Thursday, 26 June 2014

A few sacttered pictures of me generally feeling aroused

Summer has finally arrived and the heat always makes me feel horny. It is especially true when out exercising in the local countryside wearing a pretty tight top, micro skirt with nothing underneath except some small black knickers, tied on the hip with pretty bows to give quick and easy access to eager hands to explore and feel my pre-lubricated pussy......hoping to attract the attentions of stray, horny, males.
The ensuing rushed and urgent sex is breathtakingly enjoyable......and I love the urgent fondling and grabbing of my bottom...followed by the quick fingering of my hole and the release of their fat cocks from their trousers followed by a moment of searching, as the cock-head pushes around between my bottom cheeks then finds my boi-cunt and after some fumbling and probing finally slides in to the full length of the erection!.....followed by the sound of the slapping of their balls against my crotch as they concentrate on fucking me....then grunting and groaning and pushing their extended cocks hard into my belly as they can't hold back any longer and let fly a stream of spunk into a swelling sticky condom!

These pics are of me wearing my exercise outfit!

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