Saturday, 25 February 2012

It can be embarrassing when that sudden sexual flush appears out of nowhere!!.... and as you sit in your chair, for some reason, you find yourself squirming in your knickers and the only thoughts running through your head revolve around large phallus's coming towards you or entering your body!
This has been happening a lot recently and I end up searching in my underwear draws for my large dildo's which after a liberal coating of ky jelly can help give a modicum of satisfaction, as you feel your pussy lips stretch around the circumference and that wonderful full feeling pervades your groin and hips.
My body tends to make little jerking movements against the big fat intruder and I can't help letting out little mewling noises as I get that wonderful female submissive state where I relax and my whole body welcomes inside the nice long hard shape filling my belly!!
then I usually just cum for about five minutes!
nice!!!.......... but there are times when only a real warm hard penis attached to a man will really help!!

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