Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Every man is different

Over the years experiencing sex with a large number of lovers, I've noticed that men's cocks vary hugely! and not just in size or girth but in direction of bend and size of the head.
It is fascinating to feel the difference of all these cocks as they fuck you, how they put pressure on different parts of your insides, one guy nearly always made me cum very quickly as the head of his cock used to press very hard on my t-girl G-spot! he'd slide in then start fucking me hard and within about 30 seconds I'd be over the top and moaning and cumming everywhere.

I once had a guy who was very small but for some reason the way he used it to fuck me was incredible and again made me cum quickly even though he cannot have been longer than about four inches.
The opposite of that was a man who had a 16 inch long cock and used just the first nine inches or so to fuck me with. At first I was a bit nervous and skeptical that we'd have some good sex, or that he might hurt me ramming it in fully! but it worked out very well and one of the benefits was the huge amount of sperm he seemed to have in his balls. I was literally overflowing and completely soaked in his jism.

Another guy had a cock that was quite bent and he kept coming out of me with each pull back during our fuck.....but he found a way to slide it back in without to much trouble and the constant friction on my gripping sphincter of this hard right pointing cock, really got me to boiling point quickly.

So guys it is not what you have between your legs and really is about how you use it inside a girl that matters!
enthusiasm and sexy attentiveness brings me to climax every time!


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