Tuesday, 23 July 2013

waiting to be fucked!

Lying back…..very relaxed feeling feminine, pretty and submissive, knowing a man is keenly looking at the shape of my belly and thighs, at the shallow dip in my crotch which is a shaped to guide the swollen purple head of a large male penis into its warm, dark, constraint.

Lying like this just before having sex is a delicious moment of anticipation….that pause before you are pushed open and invaded by veined, hard knotty, male penis flesh. It is feeling that eagerness and unleashed lust that quickens the heart and makes my own little cock dribble thin sticky juice, soaking my knickers. I feel his breath on my cheek and I breathe in deeply as his fingers pull aside the thing strip of floral nylon that is all that lies between my open hole and the tip of his straining cock, now held straight and aiming at my female apex with his large hairy hands. I brace as the round domed head is pushed up against my twitching sphincter, I breath in deeply and concentrate on relaxing myself, as the muscles soften, the big head oozing pre-cum is quickly pushed past the outer ring and is being pushed deeper and deeper into my soft flesh.

Finally he is in me to the hilt and I can let out my breath and feel the live warm flesh sitting now deeply thrust into my belly. The lubricant from his cock wets my insides allowing him to slide his cock backwards and forwards, easing himself into me with ease.

I unconsciously try to work out where on my stomach does the phallus reach, how far inside my body does this big penis reach? I push my hips down against his hardness and the angle makes the fat cock jut upwards slightly, so it is pushing up from inside me and with soft fingers feeling around the skin of my stomach, I can just make out the pressure point below my belly button, the marker point of the tip and head of my male invasion.

The fucking afterwards is rhythmic and creates a warm sexual glow through my entire lower body. The orgasm is a foaming and moaning crescendo and my body can feel the hot sperm as it squirts energetically inside me, gathering in thick white globules, billions of little white sperms, going off frantically in all directions,  swimming inside me and looking for eggs to fertilise!

Later when he’s gone, and afterwards, I play with myself and the leaking seed, spreading it around between my cheeks and legs, celebrating my sexuality and my non-gender, licking it from my fingers and almost cumming a second time!

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darlene porter said...

Well worded. I am still a virgin and hopefully that will some day change. You make it sound so yummy!