Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nipples can be very sensitive!

Neither my breasts nor my nipples are particularly large but they are quite sensitive. During sex when a man sucks them hard, making them stand up, a sublime sensation travels directly between my nipples and my crotch. If a man is embedded in my pussy that only makes it more sensitive and if I'm not careful there have been occasions when if I am being fucked and my lover sucks and chews and licks my nipples I have just orgasmed spontaneously! is all just too much sensory input!
The sensual nerve endings around my nipples connects directly to the sensations that build in my pussy and as the cock is thrusting in and out of me the combination f the two just sends me over the top and I'm moaning and mewling and cumming helplessly as I'm rocked back and forth by the hard thrusting of the man inside me!
it's really rather lovely, not always, but on those special occasions when the sex is very sensual with lots of wet kissing and the all over fondling of my body it makes the orgasm very intense.

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keef said...

Nipples are wonderful things ....