Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The bottom is so so sensitive!

My rear, butt, tush, bottom, derriere, buttocks etc have always been very sensitive to touch! When I started out as a young t-girl I would really just melt if a man fondled or's stroked or kissed my rear!
I must have been blessed with more nerve ending there than your average Jill!
I would just give in if a guy moved his hand under my skirt and into the insides of my  knickers and stroked the soft skin covering my bubble butt. My thighs would automatically part and give him access to my inner sex. The affect on me is so powerful that in the past, if I was really aroused and hadn't had sex for a while, i would just start to cum and soak myself with my sticky cum seeping out of me.
during actual sex one of my favourite positions is to be laid face down and to have a man enter me while lying on top of me his legs pushing my legs wide apart. The angle of the entry of his cock obviously just hits my t-girl g-spot because I have had two or three little orgasms one after the other while being fucked like this.
Just thought I'd share that little sexual insight with you!

It also seems to make the man's cock get bigger inside you as he cums.....again it must be the angle and where the cock head is pressing I guess!


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