Friday, 16 December 2011

At Christmas I love to cook! I love the whole festive idea around all the traditional foods that are just so delightful at this time of year. The table candlelit and spread with turkey, Brussels sprouts, bread sauce and crackers are just a vision of being warm and at home and with friends and family.
I also love all the preparation for it all, soaking a ham before cooking and making four different kinds of stuffing, it all adds to the magic. A few years ago I was preparing for Christmas with a new boyfriend and on Christmas Eve I had a lot of pre-cooking to do for the big day, He was a lovely man and I really responded to him in an animal way!
I thought it might be fun for both of us to wear only a corset and stockings with no knickers and parade around the kitchen like that with only my apron to cover my modesty. Judging by the size of his smile and the lump in his trousers, it was a good decision!
As I tripped around the kitchen bending over the oven and generally making a bit of a mess with flour and sugar and other yuletide ingredients, he kept grabbing me for a kiss and a good feel then letting me carry on again while he watched.
After about 40 minutes of this I unzipped his fly and took out his very handsome cock and cheekily smeared some double cream over the top before quickly licking it off!
That was it! he then grabbed me and after some frantic scrabbling around I found myself lying on the kitchen table covered in sweet mincemeat, flour and icing sugar, with my legs wide apart, as his burrowed his tongue into my pussy till I was literally wailing and moaning with pleasure, then in a quick re-enactment of the film in which Marlon Brando used butter to ease his cock into Marie Schneider... he picked up a large dollop of best unsalted butter and quickly worked it into my twitching pussy with his fingers.
Then it was a matter of holding on to the sides of the table as he quickly inserted himself then began banging me as if his life depended on it and we both came, almost together after some sweaty and athletic fucking. I felt like a bundle of clich├ęs, I had been goosed and well stuffed, and he had tried to put a bun in my oven and now I was covered and full of his sauce, my cup literally runneth over and I smelt like a freshly baked cake and he said I was his cracker!!!!
Anyway above is a pic of me wearing the Christmas cooking outfit, bending over and bracing myself for some very large Christmas sausage to be slid slowly but firmly into my pussy hole!
Happy Christmas to everyone and anytime, do feel free to try me or taste me!


Cashcooper said...

Wow, what a lucky man!! I sure would love to lick your honeyhole and slide deep inside and fill you with my special sauce!!

Andrea Kitten said...

CC I'd love to be your gravy boat!! and pleasse feel free to open me up and do some serious stuffing inside me! I do like a strong white sauce to be inseretd as deep as you can get it!!
happy Chrsitmas CC! hope you have a good one!