Thursday, 17 January 2013

As I have remarked in this blog before, I have a thing about having a man have sex with me then ejaculating and filling me with his sperm.
These days all my sex is protected using a condom as even with the advances in medicine I am concerned about avoiding STD in general, as well as HIV and AIDS specifically and I am a genuine advocate of sexual health for everyone. However in the old days, when I was getting around and bed hopping a lot between men and lovers, I luxuriated in feeling my body being filled by squirt after squirt with thick creamy male spunk! For some reason it really aroused me to fever pitch and on many occasions has sparked my own intense orgasms as I felt the sudden increase in wetness and lubrication as a man hammered his ejaculate into my hole.
And afterwards the lingering sensuality as hours later I would play with myself and feel his seed ooze out of me while in bed, playing with myself, using his sperm to smear my skin and after cumming again mixing my girly juice with his semen.
So in celebration of that, I have collected a few pictures from the web all of which show numerous images of spunk dribbling out from or over some t-girls rear as her lover lets loose his spunk both in her and over her!
I hope you enjoy and it makes you both hard and wet as a result!


Jay Tlover said...

OMG...those are beautiful and shows the best loving a Tgirl and a Man can mutually enjoy!!!

Jay Tlover said...

OMG...those are amazing and beautiful!!!