Friday, 21 June 2013

My visit to Sweet Wednesdays

A small admission to make! This week on Wednesday, I decided to go to sweet Wednesdays!

I had been working hard over the last few weeks and had not had any sex for a couple or more months.

Sweet Wednesdays is in the basement of a Gay pub called Central Station. It sits just down the side of Kings Cross station, alongside the railways lines that snake out of the terminus and run up towards the North of England.

This is their website so you can see what it’s like!

It’s an unusual transsexual club in that it opens between the hours of 13.30 and 21.00hrs unlike many other t-girl clubs that stay open till the wee small hours. The aim is to cater for the great mass of commuting males and transsexuals who can only find moments between work and home in which to grope fondle and couple with their favourite kind of sexual partners. For us girls it’s the eager sweaty male admirers and for the admirers it’s the tall deep voiced girls who stalk around the dimly lit passages offering themselves like exotic harlots of the past.

The appeal is very much that it is unashamedly a meat market, a sleazy debauched trans-meatmarket, the girls go to get fucked and to suck…… and the guys go to stick their cocks into the tight butt of a sequinned, t-girl’s raised rump.

There are no apologies or a pretend coquettish veneer of innocence or vagueness of purpose! It’s a dark venue for hot, heaving, animal sex, where audiences form around the twinned shapes of men….. pale skinned….. trousers round their ankles….. and the girl’s legs dissected by dark lace stocking tops, spread wide, her lacy knickers pulled tightly to one-side as she is penetrated by a glistening cock encased in a pale rubbery stretched condom, like a pale sausage skin on a large sausage that keeps dipping and pumping into the warm velvety interior of the girl’s body.

I had set off at about 2pm, caught the underground, changed at Oxford Circus and on to Kings Cross. Wearing jeans and t-shirt and pulling a wheely-case containing the magic ingredients that would transform me from an anonymous,  balding, middle aged male, into the fiery exotic creature that is Andrea.

On arriving I scuttle to the first floor to change and create my transformation. The weather is hot and perspiration is dripping off me making my make-up liquid and shiny. The room is filled with little face mirrors dotted around on the table tops, like small altars to some primitive religion which worships small gods.

My bag is opened…..the bottles and brushes and powders lined up ready to be applied. Widening dark smoky eyes, glistening red pouting lips, all emerge from the male blank canvas underneath. Finally after much daubing, brushing, smoothing, dusting and application, the face of a knowing harlot smiles offeringly out of the mirror.

The jeans and underpants drop away and are bundled up and a complex sequence of moves are carried out to roll on the crotchless tights, black in colour and shaped so only the leg and waist is covered leaving the front and back of the crotch open and inviting, available like good sexual real estate that you can feel and explore.

Next the high heeled shoes that lace up and have five inch spiked heels  to rest your feet on. The black corset pulled in tight and laced, emphasising a curve of waist that flares gently to hips, less slim and more womanly in their suggestion beneath the material of a dress.

My dress is short, very short, with small sleeves that finish above my elbows and its black but made of a thin jersey material that drapes itself around my body letting the eyes measure my fleshy curves underneath. The breast forms snuggle down into a pale blue bra with embroidered flowers, giving a new balance to the body making the chest have a new mass and weight. Pushed out with boobs that are still firm, my trans girl chest is now suggestive of lactation and a hidden offering to men who still feel more comfortable and aroused when their mouth is fasted over a wet, firm, nipple.

The dress has a flared skirt like a skater dress so any sudden turn or movement helps to spin the dark material up to show a flash of dark transparent knickers covered in tiny pink polka dots and curving over the round curve of my buttocks making them look rounder and cheekier under my dress. The knickers are important as they are to be displayed to my potential male ravishers and their style and fit must scream… sex and fuck me……I want no confusion! The message must be loud and clear.

Finally I dab my lips with a tissue and straighten myself taking a last look in the mirror before making my way tentatively on tottering heels down the metal staircase, my dress swinging and flashing my bottom to the drinkers sitting in the main bar-room below me. Eyes look up at the metal clang of my heels on the staircase, eyes that check me out to see what I look like, scanning my legs, crotch, buttocks, waist, breasts and finally eyes, in that order!

I sashay to the counter at the top of the basement stairs and carefully navigate my way down into the dark warm and sweaty depths of the club, till I can check in my wheely-case with the gorgeous Lulu at the little window where the clientele leave their bags and coats.

Then one last ‘smoothing down’ both physically and mentally before entering the hothouse atmosphere of the club itself.

The place is literally heaving with eager eyed men standing around looking hopeful and slightly leeringly in my direction. I go to the bar, I need a drink, it’s a hot afternoon upstairs in King Cross, down here with warm aroused bodies everywhere and little air flow it’s even hotter.

