Tuesday, 20 March 2012

When you don't have an erect man handy ready to plunge his long penis into your belly.....a girl has to improvise to gain some sexual satisfaction. In this case a good long fat cucumber can come to the rescue. As you can see from the first picture the trusty veg was well covered in ky then gently inserted to the hilt. It felt incredibly large inside and close to some of the biggest cocks I have had in me over the years.

After some wonderful slow steady thrusting, I felt my orgasm build, till it finally spilled over in a wave of pleasure that left my little pussy twitching and contracting with waves of pleasure! .....and I finally lay back on the bed, legs and thighs wide apart, panting with my pussy hole gaping and cooling after the long green dildo had been slowly pulled out!

The only thing missing was some sort of veggy sperm ejaculated inside me, that would have finished of the whole experience to perfection!

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