and have me.

If anyone is interested the club is in Sunbury south west London and the website is:

who knows, perhaps we might meet up there at some future point and I'll have a chance to show you me, on a bed, with legs spread wide!

The pictures were taken on my mobile phone, in the changing room at 0300 in the morning after a night of sweaty sex!.....having drained the big balls of three lovely guys and been thoroughly fucked, I went home stretched sticky and a very satisfied girl!

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greenhawk46 said...

you always look so desirable and sexy xxxxx Jim