Friday, 3 February 2012

a drawing is sometimes better than a photo

Sometimes a drawing can be so much more erotic than a photo. The artists eye and mind can conjure up a combination of wonderfully arousing images than go beyond anything a simple photograph can achieve!

These are some of my favourites from the web, mostly showing submissive t-girls being filled eagerly by hard cocks.

They make me wet just looking at them and my hand involuntarily reaches between my legs and fondles my puckered pussy.

Is it just me or are they extra powerful as a visual stimulant to others as well?!

I am very fond of the t-girl chained at the glory hole....... ready to have numerous erections pushed between her lips!........wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

love the pics honey xx

Andrea Kitten said...

Thanks Jenny....I think a drawing manages to exaggerate the sexuality of the scene somehow!....either way they make me very wet between the legs!

Anonymous said...

the thought of you chained up like that at a glory hard makes we wet between the legs, and sliding into your willing mouth makes me even harder than I am normally xx