Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I have decided to publish a series of photos of me over the next few days..... if you are looking at this you know you are the one whose finger was on the shutter button and thank you!!........
They show me being restrained a little, not extremely, but enough to raise a girl’s blood, moisten her knickers and make her feel sexually submissive towards a strong hard male, who wants to use her body for his pleasure!
As I have said elsewhere in this blog the whole concept of me being tied up in such a way as to make me helpless and only able to struggle, while leaving my body accessible to an erect cock, allowing anyone who wished to pleasure themselves in me.......... makes me feel faint with lust and I immediately feel the dew of sex forming between my legs in honeyed anticipation.
Somewhere in Andrea’s brain there is a direct link between her sexuality and the notion of having ropes and ties, wound around her wrists and ankles that short-circuits the usual pace of arousal and sets her off like a firework rocket. I turn from being a nice demure girl who needs some gentle section into a panting whore who will do anything to have her sex filled and filled fast!
There is a state of mind in some of us girls that seems to respond to the helpless maiden stereotype....strange but true... and if you are wearing a Victorian frock coat and have an evil twirly black moustache!....I can see us playing out a lurid Victorian melodrama where not only is the maiden tied to the rail track but she has her soft thighs pushed roughly apart and a large, red, swollen and hard Victorian cock, plunged repeatedly into her pussy until the hot invading seed pours into her, flooding her soft and helpless femininity!
Do keep an eye on the posts as they appear over the coming days!

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