Saturday, 12 January 2013

I have had a few good nights at Candygirls last year, with some lovely guys who still were happy to give a very mature t-girl a good fuck! These pics are of a guy who is very sweet and has had me now on more than one occasion. He takes his time and really gives me the most wonderful fucks, slow and with a lot of focus on my pleasure! something a lot of man who have fucked me have no concept off!
I love the lead up to the first lustful penetration, that excitement as the sexual tension rises and I become more feminine in the offering of myself up to his cock.
As you can see from the sequence of pictures I love to be stroked all over then start the process of opening my body ready to be filled with a large erect penis! It really is heavenly!

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Zaz N said...

Luvly Andrea ...!!