Monday, 28 November 2011

You cannot see, your eyes are covered, your heart is beating faster and you can feel the pounding in your chest.
They have removed your dress and you are now kneeling, arms pulled tight behind your back and bound around the wrists. Your knickers have been pulled up tight into your moist crotch, emphasising the smooth white roundness of your buttocks, you can feel their eyes on your body looking at the skin and the round contours of your body, deciding amongst themselves, who will take you first, whose cock will be the first to taste and penetrate your pussy.
You have no say in the matter and you are distracted by the feel of a hard penis brushing against your mouth.... then the pressure of a hand on the back of your head forcing you to take it into your mouth and suck hard on the swollen head.
Already fingers are working between your legs and feeling around the entrance to your body, tickling and probing you, getting you ready for sex. Then you are pushed over so you are lying on your side. Your ankles are grabbed and tied to something that forces your legs wide apart, now you really are helpless and exposed and submissive, ready to be sexually serviced by the men standing around the obedient girl that you are!

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