Tuesday, 4 August 2015

well a girl has needs!

There are times when I get so horny I literally can't see straight. My whole body is aching for sex, to be thrown on the bed and have the weight of a man press down between my legs forcing the air out of my lungs as he pushes his cock hard between my cheeks trying to push himself inside me. but when there is only me what is a girl to do!
Well I go to the fridge and select a nice large fresh cucumber and pull back the plastic packaging like a giant transparent foreskin, i lay back open my legs and after coating it liberally in KY jelly slowly insert the cool hard vegetable till it is buried so deep in my pussy that it won't penetrate me any further....Then I just lie there eyes closed and imagine it is a large erect cock straining to ejaculate and fill me with gallons of hot creamy spunk!

then I cum!

bon apetite!

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