Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I have recently been going to Candygirls club in Sunbury Southwest London
they have a very frisky night on the last weds of every month. The pictures along with this post have been taken at the club, mainly at the end of the night in the changing room! which explains the lack of lipstick left on my lips after a busy night with various lovers!
The club is clean and friendly and has a well equipped dungeon and ‘grope room’ plus bedrooms for more privacy. There is a bar and in the lounge area next to the bar has a pole for girls who enjoy a little pole dancing to loosen up the limbs!
Last time I went I had a glorious sexy time in the big cage in the dungeon, having my wrists tied to the bars inside and being felt by various hands from outside the cage. I then was laid down on a couch and fucked by two rather nice guys.
I am hoping to go on the 24th of august to go again and I have a special offer to readers of my blog.... that if you go on that night and find me...come over tap me gently on the shoulder and say blogspot and you can have me in any way you want, in any of the rooms, the only thing I’m not into is pain..... but you can tie me up and have me or take me into a bedroom and have me..... the choice will be yours! I will confirm on my blog that I am going so as not to disappoint. I am self employed and if a job comes up that means working over the 24th I’ll flag it up here.
If you plan to go and have a particular liking for a type of underwear or colour of lingerie let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
Hopefully....with a bit of luck... I’ll be in your hands on the 24 August
If you want to mail me to discuss details, then mail me on andreakitten1@hotmail.co.uk


greenhawk46 said...

what a lovely invitation-I can't imagine being able to go and not taking advantage of the chance to ravish your sexy body-glad you're finally getting some good sex-you [and your partners] deserve it xxxxx Jim

Andrea Kitten said...

Jim!!!..... I just wish you lived over here so you could enjoy my special offer! thank you!