As I stand at the bar trying to catch the eye of the young barman who it topless and very cute….for the first time I feel a hand gently groping my bottom. Not wishing to put them off, I push my rear outwards slightly, in an encouraging nudge of my hips. The hands, there’s three now, quickly find the lacy hem of my knickers where its bunched between my thighs and sits in the warm moist crack of my bottom. The busy little fingers quickly tickle and probe, further and further till they are probing the entrance to my arse and I relax my rear slightly to let them investigate further, enjoying the tingling their touch creates throughout my whole pelvis. My voice catches slightly as I thank the barman and collecting my purse and handbag move deeper into the passageways of the club, with my two finger probing men following in my wake.

I end up perched in the doorway of a smallish cellar-room with a curved ceiling, mostly filled with a low vinyl covered bench on which a couple are stretched out. The t-girl eagerly sucking a stalky erection that stick up out of a mass of gingery pubic hair at a man’s groin.

The music is slow with a heavy pulsating beat, music to fuck by would be the name on the CD cover! And I suddenly find myself the centre of the attention of three men. One kisses me and feels my breasts the other two have lifted the back of my dress and are busy exploring my thighs and again looking for my ‘honeypot’, my t-girl cunt or arse, the place their cocks are pointing towards on the promise of a warm tight fuck, ending with them emptying their testicles with a hot stream of sperm into my waiting belly.

I am feeling very aroused, very submissive and very feminine…. my breathing quickens and I know my little cock is leaking clear, sticky, girly juice into the bunched up polka dot knickers. The repeated probing of my bottom makes me feel like a female bitch or heifer being prepared for mating. In my fetid mind’s eye I see myself on a lead being led into a space where on either side, tumescent bulls are snorting and dribbling, their long fat penises almost touching the floor and soon to be pushed and worked deep into my soft torso….. to be ramming home into me their male bulk till I am flooded with their gushing sperm.

The whole atmosphere reeks of unbridled lust and sex, the walls are dripping with moisture like sweat and my heart is banging against my chest. I’m ready!!.... I am now one of the special females, those that have a small male vestige hanging between their legs as they are penetrated…. whose tight little arse is eager and ready to be stretched into a wide tight O that will hold an eager cock in its grip.

 I am led gently to the vinyl couch by the three men, while hands wander all over me, I am partly pushed and partly lower myself onto all fours on the couch. I quickly prepare myself and grab condoms and lube from my hand bag and hand it to the men behind me. My face is pushed down into the vinyl surface of the couch and four or five quick hands start rubbing KY all around the entrance to my arse and then slip fingers inside my anus, making me wet and sticky inside. This finger fucking is driving me crazy and turning me on so much I am making little moaning noises…. the sensation is so sexual,  I am desperate now to be sired, mounted and fucked really hard! I need a cock fucking me so badly it almost aches!

I spread my thighs as wide as I can on the bench, trying to make sure that my arse will be level with a man’s cock standing behind me. My dress is pulled up and tucked into my corset and I can feel fingers easing apart my buttocks to better expose the twitching hole of my sex. Then a few false starts as the head of a cock is nudged and pushed into the curved cup like entrance to my body, then a moment of pain stabs inside me then quickly passes, as my sphincter is stretched and the head is pushed firmly into me. The fat cock slowly slides its way deeper and deeper into my arse and a kind hand holds an open popper bottle under my nose, I breath the fumes in gratefully and after some deep rhythmic inhaling, my head buzzes and I can feel my sphincter relax and open itself, letting the fat erection push deeper into my hole.

Now I am pinioned, face down, arse in the air and impaled on the end of eight inches of warm hard pulsating male cock and I am in heaven, I am back where I belong…. Andrea has now fully emerged and is in control of my body. My instincts are all re-arranged… becoming a female simulacrum, my lust is submissive and yet overt in my need to be fucked hard and fast, to be banged, thrust into, sired and possessed by the waiting bulls.

My man is holding my hips tight and pulling me back violently onto his erect phallus, I can feel the head push harder and deeper into the giving softness of my belly. He is in very deep and my body responds by tightening my sphincter muscles around the pumping head, so as he pulls back my whole arse grips the shaft tight until the head is almost squeezed out of me….but he then has to push harder to re-enter me and fill me, till his pubic hair is squashed flat into my groin.

I am now in a sweaty rhythm, my body crouched down low, butt pushed up into the air.

For a moment, between the moving strands of my hair, I see the room has filled with bright eyed men all crowded round to watch me being fucked. A few cocks appear as they play with themselves, voyeurs enjoying the crude spectacle of my siring. A few sticky cocks are pushed into my face, needing a sucking but  I reluctantly leave them untouched, a recent visit to the dentist has made me nervous of putting anything in my mouth for a while until I have healed, so my mouth stays firmly closed but my arse is oh so very much open and available.

