Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Housewife

I have always thought it is important to keep a man interested in you at all times, even when the general day to day domestic chores seem to dominate the days and nights. Its too easy to forget to be alluring and sexually available for your guy and to keep your relationship fresh and bubbling with desire and romance. You need to keep reminding him that yes you will let him fuck you and yes you are happy to give him a quick blow job and yes you are wet and open and willing!.

I wear clothes that although outwardly are just casual, underneath I try to raise the temperature a bit. My lingerie is chosen for effect and I try to wear really pretty lingerie, so if he lifts my skirt, his heart will beat a little faster and his cock will begin to grow! M&S are the haven of a girl who needs practical knickers and bras but they have underwear which is both practical but also are really girly and pretty and show of the figure to best effect.

This picture shows me in the early spring when it was still freezing outside, wearing  a cardigan and skirt, with rather sweet pale blue knickers underneath. I am ready and open for my man. he just needs to step behind me to enjoy my body and open me up to his sex, with my legs apart and hands braced against the wall, he'll find a welcoming, submissive girl! and a nice warm place to insert his cock into.

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