Sunday, 22 January 2012


Lacyladies is a favourite T-girl club of mine. It is always friendly and has a really welcoming atmosphere. It’s in Cable Street East London and is open every Monday evening. The team that run it are the most delightful pair you could wish to meet.
It is usually full of t-girl admirers, men with hungry eyes and bulges in the front of their trousers. There are lots of private spaces for some hot sex and the pictures on this blog entry were taken one night during a visit in November 2011.
I had been feeling more and more aroused over the preceding weeks but work had made a bit of a sexual desert for me, so I really felt the need of some hard sticky loving from some accommodating men!
I arrived wearing a simple low cut dress which shows my boobs of quite nicely and settled down at the bar. I was quickly joined by a lovely man whose hands wandered over the cheeks of my bottom and when I did not protest, emboldened they slipped under the hem at the back of my dress and softly fondled the skin between my thighs and the cheeks of my bottom that peaked out from the edge of my lace knickers.
I pushed my rear tighter against his front and in a moment he was holding my hand and gently tugging me across the dance floor and along to the room with the bed in and to a little room with a sort of high bench. After some frantic kissing my dress was pulled off and I turned pushing my rear out towards him after handing him a condom to slip on his magnificent erection!
I bent at the waist and pulled my knickers aside with one leg raised and he quickly managed to ease himself into the soft welcoming hollow of the entrance to my pussy. Then after some deep breathing I felt him slide home till he was in to the hilt and his pubic bone pressed hard against the cheeks of my bottom.
After that it was a matter of hanging on while he energetically rode me fucking me with long hard strokes of his cock till he eventually moaned and thrust harder into me and let loose his orgasm!!
After thanking this lovely man and tidying my lipstick and getting dressed again I was once again at the bar and sure enough another guy was eyeing me up. I was sitting across from him on a stool and a subtle flash of my knickers aimed at his searching eyes gave him all the invitation he needed to come across and…..yes once again I was being led into the dark room of the club….knickers yet again dropped to my ankles and another wonderful lustful fuck followed with my tight pussy hole now quite relaxed and open for this second big fat cock!
It was a busy night and after him there were two more men before I finally orgasmed and felt myself drain of all tension in such sexual ecstasy as I had an orgasm that must have lasted a couple of minutes.
I got home at 2 in the morning and quickly took the photos of me in my bedroom corridor, feeling very glowy after so much sex and having changed only my knickers as the ones I had worn earlier, had to go straight into the wash!!
Again if anyone is interested in a warm clinch in a dark room at the club let me know! And I’ll see what can be arranged.
the pictures follow in another post!


greenhawk46 said...

but there's more to do with you and your lovely body than just fucking xxx Jim

Andrea Kitten said...

Kissing? XXX