The fucking carries on and on and the small watching crowd grows….then I feel a change of pace as the cock inside me is going deeper and feels as if it has become harder, getting ready to flow, to inject its stream of hot sperm and to allow the man between my legs to topple over the edge into the non-returnable pulses of his orgasm, unleashing the content of his balls in a series of forceful squirts that power his seed into my belly and the now filling tightness of the condom.

We both pause after he cums, like rider and mare after a race, when the galloping turns to a canter and we have a few, slow, languid thrusts making sure every last drop of his spunk has been squeezed into me, then rest breathing like athletes after a race!

I am still on all fours and perspiration is dripping down my thighs and breasts but before I can pause, the softening cock inside me is squeezed by my natural tightness and suddenly falls out of me and leaving me exposed and open to the room.

I don’t move, leaving myself still on offer on the altar of sex. I am now an open cunt to be filled by any passing man….. to be entered and enjoyed by anyone feeling lustful and aroused at the sight of my open legs and buttocks in the ultimate offer of submissiveness to the hard thrust of male lust.

Once again numerous fingers are fingering my now gaping hole and pushing into me feeling the velvet walls of my arse, both fondling me and finger fucking me. More lubricant is worked inside me arse and I feel the sudden weight against me of another man who has shuffled into position behind me and we start fucking again.

My first thought is to wonder at the way different cocks feel inside me. Male penises are a multitude of sizes and shapes and each has its own particular feel once it has been inserted into the grip of my belly. The different curve and size puts pressure on different part of my internal geography and my body adjusts itself automatically to allow for this new cock to fill me and to press against different parts of my internal anatomy.

I am now, what can only be described, as in heat! after the second man starts to pound my t-girl cunt, I start mewling like a cat and grunt and moan with each shuddering thrust. I am in heaven and in my rightful place in the centre of a circle of aroused and tumescent men being fucked like a whore.

 The second man comes quickly and withdraws, the spectacle of watching another before him open me up, made him close to the edge before entering me and once he started his own fuck, his orgasm quickly bubbled up, leaving him straining and his face gurning with the effort to squirt his cum into me and pushing to get every last drop squeezed up and out of his balls.


After this second  hard quick fuck I am allowed to gingerly stand up, wipe myself between the legs and after daintily brushing my hair and smoothing down my dress,  went back to the bar, red faced, to repair lipstick and adjust the sticky knickers that were bunched up between my buttocks.

Now I cannot tell you of every fuck I had that night… but seven men all orgasmed in the tight confines of my arse and by the end of the evening my hole was stretched so open that the last two simply slipped into me without a murmur. The last one had me standing up. We were matched in height so that his cock was at exactly the right height to be able to stand behind me and slide himself in.

It felt wonderful as this put pressure on the front of my rectum and sent amazing orgasmic sensations through my body. He held me tight by the shoulders and we gently fucked, with his hips doing a slow sexual rhumba against my buttocks. It was clearly nice for him too, as my buttocks could squeeze him tighter and create a degree of friction between his cock and my hole. He kept kissing me and I knew that I was close to an orgasm myself. We stood not far from the bar and again we were providing a spectacle for the few people around us as he gently pumped my rear with his cock. After what seemed like a dreamy ten minutes or more, he started to grunt and quicken his pace a and deep in my stomach I felt the jerks that let me know he was busy filling his condom  with a large quantity of white, warm, spunk.

I could feel the pulse beating  in my head and heart and a sugary wave of pleasure spread from my belly to my thighs and chests. I had a ‘slow orgasm’ flow through me, making my little cock drip onto the floor between my legs but what it lacked up for in quantity of ejaculate it certainly made up for in the strength of sensation!

It was a good night!...... I felt feminine and debauched and very very satisfied. My arse was gaping open and tingling and I had to sit chatting for a while with another girl before I was in a fit state to change and head for home!

Thank you Sweet Wednesdays for giving me a good fulfilling night out!  And thanks to the 7 guys who fucked me! It was animalistic and debauched and slutty but I did enjoy my mini gang bang!
The photo was taken on the Sweet Wednesdays terrace roof garden. I was feeling a little raddled by this stage of the evening, having had 7 men between my legs! My eyes are glazed, my hair is mussed up and my cheeks are red! and my insides stretched very open!

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Miss M. T. said...

Ive always wondered what SW was like. I've had a couple of guys offer to take me there, but I wasnt aware it was quite so much of a meat market! It was great to read your account - thank you! xx Melody