Friday, 17 June 2016

The moment before I'm fucked

There are some moments in life that are really worth savouring carefully. For there is, a few seconds before a man penetrates me with his penis, that are extraordinary in their powerful eroticism.
I am on all fours my bottom naked and raised, my whole being focused on the coming impaling on a hard erect phallus. Every cell in my body has reached what can only be described as a climax of submissive desire. I need to be taken, to be filled and serviced like some mare in heat being held by the bridle as the stallion prepares to mount her. The tension, although short-lived, is palpable and my sphincter twitches, tightening then relaxing at the entrance to my naked and exposed ass. The skin of my buttocks is incredibly sensitive, the slightest touch from the tip of my lover’s fingers sends shivers down my thighs and makes me involuntarily arch my back even more, presenting up that entrance to my trans-girl sex for him, making it blatantly obvious what my desires are …..and he becomes my strong alpha male archetype.
I know that his hands have been fondling the big hard knotted shaft and slipping around the fat purple bulbous head and sometimes there is by now, a few clear drops of pre-cum appearing at the dark eye in the swollen crown that leads down to his large balls, gently moving in their wrinkled sac.
I am balanced on a knife edge of pleasure I know that he is so close with his hard, ready, cock, I can feel the heat from the head warming the curved entrance to my ass-cunt.  For a moment I can’t swallow properly because my mouth is so dry with anticipation and all I need now is to feel his weight and the initially painful stretching apart and opening, as his large organ skewers me to my heart and I am filled and mated and subdued, I become his conquered female, the object and generator of his lust and the final cup for his seed.
At last I let out a gasp as the hot tight skin of his cock presses into me and I sigh and spread my legs wider, swiveling my pelvis upwards,  so the angle of his thrust meets directly in line with the waiting dark sheath of my sex. The head nuzzles at first, leaving a shiny smears of pre-cum on the soft skin around my anus then the real journey begins.
I feel my sphincter initially hold him back, then as the pressure on me increases I take a deep deep breath and relax and in that second of relaxing, his cock head pushed past the tight ring and into the heated wet depth of my waiting body. I usually let out a soft moan as he continues the pushing and I open up for him, letting him slide deeper and deeper inside me, sending a cascade of sensations spreading out through my torso, making me arch my back to meet this hard male penetration.
I push back on him…..and at last he is embedded in me completely, his pubic bone pressed against the soft skin of my bottom and I can feel the whole heated length of baby-making manhood twitch and swell inside me.
I am now reading for the proper breeding, the rhythmic hard thrusting that lets him take control of me and use my body as the final warm receptacle of his sperm, that journey that prompts those big swinging balls to pump up a thick creamy load of spunk to be squirted as far inside my body as he can reach.
I smile and close my eyes as he pumps and pumps into me, his weight pressing me forward. I have been bred………… and I am now a very happy girl! 

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